Thursday, 5 March 2015


I am having trouble getting into a ... webpage I work with a lot.

Now because of Google...and an email company which might be also to do with Google I have now lost access to this website via a web client or Android App as I took it off my tablet PC because it needs to be fixed! Android and the screen playing up.

Because I had to wipe everything I then had to go back into my page where I do a lot of work...only it would not let me in stating I had typed the wrong password, though I DID?! thinking this had been hacked I then requested a new password, went through all the rigmarole, remember just to get back onto the page I work on, only to then be told yet again for the umpteenth time I had typed the wrong password?!

So I did it again and I sent off the first in a series of messages to the company...still it refused to log me in and I got more frustrated and then...BOOM! Yet another effing company that uses the utterly rude and totally arrogant 'no reply' emails that do not even bother telling you not to reply...until you have sent them three messages!

Fuck me! So many idiots in the world have jumped onto something to make cash without actually brushing up on their skills!!

But then we DO live in a world now where you supposed to give fecking BLOOD...ahem sorry your expected to work for free for umpteen months before they take you on...IF they take you on. Which is so good to do because during that time while your workling for free for some rich twat who does not know his arse from his elbow all the stuff you need to live or simply survive made by companies owned by all the other rich twats...well they let you all have it for free so everythings cool! What? They don't?! What do you mean they DON'T?! So wait, you starve to death working your fingers to the bone while they just siot their getting fatter and fatter and their only...or lets be honest then, MAIN source of entertainment is seeing how many poor people they can make squirm or dance at once?!

Blimey, almost sounds like a middle eastern dictator?! Except they are abit thick and make what they do so obvious to everyone that they cannot deny it. They do parrots, thinking if they say it enough times it will sink in and become accepted?! Oh now wait? That rather sounds like British politicians?!


Anyhoo, joking and dark sarcasm are the emails for you to read. I am a weeeee bit angry here. But then they are German....I mean arrogant. Hmm I think they are German?!


Oh and I cannto tell you who this company is, convenmiently for them if they make themselves look like dicks. Because this is an email I use for do with my...snooping and spying malarkey! I have for awhile but all of a sudden its a major problem!

The first email you read was after I realised that my emails had not gone through that was several hours ago! thank God we do not have to rely on these yet for emergencies but everyone talks about how everytyhing is going to be linked and pull your effing fingers out!!

It has always amazed me how people are happy to serve shit to the people! Here Sir, here is some and enjoy it cos its all your going to get! Oooh wait?! Someone across the street is serving shit with garnish on it?! We will have to serve shit with two lots of garnish on it!

That is what runs through my head when I see something done half hearted and left like that!

I got into a row with UBI Software because everything about them was obviously directed at kids, even the avatars on their Gaming Software. I also complained about the way they store 'saved games'. It is totally shit in all honesty and amateurish and I for one would not have my own name attached to it or anything about them through embarrassment.

I also asked them for the governing body for complaints...they never answered me. Despite asking them four times and when I did state my anger at how they were obviously targeting children for a cash flow by misleading them and cheating them they rtewarded me by banning my account for two months! LMAO!

Jesus, what will I do until February the 18th 2015?! Oh, wait? It is the 5th March 2015 and I have not even been on that game! Huh, come to think of it it is not even installed!

Plus through reinstalling everything a lot earlier than expected thanks to some very, VERY nasty Chinese malware and snoop ware from the site of none other than HTC I lost my saved games for my copy of Splinter Cell Blacklist!! Want to know just how crap they are at doing things?!

Well my software, Uplay, tells me I have progressed so far through the Blacklist game and yet when I run the game I am at the beginning?! Go to their website for help and they ask you stupid questions like 'Have you switched it off and on again?!' Morons. Again with the arrogance! Its 'Oh we are so special and God like...we cannot do any wrong so must be you and here are the common things layman idiots do!' LOL!

Now maybe other gamers and the like have not noticed this or bothered about it but I am sorry but your too young and your failing to look into it deeper and seeing the truth...

