Wednesday, 14 June 2017


I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had with people regarding housing associations or their housing management company and how bad they are at doing anything.

As I have watched and heard the horrific events of the Genfall Tower in Kensington these discussions have come back to haunt me.

I couldn't even read the reports for 24 hours or more out was simply that horrific.

Sadly I knew that there would be so many deaths that people would take notice and start asking questions.

I had thought this would happen with the Calum's List debacle but this never made the news. Not TV nor tabloid news.

But I did not expect it to come about in such a devastating event?!

I've been a proponent of the fact that they have been cutting corners everywhere while trying to hide it. From the rest they treat the jobless to the unemployed and those that are ill.

The NHS has sometimes been under scrutiny as have the DWP albeit only briefly for the latter.

Those that have been coming here a long time know that I target every public service and pseudo-government organisations. But they also know that I specifically target three which I've always claimed are linked..

The NHS, the DWP and local councils and together I always refer to them as the evil trinity.

Tonight I was prompted to type this post out because I heard that there had been concern after concern by tenants and even including a while group about fire hazards involving Grenfall Tower?!

I'm sorry but this is just these public services all over and out has gotten worse and worse over the years. Now scores of people have died in the most horrific way.

They reported on NHS scandals but nowhere near enough or deep enough. They have reported on the DWP but too little and too late. As far as councils are concerned? All I can ever recall is heads of councils appearing in interviews talking about how caring they are too the public and their communities. Nothing really in the way of scandals. Not that I recall.

This is the price you pay for not doing that you are tasked to do and allowing those in power and money rule the day and not following up when someone points out to you that there is corruption everywhere.

Oh sure, I'm sure all the news channels and all the national tabloids will talk about how horrific it was? I'm sure they will speak about the horrors for the tenants involved.

Except I told each and every one of them and have them proof that this sort of corruption will only lead to very bad things.

To be honest I thought it would result in a series of riots at some point.
I never expected anything on this kind of scale?!

How many people were working on this building? How many skilled workers/builders? I also have to ask how many in the management company along with the council?!

How many people in total failed to realise at any point that a fire would spread as far and as quickly as it did?!

They're talking about other tower blocks? Oh .. of it only tower blocks that can catch fire and kill the tenants or if it thru are only thinking about large numbers of deaths now and smaller blocks don't have enough people to worry about?!
Something's gone dreadfully wrong, they claim. I say yeah, starting with the news groups ignoring things. Also and even now, saying the ring things. Like only mentioning checking tower blocks as I've already explained.

They say there are twelve confirmed dead but I dead to think of what the final number will be. At least some survived and it was one tenant being interviewed that stated they had raised concerns about fire over and over again with the management company. Very likely the council too?!

This could really end up being a giant can of worms in time?

Maybe if the news had concentrated more on news and less on gossip concerning celebrities or asking politicians the same fucking questions over and over again they are not going to answer in a million years, this might have been prevented?

Yeah .. some tabloid stated the horrific event could have been avoided. Yes it could and the first thing I'd say is give actual genuine UK news some seriously deserving prime time.

But then it's better for you that you have something so horrific to report on?
Jesus .. the thought that the potential controllers of the news media could have said ignoring things could give them such sensationalist stories, sends a shiver down my spine.

I wonder how many lives have been lost because the news media have ignored things?

When I contacted the tabloids and TV news groups I simply said "Don't bother checking my targets, just look to the end of your street. I have discovered corruption absolutely everywhere I have looked so it will be everywhere you will look".

They simply didn't look. Or maybe they have but have never contacted me or even acknowledged me in whatever they found.

I guess it's not just politicians and public servants that steal, con and think of themselves while pointing fingers at others, eh?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: London fire: Twelve dead in Grenfell Tower blaze -

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