Monday, 3 October 2016


A bit of a surprise now as here I am on a Monday morning and I have received the decision letter from the Courts already!

Just a reminder the date and time of the court hearing was midday last Friday, 30th September and it is now Monday 3rd October.

I said previously that it was obvious and the alarm bells were going off minutes into the hearing. In fact if I am honest and think about it, it was literally the first couple of sentences spoken by her and I thought 'uh-oh, this ... in not going to go well'.

So I find it somewhat funny that after having an extremely bad 48 hours that on the letter there was only one single solitary reason the appeal was refused. One!

The fact that on September 10th when I had an appointment at Royal Free Hospital that someone was supposed to take me to and let me down that I decided to ... risk it. The first bus, the 271, on the A10 is always empty even on a week day, well after the rush hour anyway. As I said to the judge the next bus was a bus I used to catch regularly many years ago to see a friend of mine. I knew that the second part would be very short. Then a third was not for long, though this route, C11, I was not familiar with. It could have proved the be the weakest link and a potential disaster but as I was catching it at the start of its journey I would get a seat.

So my fear was getting back ... except only for the C11 and 41 with the latter being a short ride.

The 271 coming back was at the beginning of the route so a seat was also assured as it was on the outbound journey.

But the assessment was a couple of months back when the weather was still hot and on a weekday but the Judge seemed to know that the buses would all be empty on a week day as I am sure she uses buses all the time and all her life.

Just had a friend call me who was shocked to hear I had the letter already. When I told him that one single reason he roared with laughter and said "that's bloody ridiculous!" and he was a social worker for 15 years and has diabetes.

But I guess when your in a court room with no social workers, mental health professionals or even a general practitioner the Judges logic, or version of it, is the only thing that counts? Lol.

I am not sure but I do think there was one person that might have thought I had gotten my prediction wrong?

As it turns out there is a chance of appeal. However I swore I would never go through that again once I had walked out. Even with the Diazepam that was ... harrowing. God only knows how I would have been without any Propranalol and Diazepam?!

I think I am going to have to speak to some other parties about the appeal ... if someone tells me that there is a way of doing it without me having to attend then I will consider it.

Oh and I just realised there is absolutely no mention of the fact that I lied/exaggerated about the fact I am having blackouts?! That ... IS weird. She made such a big point out of it I was sure that she would have stated it on the report.

Remember ... this is not for Personal Independent Payments, which is what replaces Disability Living Allowance. It was for Incapacity Benefit too and not Employment Support Allowance.

Anyhoo ... I thought I would post up all the correspondence from the court along with the decision letter ...

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