Friday, 23 September 2016


I have been in some disbelief for the past 24 hours.

If you are not aware I have stated over and over again that I have walked into everything and approached absolutely everyone as if the organisation was corrupt and will tell lies and cheat. In every situation thus far I have been proved correct in my suspicions and even acquired evidence to these facts, you will have to do a search for these items.

I have also often stated that the only industry I have not run into and therefore never acquired any evidence on is that of the courts. There have been a few attempts but in each case I won before getting there, or it was too far away, like Nottingham for example, and I still won.

Now I have one that is located 500 yards or so from my home and is imminent.

This is HM Courts & Tribunal Service.

During my few correspondences with them there has been some ... confusion. Despite my suspicions being aroused I told myself that this was just some clerical error, though courts are not supposed to make these. Friends said the same thing, just too quick to do so, and I pointed out that courts ... don't make mistakes.

I got another letter that sounded confused and spoke like I had not been in contact with them, though I had done so twice?!

The confusion seems to be that they seemed to think that my appeal was against a decision to stop my Personal Independence Payments (Or disability) except it was not. They also mentioned about the fact that I mentioned that my Employment Allowance was being stopped. Except I did not because it was not and because I have never received this benefit.

It was Incapacity Benefit being stopped BY the Employment Support Allowance but while this was going on, along with my housing being cancelled, they asked me for an assessment for my Personal Independence Payments. That assessment date only just passed by and means that this will now follow the exact same path as the last one and therefore also get cancelled. Meaning they would have cancelled all three in just two months. Harassment right there. Triggered off several things to do with my condition even preventing me from walking at all at one point. Self harming due to the strength of the anxiety attacks for another.

So for the third time I sent them a letter explaining what exactly had happened and assumed I probably did not need to as they would have received the same humongous pack from the DWP that I did with all the correspondence that I did.

So both I and the DWP would have informed them via the correspondences we each received what the facts are?

So how come yesterday morning I got my fourth letter from HM Courts & Tribunal Service listed below?

So you see ... they umm ... are still stating ... INSISTING this is an appeal against the cancellation of PIP and not IB?!

I ... I ... I really do not know at this stage what more I have to do to convince them?

I am sending a letter today and ooh I just had a thought. I have some copies of bank statements here I will send them! Maybe then they will get it through their thick skulls they have somehow got things arse about face?!

This will be the fourth time I have contacted them, no really!

I sent them the very first letter .. hmm or was it the second, via recorded post so have the receipt for that here somewhere.

Quite how anyone is supposed to think they stand a chance against crime and corruption withinn the UK anymore is simply beyond me.


Dear Sirs


I am in receipt of your letter dated 13/09/2016 regarding my benefits appeal.

However and despite this being the fourth letter I have sent I am somewhat confused and bewildered that I am still confused.

Under point one of your letter it states that your appeal file contains papers regarding my PIP claim and this should be impossible. As they have not cancelled this yet.

I have stated this previously that they have requested I attend an assessment which was 21 miles away in Brentwood. I found in both astounding as well as classifying as harassment that they would do this and I have pointed this out to them but the response shown lack of care that they are harassing me.

I expect to be told in a matter of weeks and by post that they will proceed to cancel my PIP too even though a hearing is to tae place about them cancelling my IB. Therein lies the other problem … it was not ESA being cancelled but is IB being cancelled by the ESA.

So I am at a loss to understand how you have it on your file that it is a PIP appeal which has not been cancelled yet.

In the second point he date you state of July of 2016 is linked to my IB claim and not an ESA claim and neither PIP but that which was cancelled by the ESA.

This is also confusing as you should have received the pack from the ESA containing my file and the correspondence therein should be explained.

As for what I want you to do … I am not sure of the procedures in an event like this whereby there are two or even three things going on at the same time.

Of course I want to appeal the ESA decisions to cancel my IB, or refuse me ESA, as IB is intended to be phased out anyway.

As the cancellation of my PIP, which they told me they would not touch only a month before asking me for a assessment and so lied, is more or less the same thing as the cancellation of my IB, refusal of ESA it seems senseless and a waste of the taxpayers money to have two separate and consecutive appeals.

I have also wondered whether this confusion has something to do with me?

My condition of Fibromyalgia, as I would have stated, has short term memory issues that plague me every single day anywhere up to a dozen times.

I blog about corruption and have done for four years. I always knew that eventually others that have collected evidence that is incontrovertible would … gravitate to me. Last month I had one and this month I have had a second.

The second one read about what was happening with me currently and he pointed out a number of laws.

One of my problems is that I annoyingly have trouble focusing and relaxing enough to do something as simple as reading.

Currently and to help me through the anxiety attacks I have been experiencing over this and the court date, which have surprised me as I have done this previously without issue, I am learning about quantum mechanics and quantum computing. To do this I have to watch documentaries on YouTube due to the fact I cannot focus enough to read.

So yes I do want to appeal the ESA decision.

I now enclose bank statements showing that payments for PIP have not been cancelled.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

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