Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Oh I get some funny periods.

I ha to go turn in some more documents to the local JobCentre to do with my new Universal Credit claim. A stupid and unfair trap I fell into blind. Well only that the court was not how I expected them to be at all. For starters two of them were missing.

Anyway … I digress.

So I did that and then went and sat in the town park to have a cigarette to think about what I was going to do next.

I had already decided I was not going to go to a friend's store as I do not like going there too much and a phone-call from another friend inviting me round I thought would come did not arrive. He does well for someone complaining that he is bored out of his mind. He has a card that gets into the local cinema as much as he likes and someone that comes home from work at the end of the day. I am certain he sees one member of his family one day of the week and a different one another day of the week.

Right there are four things that I do not have.

Many family members that I have I do not see for months on end and there is one I see about once a month an its mostly a pain in the arse at some point.

I ha decided to go cycling around industrial estates to see if there were any firms that looked interesting to work for? I had already done this once in one area and while doing it wondered what in the hell I was doing and likely would not find anything. I persevered though and to my surprise I did find a few things.

I was not really prepared to do this and had not looked up areas I could potentially visit the day before. I forgot to. This is something I do I cannot help. I forget.

I remembered I was low on shopping … well very low in fact but I am not eating much so I did not need much. So I visited Sainsburys before going home.

One job I applied for a few days ago were interested in talking to me after seeing my CV. Only when I went online to book the interview I realised I had inadvertently applied for a 45 hour per week job?! Damn it!! I tired to email them back but it was one of those damned annoying and should be outlawed 'no reply' emails! I then got a second email and then I got a text message from someone called Dan. I thought I could at least now contact them and explain but the message would not go through. Once again a 'no reply' message. JESUS!

It dis state in the details I gave them that I had a disability. The company must have been desperate for people to contact me and they do not have a great reputation and online only get one star marks out of five.

I might cycle over there tomorrow and explain to them and apologise?

The anxiety has eased off but I still feel it present … like it is lying in wait to pounce at the first opportunity it gets? Good God this really is the disability from hell and is likely to leave you stranded in a limbo and panicking about all the things it causes getting aggravated.

Not being a household name like some other conditions you are likely to get pistol whipped by the government and public services as they have been doing to me for the last two to three months.

So I stranded in this dark limbo currently but with a few small flickering flames of hope way off in the distance. Whether or not I can fan these flames into something much larger and significant I will just have to wait and see.

The first flame I should have some detail about by the middle of next week?

The second one should be a few weeks later and a third one possibly a few weeks after that, so if I can just keep things going and juggle a bit I might be able to weave my way through things until something significant occurs? Fingers well and truly crossed!!

I did get asked about my condition by the nice lady at the JobCentre, yeah they actually have nice people in there, who was shocked when I explained. She asked me if I had seen a Doctor and I said they was already aware of it. I reminded her that I told her I was on other benefits, IB and PIP, and that this was why.

Something occurred to me when I got that very quick response about wanting to talk to me from Yodel in that I suddenly thought … 'crap! I do not own any clothes suitable for a job interview!' It also occurred to me that even if I owned a suitable suit I would have to cycle wherever the interview is and a suit on a bike?! I don't think so somehow.

I will have to bring this up with the … umm, I do not know what they call them … I think it was 'job coach' or something?

Oh God! These damned searches on the Jobmatch site really does not understand what either a location is or what words are. You type in your postcode and your search words and you get all kinds of crap come up you have to wade through.

Lets see? On this one page I have Staines, Sutton which I think is near Surrey or in Surrey somewhere, Dartford … just have to swim a very wide part of the Thames river with my bike around my neck, Lakeside and Tooting Broadway!

AT least there are some sensible ones as on the next page, which is now page 5, you have Buckhurst Hill and Loughton Still a pain in the arse to get to from here in Enfield mind you. Without a car anyways.

Hmm as I am searching Google currently for part time writers I cannot help but think about the situation that I am in and feel that I have been led right into a trap.

I wonder how long I will be in this hole and whether or not there is a clean way out of it? It is like I am in a rowing boat while missing my oars and I am floating down river towards a waterfall and there are three crooked twigs I might be able to grab a should of before I go over the edge.

I have found some damned interesting jobs but all too far away and full time. If I found one of these within around 4 miles or so I might actually be able to take one of these. Sitting at a desk writing blog content? Damn I do that a fair bit anyway and have done for a little over four years now!

God damn this is frustrating!

One of the ideas of writing the blogs was that I would be kind of advertising myself and my knowledge and that someone would come along and offer me something. I had figured that this too might be about a year away?

I thought it would also help having all my different subjects in blogs … well most of them and I saw one vacant position that was blogging about cycling?! God darn it!!! Lol.

I thought people would go 'oh … computers and (one of …) orchids/exotic pets/astronomy/cycling/writing/nature/maple trees/bird watching/astronomy/gadgets/cameras … that is a handy pair (or more)'?

Well it states this on my CV on many job agency sites now. Maybe over the next couple of months I met get lucky? I might get offered something I can either get to or am offered help with getting to?

Yeeeaaahhh,, I am never that lucky, lol.

One idea that came to me is that I could combine a number of these together to work on, in time? I would have to reach a stage whereby the money made could be put back into purchasing new things to use, tools if you prefer? Of course each an every one of these would provide me with immediate content to include online. So each and every thing I acquired would boost the blogs further. Each time I used one of these things this would also boost the blogs further.

But I ended up with a bad year for weather and then some Gestapo … sorry public service that wants to attack innocent people to save money comes along and screws things up even worse than they already were.

As a result my content and posting has fallen through the floor, so to speak.

Plus any content I do have I cannot even use. Not yet anyway.

I need a bloody miracle!

Miracles and me are not exactly best buddies. Lol.