Today it is all about updates and shit, most of which you cannot even see or notice the difference other than the ones where they released a broken game. Did you know this NEVER used to happen?! Did you know that not only did they NOT release broken games but were simply not able to?!

No because if your a fanboy cursing at my own cursing your an arrogant fool! They are using you and m,aking a fool of you, with statements like this always happens and you need to accept it, is complete bullshit...

Video games WERE being sold long before broadband Internet and even BEFORE the Internet you know! Release a broken game then and you were out of business!

Today they release a broken and shite game and at the very best they attempt to then fix a few things and then not bother while running to their banks with your money. At worst they simply do not bother at all!

Fanboys all seem to be blind in one aspect. The facts when it does not sit well with their vision of things and this is because this is gaming we are talking about here. It os one of the most intense of all feelings if not the most intense? I do not mean just humans either and thats the bit that drives the blind fanboys that allow these wankers to walk all over us while taking money they mostly had no right to.

Now there simply should be something in place to complain about these companies and someone should put some rules into practise. Everyone else has to abide by rules that are never ever enforced so why shouldn't they?! LMAO!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist is a great game...or would be one of the greatest on PC had they not been lazy about it and wanting double their money for no extra work while those hadning them the money are taken the piss out of!

When I was gaming previously a few years back things were very different to what they are today and I simply cannot believe half the things I have seen! Even worse is the fact that these are hardly mentioned at all in the media...

Though oddly I have noticed not one but TWO articles relating to things I complained about on my computing blog...ooh you didn't know about my computing blog? Or my Astronomy blog? Yeah that one been neglected I admit, but not for much longer. How about my Music blog? Film blog? Wildife blog? Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish blog? Hehe there are a few others too but I do cover problems in different industries...only to then see them covered in the media a few weeks or months later!

Well be it a coincidence, yeah right, or not at least all of these issues are being rbought to the fore one at a time! If this has happened ten years ago I would not have all these things to complain about then explain how it works and post on a blog! Lol!

Err I think you get were I was heading with that lot?

As I staed before there are a few things in the pipeline and I think I stated before my blood pressure is finally down through these Amlopodine drugs? tested yesterday, or I did, and iut was 121 which is good. A lot better than it was at 169! However I have spent one day really ill, a few afternoons feeling ill and the last couple of afternoons...err stoned! There is no other way to describe what has happened...or what I have felt like since last Sunday when I was ill...really ill and nauseous all day..or the vast majority of the day short maybe a couple of hours.

Today I was trying to get out the house, trying to find things I needed to go out that I needed to do, wonder if I should go out on my bike as the sun was shining, looked for stuff I cannot find and eventually...the stoned feeling bathed me in its warm glow and that was it! No getting out the house.

Oh and you do not need to to look very far to find many disgruntled people and gamers about the way things are and yet everyone sits their just watching these things happen.

With everything its a case of 'well its only a little...' or ... 'it would hardly notice...' but I am afraid that this got bolderr and bolder and bolder while more and more people did it.

Lots and lots of small pieces make one big jigsaw puzzle you know! You...have played with jigsaw puzzles? what they are and how they work? Lol!

Anyhoo here is my steaming off again ...

Dear ***** ...

Oooh arrogant, ignorant and cock sure of yourselves, are you?!

Do not use no reply emails as it shows your arrogance and its bad netiquette to to mention downright rude!!

Ones I replied to earlier while wasting my time yet again... YOUR NOW COSTING ME MONEY SO I SUGGEST YOU NOW PULL YOUR THUMBS OUT OF YOUR REAR ENDS!!



Still happening and you did not read my email...a bit odd for people offering an email service!

What in the world are you doing?

It is an email service that falls over upon entering the correct passwords?!

Are you..serious!!

Thirty years I have been using emails and never ever come across this problem. I have provided a picture showing that even after waiting several hours end then following your instructions, although I had already explained to you that I had already tried this but which you decided to either take no notice of or bother to read, it still does not work!

Maybe you should give up and do and do clipart?

I suggest you alter your webpages so that when people click things you do not make a statement that is false!!

Just saying!


Ooh yeah I am also now getting a server error!

Are you new to IT and the equpiment?

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