Sunday, 4 June 2017


OK, now we are getting somewhere.

Now I was going to post this a couple of days ago but as I was getting closer to the 2nd June date I started to become .. apprehensive.

I have also found myself being somewhat .. superstitious about an imminent event that is also inevitable.

I have also lost track of time on something which had a weekly .. let us say 'event' to it which stopped abruptly a month ago ... or so. Yeeeah short term memory loss, you see? Lol.

Anyway I have put in an application that was available to me which is a loan. Only not only is it likely that I will not need it, it now turns out there is an unexpected .. twist to applying for this loan and .. well, in all honesty this is something that could have come up during thee five remaining meetings I expected to take place but never did.

In fact I have now sent off three emails and have yet to get a response. Huh, that is weird. It is like they suddenly become terrified of me or something? Lol.

Anyhoo it also turns out that you have to be registered to make loan applications of above £2,500  and you have to wait two working days for them to get back to you before you continue. Two and a half grand is a laughable amount to start a business - a professional camera body costs more then this. Bloody good luck if you need to buy a car or van for your business!

Still it was a process, experience and above all else, learning experience too. Well the pan was for it to be a learning experience but I .. cannot really think of anything I actually learned. I did get to realise there were things I needed to think about but I could have gotten all that from a pamphlet, in all honesty.

I am expecting pressure the day after they are due to email me back and that will be interesting to say the least as it is also a day after the 'earliest date'.

You see I have managed to get an answer from a certain solicitor and I still did not get one of the numbers I asked for and only a rough one for the second. That second figure is actually a date and I am told that this will be between the 7th June and the 14th June. This turns out to be for both confirmation and .. receipt, though in theory it could take a couple of extra days for receiving things by post?

Then there is a brief wait of about a week. No more and no less and things would have been confirmed by then .. it is just one of those unavoidable waits upon others you cannot get around. Though I did ready a while back this was going to change. But not until 2018, I think it was? Hmm the year 2020 is popping into my head now?

In preparation for said event I have been working on things harder than I ever have, like my house for one! Also and added to this I have been .. well, panic buying things and just two days ago, so the 2nd June for the record, I took receipt of a parcel at my door which were a pair of Orthotic shoes and the fourth pair I have bought in as many months. Three pairs were not cheap.

If you are familiar with Salomon shoes then you know what I mean when I say they are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But each pair has been doing the job I purchased them for so I am not really bothered by this and am relieved to say the least that I have shoes I can turn to! Most of the time!

My second pair turned out to be a mistake as they were Gore-tex shoes and so when it turned warm my feet got hot. Looking at the shoes I then realised they were Gore-tex and thought 'you idiot!!'

I spent ages looking for another pair for summer and ended up with these Adidas trainers but with a different Ortholite sole I had not tried before and they did not work as well. Well not for standing stationary. They also discoloured and stained pretty quickly and as they are pure white .. do not loo very good now!

So yeah .. unlike the last event I was waiting for at the end of 2015, that then did not occur as someone vanished into the dark of the night, this one I am actively preparing for.

I have a few days to go of light preparation and then when I am contacted again and know exactly what and when .. I will go into overdrive. In more ways than one. Then around a wee or so after this happens and when it is truly .. let us say finished it will then become obvious on here and my YouTube channel.

Meanwhile I am now doing things that I know are for the last time, or second from last time. I have purchased my last box of Yorkshire Tea bags and my next pack of tobacco will likely be my last or second from last at best.

It is funny how you use mundane things to count down time in your head? Oh? Maybe that is just me then? Lol.

I am also packing some things into boxes and throwing other things out.

When I have the full details I will be packing a lot more into boxes and throwing a hell of a lot more stuff out.

It is kind of weird because as I already started this process I have to work out what can definitely go and throw it away. Then figure out what is definitely staying and pack that up.

Decisions, decisions!

Still I am entering what will be the last week now. This will be the last week in which nothing happens .. that is if nothing happens in which case iot was actually the previous week to this one that was the last week.

There are a lot of lasts that will be going on for the next week or two and one I can think of at the end of the month!

On and thee business start up is through the New Enterprise Allowance scheme, though like I said I am not sure what they are .. playing at, at the moment. Until I get an answer out of them, that is.

I made a video to help people with heel pain and show them the shoes that seem to cut this pain right down to a more ... discomfort level, at least for me ..

I do briefly mention up and coming changes .. (chomping ..)

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