I cannot even think of any that I can think of as miracles really. Oh beating the DWP's PIP department once which I am now about to lose to. A short lived miracle, you could say. Would have worked out damn well if they had left me alone for another year.

My attitude, and I even said this to the nice 'document handling'' lady today is that I have to keep chugging along. But there is that feeling of being stranded in that rowing boat that is minus its oars and heading towards that waterfall. I am sure I am being subjected to a bigger and more cunning plan.

My landlord was here dropping off a tenancy agreement I needed and even he feels like I am being victimised and for the same reason that I think I am being singled out and victimised.

Was somewhat worrying listening to a Tory MP in an interview with a Russia Today reporter in their studio talk about how the welfare system/social system has to go and is only a matter of time before it does. I even see a couple of videos by someone called Money Week or something and they were basically propaganda videos explaining that nasty things have to be done. Doing these nasty things will not help anyone and will result in unrest that will build up to such a degree that they will inevitable lead to, or be called by others, a civil war.

No longer will you be able to claim to your public nor the rest of the world that you are a civilised society. That term does mean something. If you decide to be civilised to the unlucky, unfortunate, poor and disabled you with give out a very serious message to the rest of the world. 'You cannot rust us, we will not give a shit about you and your because we do not give a shit about ours'..

Speak of the devil...

I just been sent a report via Facebook, probably from DPAC, that states there has been a report that says that housing associations and council landlords will no longer house many benefit households?! This is due to the benefit cap. I will put the link below, oh he or she is on WordPress, and it states on the blog that 138,547 households will not get housing any longer. That is 'households' and not individual people. How many households only have one person living there? Well OK, yes me. But not many will and it does seem to be suggesting in its wording that it will be three bedroom properties that will be affected? That makes much more sense and I just realised that this may affect someone in my family that is in a home that is linked to my family for 40 years or more?! Oops.

Getting back to that very large number … wait let me do a quick search on Google for the number of homeless people currently … I seem to recall a documentary ten years ago that stated 150, 000 or 250,000 people were homeless?

That pdf document seems to state that a total of 275,000 people approached their local authority in 2015 for homelessness assistance?

I am thinking that by the end of 2017 that figure is going to double? If we take an average of two people per household to become homeless? Of course it does state something about 3 bedroom properties so four bedroom could be included as well? If these are all the properties and household affected and we say for arguments sake that all rooms are occupied … your talking close to or well over half a million people!

I cannot even begin to think what the rest of the world's press are going to do with that knowledge?

Here is the WordPress blog ...

Even my landlord talking about how they are changing the rent yet again on how it is paid said to me … “They want to drive people back into work, how are they going to do that by making them homeless?” He told me to make sure that I kick their arses! Lol.

Of course I have now realised that they have already set a trap to save money How are you to get paid when your homeless? Your supposed to be doing things to get a job under Universal Credit and that is supposed to be 35 hours a week! How can you even look for a job,, hope to find a job, attend a job interview in proper attire that will give you half a chance of getting a job and then HOLD DOWN said job while homeless?!

Of course once you cannot do any of these things you will be … SANCTIONED at £10.70 each day so in the end you will actually get nothing …. and starve to death.

Wow! That is one cunningly evil master plan and anyone involved or even agreeing with this is nothing more than the spawn of Satan himself, if such a being were to exist. Which it doesn't. Still they will be doing a damned grand job of impersonating such beings.

Ooh boy! I dread to think what the history books will say ten or twenty years down the road?

I am wondering now if this is what they have planned for me?

Cannot slag them off in a blog after I have been made homeless and then starved to death, now can I?

A shiver just went down my spine! Oh dear, that is … disconcerting!

I bet they have been concocting this plan for everyone for a fair old while?

Could you GET any more sinister than the British government are getting? I have to ask myself whop exactly it was that came up with this plan? I mean I read a lot f comments by the American public on YouTube, well the sensible ones that is, and no one there actually believe that the person that is resident in the oval office actually runs the country. He gets to implement what he is allowed to so that it looks like he is doing something. He gets to do long speeches about what is going on in some other country on the other side of the world.

Time after time after time I read something that someone thinks about America that is a mirror image of what I think about the UK and the government.

Whoever it is they have been doing a piss poor job for several decades and now all those mistakes and all that over confidence has caught up with them. But they get to hide in the shadows.

There are plenty of names that some of the more conspiracy driven ones come out with and who am I to state that they are wrong? Oddly enough the two names that spring to mind right now both begin with the letter 'R'. I do not know my conspiracy theories on these levels but I think I remember 'Rothschild' being mentioned and 'Rockefeller'? I know nothing of the history of these families, I'll be honest.

I cannot get right into all conspiracies. It has been hard enough with the simple subject of corruption in the public services within the UK! At least, right now it is.

I might suggest the following Wikipedia link on Rockefeller …

I also might suggest the following Wikipedia link on Rothschild …

I do not know if there are any others.

Another name that comes up are 'The Illuminati' and once again I do not know a lot about these only that they are scientists and are against religion. Yup, I have no problems with this. Only that they are also working towards what they call a New World Order and their actions have been or intended as … somewhat .. sinister?

Well there have been a lot of secret societies and it is not that much of a stretch to believe that there is one. I could imagine a bunch of wealthy but scientifically minded meeting up as a group and talking about what they would like to do with the religious factions of society or the world. I mean religious people do it all the time and actually carry it out, if your one of the nut-jobs in ISIS for one. Yup … convince everyone else to your cause and convince everyone how devoted you are by … blowing shit up … and yourself … and a few hundred to a few thousand mostly innocent people.

I feel like I am battling religious fruitcakes on one side and corrupt governments in my own back yard on the other side?! Lol.

Oh well … onwards and sideways … as per usual.

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