Saturday, 6 June 2015


To date and as far as I am aware my own court case, directly involved but through someone else, has been heard for three years and has been twenty years in the making and been heard at a Magistrates Court, Family Court, Crown Court and now a High Court with heavy involvement from the Supreme Court of England and Wales, or the United Kingdom and not sure which name is correct.

A little before this started I started this blog. I piled on a hell of a lot of evidence in the form of recorded audio (meetings, appointments, phone conversations), photos, screen-shots, emails, documents and reports. Not all of it not by a long shot and there is over 100GB of data on my own estimations.

The one thing I stated early on is that there is corruption, cheating and lies everywhere I had looked before and I had predicted that this would follow as I carried in becoming embroiled in different things.

Though I did not know how bad and nor did I know just how much more I would get and from where!

I also stated early on that the one industry that I have no evidence or indeed any awareness of corruption therein are the courts and their judges.

So you can imagine I am rather keen for our case to be over and see what occurs.

I know what I know should take place.

The entire legal firm know what should take place.

Six weeks ago we kept being told it is at an end and from then on in it kept being extended by a week, then another week, then two weeks and the latest is two months. Though it is entirely possible that the last two month prediction might have just been an estimation at the very longest it would take?

Anyway, I saw this BBC News report about two people who took the DWP to court because their PIP application took 8 months.

My first thought was "Bah! Mine took 14 months and was illegally and immorally stopped 5 years ago!"

But then I read on and something very, very bizarre and quite literally this judge made a statement that could have only come from bizarro world?

She ruled that the application taking 8 months was unlawful but that the two disabled people's human rights were not breached?!


Did anyone do a blood test on her leaving court to see if she was high?!

So what has just happened is that this judge has given the DWP and the government carte-blanche to not pay disabled people anything at all!

Think about it...they can get away with saving money and just how they did with me. Five years of missing DLA and they then award PIP, effectively admitting they were WRONG to cancel it anyway and only helped by the NHS lying about tests and diagnosis anyway.

Now you can expect things with the DWP and its PIP department to now get a whole lot worse for people because the DWP will think 'Oh well, all anyone can do is take us to court but we will not be forced to pay anything even if we are beaten! WOOHOO!'

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