Thursday, 1 June 2017


Hmm .. must remember to make sure I hit save and but draft when I finish this post.

I thought I did that last night but Google's crapfest Blogger app started to publish the post and then, the reason why I only use it to save and but publish, it froze during punishing?!

Hmm .. again .. so then in wondering if something weird is going on?

Theresa May has gone from sounding and looking super confident to looking and sounding a little .. flustered.

I started to wonder if something had changed?

There was some talk about some poll but I didn't read it, never really liked polls, other than a bit of entertainment, and forgot about it.

Then I get sent a news story from Flipboard that states a YouGov, I think it was, poll predicts the Conservatives will lose their majority?!

Nahhh .. really?!

This goes against everything I predicted and quite obviously everything Theresa May predicted. 

Christ, I even listened to Scots on news reports stating they would vote Conservative for the first time ever as they didn't see Jeremy Corbyn as enough of a threat. They stated they wanted to keep the SNP out. That was another surprise.

It would appear that the 8th June could be a very key date in more ways than one?!

I'm supposed to have this .. stuff happen. When it does, if it does, this leads into a whole long list of things happening and most of them 'firsts' too. This should either happen by Wednesday 7th or at least be informed of when by this date. At the latest. Allowing for 72 hours at the very outside of only sent by post.

The day after is election day.

Election day may well be the day I'm also attacked by one public service for taking too long when it is another public service that's taking too long. Go figure.

So yeah, could be a key date in more ways than one.

Is Theresa May flustered? She certainly sounds like it and I've caught glimpses of her looking a little worried too.

Is it possible that she could end up being the Gordon Brown of the Conservative Party?!

I used to like Gordon Brown to a degree. I say that because I already knew that Tony Blair was, or had become, a Tory in all but name. I had realised there was a term plan to go after the disabled people within the UK. I also went off him when I heard about him being a control freak and bellowing at people.

Famously now he lost the chance to actually get voted in by the people.

Here we have a situation where the Conservatives have assumed they can get away with treating the most vulnerable like shit.

Now I had assumed that not enough cared about this with a combination of not enough people knowing about this to threaten Theresa May and the Conservatives. They failed to realise that the one and only thing they have going for them is Brexit. Failed.

I say 'failed' because they seemed to hang everything on the ideas that there were enough amoral people along with naive people, factoring on those unaware, to scupper their plans. At least that's how it all appeared to me.

These figures might now turn out to be a little .. off?

This latest poll certainly appears to suggest that the figures might be a little off?

So what could it be that I've missed?

Well there is one possibility. One guy I know started up a webpage somewhere tearing down Theresa May and the Conservative Party in general. They highlighted as much as they could about them. Now realistically and alone? No chance.

However, what I stopped and did not think about was how many people had their lives ripped apart that did the same thing?!

What's certain using numbers is that each year the number of people that have had their lives ripped to pieces, either constantly or briefly, has gone up and up with each passing year. I even predicted this myself. In fact this is why I'll feel like a right lemon, as opposed to a left one, if Labour won the election.

In my defense .. well you need to be pretty exact, far more so than poll, to know why outcome. I know my own numbers and wide enough to know that they are not big enough yet. But I simply have no way of knowing how many others there are out there like me. You can't include the tinfoil hat brigades out there in this. They have to be the level headed and factual people posting stuff and of course their own numbers are just as important.

I don't know the things, wouldn't know how to go about getting them out every if anyone can.
Until, that is, a poll gets released where it might suggest the numbers are big enough.

Of course there is one problem if this is the case, well for Theresa May and the Conservative Party. That is that of enough people have found out to make a difference .. well, you have another week of ever more people finding out.

I'm still of the belief that Theresa May will win this time around. But most certainly not the next time around.

It will be interesting to see if I get that first part wrong.

May could lose majority in June 8 election - YouGov projection

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