Saturday, 7 November 2015


Hmm thousands in Anonymous Masks?

Funny ... I could do with their snooping type help about now!

If I was really fortunate then they would have been following my blogs for the past couple of years, spotted several things with one happening right now and snoop about a bit.

If ... I was really fortunate.

As far as protests go I have seen many I've wanted to be involved in but at the same time spent years asking myself what the point is?

The funny thing is a very large majority achieve nothing at all, imagine ... all that organising, all those people and all that effort? Nothing!

Secondly they barely get any coverage in the news media who seen to avoid things they should be covering but reporting when a Royal farts against the wind, every fucking tediously boring reality show there is and 80% of the time the wrong weather!

Plus you have to pay for that privilege of shite TV because they pander to mindless idiots.

I've not had a single person mention this march to me, which is progressively disappointing.
But then my disappointment started when marches were needed in the first place ... think about it ...
Voices against immoral and inhuman actions were not heard so prior banded together. From half a dozen to hundreds over time before thousand, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.

Now I will tell you why they are starting to ignore protests and not reporting on them.

Because someone realised that sooner or later the numbers will show the entire country will stand up and want the same thing. Once these numbers are being ignored it shows the politicians yo fit what they are and pisses over democracy in one of the oldest establishments for it. Save ancient Rome that is.

So peaceful protests have proved to be pointless due to them being ineffective and performed because other idiots vote for liars or such their heads in the sand?

Yup, a time bomb that is waiting to go off .. but rest assured, will go off because that if the nature of the beast.

Until the beast is finally dead that is.

Million Mask March: Three police officers treated in hospital -

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