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According to Alex Jones in America only six corporations control the TV news media in his county which is kind of … worrying.

These are News Corporation, Disney, Time Warner Cable, General Electric, Viacom and two others I cannot name because all they had in the video I watched were logos containing no text.

I have never heard of News Corporation but then I am not American and have, unfortunately, never visited the country.

As I watched the video I was well aware that there will be companies with vested political interests on either side. Maybe the one shown were all pro-Democrats, I do not know. I did get the feeling that the channel on YouTube I was watching were pro-Republican but then maybe they are not?

It was as a was watching and thinking about this I realised that before you even get into controlling stories being aired that could be embarrassing to those in power I also realised that with these political agendas the news can never be provided to the people as it was first intended.

Each and every story that has not been obstructed for political or personal gain is going to be scrutinised a second time to see if some kind off slant can be placed upon the story to be aired.

I can not but help of think of the attitudes that the general public do not know better or do not know what is good for them. Well in a number of countries where it has become obvious that each and every party in power of the last twenty years has slowly screwed up the country this is provably true. But then it is those that have lied to its people to get in power and telling you what is better for you that has screwed things up in the first instance. Irony.

I do not know if it is a case of 'Your too stupid to know what is better for you' or just that 'We know better than you do'? Maybe with some it is the former while with others it is the latter? Maybe there is some flip-flopping between the two?

Maybe there has been a nationwide attitude in each country that as they borrowed more and more money it was a case of 'Oh we will worry about that down the road' or much, much worse 'Oh the next generation can worry about it'? Maybe they just did not realise it?

If they did not realise it on a country wide scale then it was down to the people we voted in to wan us and the jobs of the news media to break the story after some investigative journalism. But as has been proven over and over again on YouTube 'investigative journalism' seems to have died a long time ago and not many people noticed. Those that did, did not get heard or even when they did were simply not believed.

Fortunately we have YouTube and this has started to change, though no thanks to Google who, in only recent times, were planning, or maybe still are, to shut down a huge number of people right around the globe with particular opinions.

I still wonder as to one of my previous questions I put to my blog a long time ago about these liberals and now, I have to include, Social Justice Warriors. Having spent years listening to someone who is a socialist and belonged to a socialist political party with its own newspaper I have to repeat the question …

Are certain groups so afraid of others that they have to back them up or even fight for them because they think they will be left in peace when they do?

If you are one of those and you are reading this I can categorically tell you that the answer will inevitably be no.

It is not rocket science or science of any kind. It is a sad fact of human history that when one group starts to 'flex their muscles' and get away with it they will inevitably push the boundaries.

In fact it is the case that they have been allowed to do this so many times and for so long that they are behaving like any other radical group from the past. You can say what you lie about what the Nazis did but if you compare how that group was in different parts of their timeline I am willing to bet without even doing any research that you will find striking similarities to what seems to be occurring of late?

The odd thing is that when anyone tries to do this they are themselves called Nazis, fascists or something similar!

It literally is the case of late that if you promote freedom of speech you are labelled as a fascist.

What will they be doing next, burning books with differing opinions to them?!

It is funny as I hate the thought of burning books but there exists one single solitary publication that I would be happy to round up every copy of and burn them. But they would only print more so not really a solution. Hmm you could bomb the printing factories that produce them? Lol.

I will be the first one to state that there are major, major problems in the western world but its a whole world away from what these Social Justice Warriors thin it is.

In fact they are not even smart enough to realise that if they were to ever get their way this fragmented group would have one lot rise up to take over the next lot.

I think that the majority of people reading this would know only too well just what group that would turn out to be.

It is a divide and conquer technique.

What they are all to na├»ve to realise is that this … divide is being fully exploited by the powers that be and one of those the socialist types or pissed off with.

They stubbornly refuse to change and use the nationwide … infighting to distract from the fact that they ae refusing to take the right and, REALLY, moral decisions to change in the hope that things just continue on until something magically changes.

Human history is littered with societies that died out because they refused to change or adapt quick enough to changes. Ignorance is a stain on humanity and its progress.

Personally I would not at all be surprised if history books years from now stated that all the current troubles were all created intentionally by the governments and people in power to both distract their nations and prevent them from acting as one.

Have you ever had a bully of some kind pester you for ages only to one day go off and pester someone else and secretly inside you think 'Oh crap, thank God they are leaving me alone and concentrating on someone else!'

Has anyone thought about creating a divide between said bullies and someone else to force them to turn their attention off you and onto someone else?

Oh, I haven't, in case your wondering why I said that? No even as a id growing up I was always defending other kids that could not defend themselves and often getting into fights with the bullies.

Bullying also becomes a lot easier to do and carry out if there are a number of you. Unfortunately is is that animal like pack mentality that if put to a Social Justice Warrior would have some of them screaming like banshees until their larynx is lying on the floor before them.

Unfortunately the ones that you have to worry about are the groups that secretly think they are superior to everyone else. Until they have large enough numbers in relation to those of other groups. It is then that everything changes for the worst. It is inevitable.

The video below shows another bizarre reaction to a Donald Trump rally, this time, and no doubt by Hillary Clinton supporters?

When I look at this what I see is one half of the nation telling the other half to shut up and not feel what they do when they are likely only reacting because they have been forced to shut up for the past decade or two?

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