Thursday, 29 June 2017


Well it seems that the EU is now going to take three countries to court over refusing immigrants.

These are ..

  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic

But along with these three countries there are two others that are not happy ..

  • Romania
  • Slovakia

So it would seem that fit the next couple of years something very interesting will occur.

Now I believe what will happen is that the EU will repeatedly act like a tyrant towards other member countries and with the United Kingdom in two years of exit talks that will make six countries altogether.

Now I don't know about four of these five countries but I have seen several videos on YouTube by Polish people about how unhappy they are. It includes clips from several protest marches regarding the immigrants.

What I found amusing was that they were basically saying 'Jesus is our King, if you don't like it bugger off'. Though I seem to recall the language being more colourful.

I'm afraid this was bound to happen and it will get worse. That countries that are still very religious and Christian were bound to get offended with the attitudes of Muslims. I have find that a large majority are not very respectful towards other religions. Quite the opposite in fact and that's just the ones brave enough to state there disrespect.

In fact I'm willing to bet that those that keep their attitudes and disrespect hidden would be double or even up to quadruple those that do.

That's .. not a good ratio.

What happens is on time this becomes evident to the native people.

They also probably see videos on the Internet of what is really going on in other countries.

I said 'the Internet' because you can't rely on the major news networks for real world news.

Quite how they think ignoring the to major problems actually helps I have no idea. In fact it's quite the opposite .. it speeds up the descent into chaos.

Went to know what really has me doing a shaking of my head and then a hard facepalm?

When I see pictures after each and every event of some fucking idiot holding up a banner strong something like 'Terror will always lose, Love will always win'.

If I had relatives die and I saw someone holding up something like that I would likely punch then in the face, or at least tell them what morons they are.

Also they obviously do not even watch the mainstream news media let alone check news reports on the Internet. I mean actually looking at the ones you don't want to watch or listen to.

Love is not winning, it's losing and the rate at which it's losing is speeding up.

Something in these people's heads tells them that if they keep being nice and holding up stupid signs about love they will get through to the people?

It's a fact that they won't.

I could explain why but cutting it short everyone in the west would have to stop doing all the things they find offensive.

Some of these things I would probably agree with but there are many that I won't and can tell you will never stop.

And these will never be accepted by the immigrants and they are even worse than the group known as the Feminazis at finding things offensive.

Like music for one.

Funny that the Feminazis apologise for the actions of Muslims because women being strong, independent and, God forbid they ever divorce. Death sentence by stoning. That is not getting fucking high you morons, it's being got with rocks until your dead.

Five countries. Five bloody countries are liable to be taken to court in a way that's going to garner a lot of attention from the world's media, including the UK.

Or they will give in and end up with their countries falling apart with too many immigrants.

Now me? I'd tell the EU to fuck off and ram a train where the sun doesn't shine.

Again .. if I was one forced to take these people and my country or its people then I'd take the EU to court.
You simply cannot dictate to a countries entire population of native people.

These very same native people who have probably watched the native people of other countries both lose their rights and get silenced through guilt.

Yeah so it was natural that some countries would reject this as their possible future.

What the fuck did the EU think was going to happen?

What also amazes me with the EU is how they didn't stop to think that the people of each country would be different?

So if your European you all have to think and feel the same but when it comes to different races and cultures .. it's OK for them to have very different attitudes and we have to accept our and live with it?
Yeah .. first it might be a good idea to learn how to live with ourselves and each other. By that I mean all Caucasian countries. Lol.

It's oppression of its own people to the point it allows what are in essence enemies, to walk all over us and eventually take over us. That's not me saying they will take over us, it's them and they say it repeatedly.

There is simply no avoiding that on the course that we are on. Absolutely no avoiding it. At all.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: EU targets Poland, Hungary and Czechs for not taking refugees -

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