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One of these days I am going to...find someone that actually makes something well!! Canon being not bad but Nikon being way way way off the mark as an example!

Due to being riddled with very malicious software I had to reinstall Wiindowd  and in so doing have to put in my password into an account I have. Except the site would not accept it?! I did do it correctly, however due to my Fibrofog (Google it) I may have previously changed it and forgotten? Maybe!

Anyhoo I had this back up email account I used that was less...noticeable and to date it really did not get the use it was set up for. However I used to get and probably still did emails from Wordpress each time I got a like, comment or a follower which was fairly often. It would not go more than around two weeks without Wordpress emailing me.

However despite the fact that I succesfully changed my password three times via their site, succesfully recovered my username which was what I thought it was anyway and refused an attempt to recreate the same account in case it was deactivated but told it already existed I got a quite bizarre answer from one of those idiot companies that use 'no reply' emails.

'No Reply' emails are going to get one hell of a battering this year, or should I say the extremely rude companies with no idea about ettiquette, let alone netiquette who insist on using them.
I cannot explain how much I had these Oedipus Complexes and Delusions of Grandeur that comes from staff of these companies.

I also do not appreciate it when someone I email answers me in a way that makes me sound like I am bloody stupid with a demand that has no basis in law about an action I would not take anyway.

I really do not know ehere people's heads are mopst of the time. It is like a conversation going on between two different species all because one of them cannot be bothered (ARSED) to listen or read that which is provided.

Not a good day for emails, today! LMAO!

I get rude and sometimes offensive because I get offended by these attitudes. They are aloof while assuming that all the ants below them are brain dead.

I will simply point out in an angry way that I am not and do not take kindly to being spoken to like I am. I do not think they should do this with anyone really. But I am never a good one to just type something out without thinking about it as I will not react well to it.

LOL! But then long term visitors to this site already know this all too well.

I should also point out that I record...staff. Doctors, specialists, GPs and sometimes nurses and that is within the NHS. I do this and have been doing this with most of the other public services too.

Private people I am not in the least bit interested in. If, however, someone wants to approach me about telling me their story and sticking to the facts then maybe I would be. Maybe!

My blog is about stickingh to the facts and showing where things are broken along with how bloody blind staff are and how the public have had this in their faces and under their noses for years. In so doing people in horrid situations similar to any of mine can learn to get themselves out of it.

However, it may well be that in the coming months that someone else claiming to do this might not like me and what I have done and get embarrassed by it?!

Now I thought what would happen over time is that after a few years of doing this would result in certain...groups approaching me about possibly working together. I am not sure how or even whether I would do this but I knew it could and likely would be a possibility down the line. We will have to simply wait and see.

I never considered the only other alternative to this possibility.

That other one would involve sore toes and sour grapes...maybe?

Below is a few screenshots of GMX not doing web based emails very well...well bloody awful if I am honest, lol.

I show you how it states that the account they tell me no longer exists does indeed exist as I try to recreate the same account.

I show how it states that I have entered the wrong password when according to them should be telling me the account no longer exists.

Then finally there is me having a bloody go at them because they have made it misery trying to get back into an account whereby I used their email address in the contact details of Wordpress!

So a word of warning...if your busy and want aq specific email to work with within a cetain set of ... parameters involving work then stear clear of GMX. You could end up with a damned headache and now I am off to find another email client to use.

Dear Idiots

First off do not even bother stating stupid things like terms and conditions...nobody reads them...everyone knows this...grow up.

Secondly you have my other email back up so why was I not notified? Thanks for the warning!

Thirdly you have now made it a bloody nightmare to get into my Wordpress account as they are sending emails for me to get in because my password no longer works with my Wordpress account! Thanks again and lastly ...

WTF?! Whi have I spent hours trying to get in...and the recover password sending me all the correct details while NOT informaing me that the account waqs deactivated while sending me all the releveant information meaning that the account still exists in some form, as I also tried to create the account again and it told me that the account already exists and I could not use that email address?!

I am going to go straight bqack to my remarks about giving up and woprking with clip art!

It is just an email address you know? Jesus Christ! Never have I had so much issues as I have had with your in just 48 hours...never before has anyone cancelled an email account on me before! Are you the people doing the 1&1 weboage thing too? God help you if you start doing this to other people, your going to get canned so hard you rear will glow in the dark!

Man alive! The day I come across an IT company that does a decent job without screwing it up or getting far too greedy I will eat my damn hat!

Thanks for nothing...I will be sure to let my 200,000 readers know not to bother with you and post up the email replies, I already posted up the screenshots stating that I entered the wrong password...this emaqil will now look odd to anyone reading my posts.

Martin Haswell BSc

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