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Well I'm going to state something I've stated from the very beginning and repeat from time to time.

The need to repeat things is annoying but necessary. Because there are new visitors all the time that are not aware of certain things.

Sure they could go back into my archive but .. will not everyone does this and .. well the archive is now huge.

I think it's over 3,000 posts now without actually looking?

Now before I started this blog I already possessed a mountain of evidence. Probably around 50GB?
I also started the blog later than I wanted to, by a couple of years, because of something very sensitive I was involved in that was looked to a major public event approaching at the time.

Once again something that the details of which along with the proof can be found in the archives. 

There is also a search function .. but then you would need to know who it involved.

MI5 for one.

I sent a shed load of documents and evidence to the national tabloids, almost all of not all, and TV News Networks. I didn't get replies but then I never expected to. Because way back then I was already convinced that the news groups were picking, choosing as well as completely avoiding news stories.

But what was important was what I told them after I pointed out that their was large scale corruption going on. Mainly in the public services. I said ..

"Don't think for one second that you have to go after the names I have you. As it's been in 100% of the paces I have looked you only need check out the nearest hospital, GP Surgery or council .."

After awhile those that knew me that thought I was mad stated to hear one report after another in the news mirroring what I had been claiming.

This got to the point when people would just say "Another of your stories is in the news!"

My point was that if I had looked at and investigated dozens of public services, full of people with self-entitlement along with delusions of grandeur issues, and find each one to be corrupt .. then it was everywhere.

My investigations were not limited to London and included the North West. Added to this many other public services are not based in London but scattered all over the country.

Ergo it was everywhere.

Now I point you to the link of the BBC News story below were no less than 15 councils have this fire hazardous cladding installed on tower blocks.

Two things to note ..

Firstly I don't know if they have finished checking yet, I saw what was presented to be a Reuters news report on YouTube that said that hundreds of tower blocks had this same cladding?

Secondly .. why are they narrowing the checks down to tower blocks alone?

What there isn't anything outside of a tower block where this cladding has been fitted and endangering the lives of residents? I doubt that very much.

The total number of blocks is 27, as I said thus far, across these 15 councils. You will have to realise that not all councils, or at least I am assuming here, will even have tower blocks within their borough. So I would be interested to see the total number of councils that actually have tower blocks and how many of those used the cladding?

This is a Hornet's nest. Whether this turns out to be the Hornet's nest I've been expecting remains to be seen?

To be honest I thought that this catalyst would more than likely come from the NHS? I thought that once it was realised that there were absolutely scores of Doctors and Specialists that were not only willing but actually are lying to patients and falsifying tests that it would .. explode. Then the mere realisation that Doctors could do this would open the floodgates.

In other words the public would suspect every one and every thing.

But then maybe this won't be the catalyst and my prediction will still play out as I figured.

Because it has to.

The more your up to no good then the more you have to do it, the longer you are it it for and therefore the more likely it is you are going to get caught.

And you can bet the odds are way better fit getting caught than they are for winning the lottery.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Cladding fire tests failed by 27 high-rise blocks -


Huh? Not long after I first posted this an unusual story was added to a friends well on Facebook ..

As it turns out two people have quite the Shelter charity, another one that did nothing for me, and there seems to be some very odd things in the report by The Guardian ..

Myers is a former chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council, which owns Grenfell Tower, while trustee Tony Rice is chairman of Xerxes Equity, the sole shareholder in Omnis Exteriors – the company that sold the cladding used in the tower. - The Guardian
Wow that is .. concerning!

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