Sunday, 18 September 2016



I was bored out of my mind and with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Probably for the best as I have a terrible ache in my right knee and my back has played up a little.

I am leaping from diabolical boredom and anxiety pangs which has gone of for weeks now. I do not know whether nor not each feeling is going to take a nosedive at some point. My money is on the fact that they will.

It seems as if there is, or looks likely there is going to be, a criminal investigation into ministers of the DWP?

I found details of this in on the website of the tabloid The Independent reports that someone quoted as a 'disabled activist' named John McArdle of a campaign group called Black Triangle lodged a complaint with Police back in March, 2016.

The report was published back in early May and I am at a loss as to why I am only hearing about this now?

Here is an excerpt from report...

Campaigners have long accused the DWP's fit-to-work tests of causing deaths and have pointed to a number of suicides that took place in light of sanctions.

I can not help wondering if this case got buried or is still ongoing?

Interesting to see that there is an avenue to take members of the government to court.

The comments section once again shows, like the last one I linked in a recent post, what the feeling is of the public and how sickened they are at what has been going on.

Just more evidence that more an more of the public are becoming aware of the lies, corruption and downright inhumane treatment of the disabled.

Once again there is talk of the amount of suicides that have gone on since they started treating the sick and disabled this way. Funny how they are quick to make TV documentaries of some people cheating the DWP of money but we have yet to see anything at all of the absolute hell they have made of people's lives as well as the number of deaths they cause.

Do not worry though, they will keep you informed of Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity and other reality TV shows along with celebrity gossip.

An interesting couple of comments left is one asking how in the world 'are they allowing this to happen' and a response stating 'how are WE allowing this to happen?'

What they have done is used a tiny percentage of the claimants that give everyone else a bad name, used this to fool and manipulate the public and allowed the public services to perform far greater crimes than those cheating the system. 

Because this has resulted in the untimely deaths of many, many people.

Funny as I thought if you took actions that drove anyone to death this would be as bad as murder ... driving someone to suicide is no different to committing murder. You just do not actually get your hands ... well, dirty.

These were supposed to be benefit cuts under the 'we are all in it together' banner, not benefits all stop completely and hopefully a few hundred thousands will commit suicide so we do not have to pay out for them any more.

Makes a mockery of the fact that the law an courts will not allow voluntary euthanasia, does it not?

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