Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Yep. Having a tough week.

What with the back pain persisting now persisting in months and the nausea persisting in what will be weeks other pains in the arse are not welcome.

Not being able to buy drugs I think would help is not helping matters.

Plus theories I am never short on. Just because I don't state them dies not mean they have not crossed my mind.

There have been some signs of ... things. Outside ... parties are something that have been through my mind before they even occur. So yes I've been thinking of those theories.

Some things are only a matter of time.

Due to the troubles I have had along with the intended ... result of any meddling I can promise you this.

I will figure out who you are.

I will find out where you are.

Then I will find you.

Then I will kick your arse.

Depending on who you are you might want to chat with your maker.

Your also an idiot, or bunch of idiots if you think there are not other options I can take.
Just like the theories reach one always had options.

Sleep tight.


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