Monday, 15 June 2015


Let us forget for the moment, as I just had a call, that I am having some serious issues with Virgin Media like you would not believe.

Let us forget that I signed up to a service that is £28.99 a month and have had two bills of £88.93 and then £122 in the first two months.

Let us forget that they have actually already broken the contract as I was getting 34mb/s during the two weel cancellation period and this dropped to 6mb/s immediately afterwards and that they then lied by stating that 6mb/s is the normal speed for my area. Oh? Then how did I manage to get 34mb/s of my 50mb/s service? I then woke this morning to find my broadband had been restricted. So I cannot go on into my account because they tell me my password is wrong when it was right. That clicking on forget password they then tell me there is no account under my email but when I create a new account they then tell me that there is is an account with my email and I cannot access my digital banking to move money into accounts to pay them?!

No I phone up this morning to be told that the £122 bill was wrong and it is £32 odd so I pay that. I then get a letter in the door to tell me that I am being charged £10 for the late payment, can you believe this? Two fucking months!! I also get told that another bill is now almost due that is £65?!

To add insult to injury I was just called by them by their collection department about the outstanding bill of £32 which the lady states immediately that she can see that I have paid it?!

So why did you fucking ring me then?! Jesus H. Christ!

I then bring up these humungous bills for what is broadband only and the lack and sudden drop in speeds and that I have already mention this several times and not got an answer outside of bullshit and she says I cannot help you with that, you need to speak to another department?!

No let us forgot all of that.

This is about a so called help/emergency service for children in trouble found at the website ...

Do NOT effing use it!

Instead see a video of my use of it, I did not sign up for it, and how they have harassed me and sent me threatening recorded messages about paying them and even called me last Saturday to tell me my daughter wanted to get in touch with me, accept the reverse charges at £1.50 a minute and when I spoke to my daughter she had not used the service for well over a week!!

Also note that I have complained to the company, right here in Finchley in London, already and received bullshit in the response, as is standard for all companies these days because the consecutive governments have given them carte-blanch on ripping people off with no possible comebacks, punishments, laws or fines and.

No this is about the fact that they rang me around 30 times in a couple of hours witnessed by four other family members that could not believe it and that even when I rejected the calls they immediately rang me back?!

Oh and I have now contacted Ofcome about this service for the second time and have not even had a response, suprise, surprise, to my first complaint from weeks ago! Sure I posted about it in here at the time or several days after I complained.

Heaven only knows why idiots wish to come and live in the UK?!

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