Friday, 2 September 2016


Well there is something.

I always stated what George Osborne's attitude was towards human life but I never expected it to come out the way it has.

Nick Clegg has finally gone some way to redeem himself by stating that George Osborne saw the Welfare State, and everyone who relies on it of course, as a bottomless pit he could rape and pillage.

The question is now is that this pillaging is still going on and seemingly stronger than ever. So is Theresa May just going to carry on with the same crap? I thought she had stated things will be different for certain things. Can't remember exactly or what she referred to.

Funny how this story has come out just as the DWP have started a full blown assault on all three benefits I get?

This is not a case of cutting money ... this is removing every single penny to people with disabilities. One condition at a time.

Also effing hilarious, if it wasn't so anxiety attack inducing and home breaking, is that stupid woman at the DWP denying all this when I accused her of what they were doing.

The question is now will these idiot jobsworths see this report and realise they are being used as mindless idiots just spieling out whatever trash they are brainwashed with?

The same goes, if they possess anything in the way of humanity, for the staff and so called medical experts, assessors and nurses of Stops, Capita, Maximus and that other one with the longer name I can never remember?

Probably but also probably too far off to stop the destruction of many people's lives?

A shame.

Still ... this report coming out about what Nick Clegg said in an interview is a start.

Clegg: Osborne casually cut welfare for poorest to boost Tory popularity

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