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Funny is it not?

For countless years the Job Centre and the DWP have had this … thing in place where if you do not wok or cannot find work they normally try to force you to do … something. At times, maybe always, this would be a course of some kind. Something that is supposed to help you into work, o so they always claimed.

So what is funny about that?

Well in each major feck up they do, the government and the DWP, there is always this line form them about learning lessons and a line from victims, or victims relatives about them hoping that the government has learned lessons form said feck up.

Let us get a couple of things cleared up because I have seen this for years and years and years and over and over and over again and it drives me mad.

First off they did not need any lessons at all and damn well knew what catastrophic and even fatal effects their actions would have on people.

You got that? Good.

Secondly … even in the rare event that something they did not expect happened … unlike what they force upon the poor … they do not want lessons. They are not interested in lessons or improving things.

They balance books. That is it.

If someone on benefits dies then they will balance those books a damn site quicker each time … or so you might think? But no …

Because it does not matter how long you put people's lives in jeopardy, a living hell or even how many you kill you can do this for the next ten years and you wont change a thing.

Well … that is not strictly true … you wont change the figures in the books … not by any substantial amount that would let anyone off the hook, anyway.

But it will change things.

In fact what is going on, or more accurately created, is something that we only recently discovered has happened in the past. A sea of victims was created.

That first one involved the BBC, Jimmy Savile and a number of other famous people and celebrities who were pally with Mr Savile. This still continues to this day … just really curiously we have not heard much about it of late. Other than the Cliff Richard fiasco. Yeah it is a fiasco but not for the reasons that you might think.

God knows how many victims there are in the world dealing with this and Lord only knows how many actually died. All the time their lives made a living hell by those around them that did not believe them and I know only too well exactly what that feels like.

Even when the truth comes out everyone who did not believe or like 'Oh? Seems like they were telling the truth? Oh well' and very rarely is a thought given to how many years of suffering not being believed and the toll it took.

I can tell you that time in these instances can go very, very slowly and the pain and suffering can seem like it is being extended out before your very eyes.

There are those that eventually give up, disappear into a shell and any difficulties or battles they end up trying to fight alone. They do not want to face that situation of meeting person after person who simply wont believe them. I know because I became like that too.

In fact I am in an unusual situation where I have found myself approaching people once again only this time and for me it is very different.

Because I can prove everything I say and have said.

This does not necessarily mean that I will win as it is down to others and so much can be done against me to slow me down or stop me altogether.

Stopping me altogether would mean putting me in a position whereby I have nothing to lose and so anything I have held back from doing I will just think 'oh fuck it!'

I have been told I will be getting a letter later next week and it will likely be asking me to leave my home.

My rent has not arrived though it could still come on Monday.

If you have been on this blog lately you will know that my rent payments stopped without any warning, unless you consider a letter telling you your rent was stopped the day before?!

I had to jump through some hoops to prove I was not working … fucking annoying because they wee not told that I was working and heard nothing from me.

Well it looks like it might be happening again. My rent is normally paid on the 27th or 28th though there have been times when it has been the 29th or 30th it is normally one of the former two dates. As it is the 29th today and as I know for a fact that previous payments have gone through on a Saturday … it is now technically late. So by Monday night there will be no doubt left and once again they have stopped it again without warning. Nice. Nice people the British public services, so very nice and compassionate.

So I am now going to have to sort that out while I spend four days a week shopping, as that is what I do due to my condition, and at the same time looking for work for 35 hours a week. Is there a planet in the solar system that has a ten day week? If there is I will have to move there so that I have time to do everything expected of me? Lol.

Yeah I am in a pickle and I kind of thought I had gotten through half of it while I worked in the second half of the problem but now they have hit me with the first half once again.

My landlord had stated that he had asked someone to leave one of his properties because his rent was paid late...twice. I might be getting that letter over the next week or so? Oops!

So I had a go at them three months ago and they have not earned because they do not care. They damn well care enough if you do not pay your unfair parking fine or your council tax, do they not?

In fact that can be used to describe most of the public services in the UK, double standards.

But hey, that is only a couple of months. How can they be expected to learn in that short space of time?

Well in my recent post I linked a story of a man with diabetes who died of a heart attack after being told by the DWP they were stopping his benefits. Now that story turned out to have occurred in August 2015! Yet only a week ago Theresa May stated what I had already divulged in that three welfare services are being merged into one. Or in other words everyone is being kicked off ESA and PIP and put on Universal Credit which should now be clear to even the most naïve idiots why they called it Universal Credit in the first place!

Iain Duncan-Smith must have panicked before pressing the button for this to go through, realised he would by solely named throughout history as something akin to a Nazi figure and ran.

Do you not think that a tragic death well over a year ago is not enough? Did you think there would only be one? I did not. I was sure there were deaths starting from eight years ago when they kicked a bunch of people with mental health off the then DLA. There is at least one face locally I do not see any more and have not done for a fair old while.

Hey, well if a bunch of people with mental health suddenly die no ones going to notice or even care, right?

I do not know how far back revelations proving this and proving that they do not care about human life, will go but I would wager it would go back six years.

How about one that I am shocked actually got a mention in one national tabloid but do not remember hearing in the mainstream news?

What if I said that I had the link below to at least one MORE death than the one from over a year ago and that this one dates back to well over THREE years ago?

The Guardian newspaper which oddly enough is one of many that got sent four DVD's full of my evidence .. umm four years ago. Lol.

This one was also published on DPAC's Facebook page and they really do seem to be coming thick fast lately and seem to be speeding up?!

As for those morons that are amoral and somehow thin that this attitude and actions will help them … no you foolish idiot. This only serves one purpose and that is to make it look like they are reducing the debt while keeping the deaths under wraps so that they look good, morons vote for them and they keep their jobs as long as they can. The longer they keep them the more chance they have of getting a book deal out of it.

It will have to be a damn site longer then David Cameron, in case you do not know I read a report that said that he wrote a book and it was rejected! Lol, go figure!

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