Sunday, 9 October 2016


In the wake of the breakdowns and suffering I experienced I have got to thinking about things. What has recently happened to me has never happened before. Not like this. It really has been a wake up call to what I have suspected will happen.

I predicted the financial collapse 4.5 years before it happened and in several talks and one argument about a property I stated this to others. However it has not gone quite how I thought it would. I id start to think that the fall was cushioned somehow? I also thought that despite this cushioning this would only end up being a delay.

In all this I also knew that governments would point the finger at things that simply did not add up, not even remotely close to a tenth of the way, to the amount of debt. I also knew that the government would resist doing the things they need to do and continue to both blame and punish those not even remotely responsible. The poor and unemployed by primarily blaming the welfare state.

I do not even have to check the figures to know that the maths just do not work.

What I also knew was that this was literally down to borrowing and in that I mean those individuals that work and borrowed. Oh just borrow everything, it is easy. In so making it easy the prices rose up further. Yes there were other factors too in the population out growing the number of available houses both social and privately owned.

I always maintained that the government should do something about the borrowing as well as the housing problems that they chose to ignore for many, many years and still do today.

It has concerned me that there will be another fall and that this will result in a devastating effect on human life.

One organisation talks in a video on YouTube and calls itself Overdose and the documentary 'The Next Financial Crisis' and talks about the financial crisis that was predicted. Except they are not speaking about the one we have had ... they are talking about the one that is on the brink of happening!

In the documentary they speak about the billions of dollars or euros to help out the car industry. You would be forgiven for thinking this was just America, but no. It included German too and that latter part I was not aware of.

Owners and thos on charge of these big instutions have gotten so big that they think they thik that making bone-head decisions that could collapse their company should not be held accountable for this. They think they have some regal right to be supplied with billions of their public's money to carry on existing.

I was just looking at a video on YouTube when I noticed something come up in the recommended lists.

It stated something about Social Services, in Croydon in this particular instance. I decided to give it a look and a man talked through an event that took place whereby the Social Services became involved.

Here is a man that has learnt what I have learned and perform the same tricks that I have for the past 8 years or so.

He was allegedly attacked in the street by the mother of his child and the woman's sister.

Once the Social Services become involved it seems that in no time at all they started to lie and issue documentation fabricating the fact that took place in the event.

The worst of these was that it was claimed that he took the child, placed the child in his car, did not place the child in a seat bet or child seat and then drove off with the child leaping about in his car. They claimed that the child then umped out a window of his car.

What the stupid Social Services did not stop for one moment to consider is that these same public services have cameras up your arse everywhere you turn. A video of the incident was then acquired that showed that the Social Services versions of events were completely fabricated.

In the recommended section to the right of this video is a whole list of other videos all to do with various Social Services.

I find it bizarre that the most corrupt and dishonest public services would act in this way constantly and often even worse while wanting to monitor YOU every minute of every day to catch YOU out doing something wrong ...

How about a Dispatches programme where even the Social Worker staff admit that the service is "piss poor" and willing to leave a 15 year old girl sleeping on a park bench?!

Here is one where a box comes up stating that there were sixty benefits related deaths since 2012 and naming Iain Duncan-Smith. Except the YouTube video was put up in 2012?! Ooh that is bad.

The title of this video is 'Britain's Hidden Hungry'...

How about someone stating that in Britain it works out that if your born poor you will stay poor?A very strange and very worrying statement to hear someone make. One interviewed, ,Chris Pond of  of The Low Paid Unit, states that Britain believes in an unregulated free market as the best way to compete in the world and create jobs. He state sthat people in Britain have far fewer social employments rights than anywhere else in Europe. 

What is shocking about the video that follows is that it was posted on YouTube way back in 2011 and it states the programme was made in 1996! So what are things like now?! This is another YouTube video and this one titled 'Why Are the UK''s Poor Getting Poorer?'

One more up to date Panorama programme from 2014 and titled 'Hungry Britain' and contains a lot of Food Banks in the start and while filming most people did not want to have their faces filmed.

I can full understand that they id not want people to see them doing something so degrading and embarrassing to be forced to do.

It also shows that this life has a negative effect on relationships with both family and friends. In the programme the Food Banks claimed they helped 8,000 people in Bristol alone in one year and going by the publication date was back in 2013.

Someone called Money Week did some research and they state that the mess that the UK is in it will not survive from and this has never happened in our history. In fact they state that no country anywhere has ever come out of a slump like this.

They predicted full financial collapse. Now in 2016 and after what has just happened to me ... I can both see and feel that this prediction of theirs is closer than ever.

We are one the most heavily indebted countries in the western world.

And lastly the sad story that one of many that actually finally made it into the media is a man that was deemed fit for work who committed suicide. Even the coroner's report stated that his death was related to the fact that he lose his benefits. But where was the legal proceedings to take those responsible for his death to court for prosecution?

Many things, may attitudes and many systems need to change rather radically if we ever manage to get through all this in one piece

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