Sunday, 1 March 2015


The Doomsday Vault.

If your not familiar with this fault it is in Norway and had started out as a plan to store seeds of all the world's food plants, to humans, in the event of... well doomsday or an end of the world event. Or an Extinction Level Event.

It is in Svalbard and dug into the side of a mountain and inside the temperatures are kept at a constant level, minus 18 Celsius I think, to site the seeds for many years.

I am not sure how they think the vault would survive if the world ending event involved Continental Shift? Or even a direct hit by an asteroid or comet?

Well now they are starting to store the seeds of trees. I would have thought they would have had all the seeds by now? They failed to mention, or I failed to notice, whether these were more food plants or just trees? I guess someone somewhere suddenly said "what about oxygen?!" Lol!

From the moment I heard of the vaults existence I was immediately got by a great many things. I was mostly confused as we have known about the fact that there are many possibilities of a large scale wipeout and been know for years. So why now? Fatal diseases, viruses, continental shift, comets, asteroids, World War III and magnetic flip (switching of the magnetic poles) can all have a world wide wipeout of the population that would send numbers back to way this thousands of years ago. Before the alleged birth of Jesus Christ that is for sure.

Note I did not mention everyone drowning or water levels?! Lmao!

It is a good idea... no a damn good idea... I just thought it would have already been done many, many years ago. Not so late in the game? Hmm well that was an unusual term for me to use... late? Lol!
Oddly in recent years there is part of me that feels that we are on borrowed time, if I am honest. It is that 'bigger picture' part of my noggin that has pondered these things for two decades or more now. It is why I either sigh or get frustrated with people or especially large groups of people that exert large amounts of effort and noise and try to get others to over something they simply cannot ever achieve or worse still is meaningless or selfish.

Small minded, narrow minded, naive or just plain stupid. It never ceases to amaze me how the rants of others are based on their own selfish desires and yet not a thought had been given to their own lives ones. Be these parents and siblings but more importantly their own children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Maybe the term 'simpleton' can be used because they are allowing themselves to be slaves to that Reptilian (R-Complex) Complex region of their brain? Well 'simpleton' fits this precisely because it's accepted as that which describes this that do not use their brains efficiently. Except those that the term is commonly used for often access a larger section of their grey matter then those that seen to revert to this R-Complex. Lol!

There are... things in this world that are truly global and won't go away with stupid and nonsensical ideas and then there are those that are truly in universal. Tipping points are all around us and increasing ask the time.

Put the coffee on and take in a deep breath through your nasal passages. Don't you think it's time to prioritize? Properly and stop being petty and selfish?

You can believe what you like but it will not alter one iota what gate had in store for you!

Forest tree seeds arrive at Svalbard's 'Doomsday vault' -

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