Friday, 6 November 2015


Well what a day that turned out to be!

I am shattered and have been for an hour or more and am typing this out while my pasta water gets to boiling point wondering how I dragged my sorry arse back home from all that?!

My walking stick helped the last quarter mile.

I just did not think while I was out, but then there was a great deal to think about while I was out!

I planned to leave the house today. The plan was in no particular order to visit both my GP Surgery and the Urgent Care Centre. Over my nausea and possible/probable stomach infection, considerable back pain that is affecting much of what I do and to be referred over my blood pressure.

By the time I had placed one single foot on the outside step of my front door one more potentially serious issue was added to that list!

  • I take a lot of pills, normally just prior to leaving the house.
  • I take Gabapentin for my Fibromyalgia at 500mg daily. (2700mg is the maximum)
  • I take Amitriptyline for my Fibromyalgia (and nothing else) at 25mg daily.
  • I take Tramadol for my back pain at 100mg before leaving the house and 100mg to 150mg more if my back is really unbearable.
  • I take Astrovastatin for high and uncontrollable cholesterol.
  • I take Lansoprazole for my Oesophagitis and Hioatus Hernia at 30mg daily.
  • I take Ramipril for my high blood pressure at 5mg daily.

Except by the time I had placed my first foot on the doorstep to my house I realised I had just taken not one 5mg pill of Ramipril but THREE!


I took two Tramadol and the others and then relaised I had not taken my Ramipril, took one, swallowed mouthful of milk and then thought … 'wait a minute, I just took to pills with a blue colour?! Where is the tray of Tramadol? Shit it is not there, I have just taken 15mg of Rampiril!”


It gets worse as I also get low blood pressure readings as well as high as I have well above Stage 2 Hypertension (readings over 180 and 110 Systolic and Diastolic common even on Ramipril) plus I get Postural Hypotension (readings under 40 over 20).

I have completely passed out momentarily over Postural Hypotension and did so for 30 minutes with this over 20 years ago, still convinced to this day I was convulsing as I came around like a Grand Mal Seizure.

So with now 15mg of Ramipril in my system anything could happen. Plus I do not know toxicity levels either!

I call NHS Direct and they call me back. I am under the toxicity level, barely by the sounds of it, but they want me to get a taxi to hospital and not really sure if I could fall unconscious walking along the road?!


Bugger that. I will just go to the GP Surgery and if I need to I will catch a bus to the hospital.

However I walk in and explain what I have done and I am told to take a seat?! Five minutes later I am in the surgery with the head of the practice for the first time ever.

Nice chap.

I praise my usual Doctor at the practice … he thanks me for that. Turns out he is his son!

I am given a barrage of blood tests to do and two separate stool samples to do, that is a first!

He gives me a prescription for Metoclopramide Hydrochloride for the nausea.

He mentions my odd test results done since there, notes my Vitamin D is low and I need to take more tablets with that in. I also get told my Iron is low, must have missed that memo!

I leave, not having to go to the Urgent Care Centre and make an appointment to see my usual GP next week, about my back and blood pressure referral.

I am not kicked off the surgery as I thought someone watching might have picked up on something I let slip in a previous post?

Well that is good! As I told the GP today, fifth GP Surgery in Enfield and this surgery is the best one and I am thanked for this by him and the ladies on the reception counter.

Well it is .. by a country mile.

However that does not mean everything is coming up roses.

In our chat it turned out he knew a Dr Rooban and Dr Huq. I explained that I was registered there and I knew why she had announced retirement out of the blue with immediate effect...

She had just seen the private X-Ray of my back, the one that was later confirmed twice revealed not one but TWO problems which was later retracted, just read 'LIED', in the test results.

Because all NHS patients are really, really thick and naïve and we will not spot when they are lying and trying to save money, even when they do one hundred and eighty degree about faces on diagnosis and lie about things you can easily read the truth about on the Internet.

Like …

  • Drug Families
  • Drug effects
  • Existence of NHS Departments
  • Existence of drugs completely
  • Existence of drugs at all for particular symptoms
  • Discharging over failure to appear when letters deliberately not sent, something very hard to disprove … well … unless your me?!
  • Forgetting about your requests altogether, was called in for large wart removal a year after the Inguinal Hernia repair people took it out at my request and 18 months to two years after asking the practice to do it
  • Better still after emergency call out of serious overdose that will cause you to become unconscious the GP decides he needs to go home, rings you, while your unconscious, decides you do not need them and it is OK to go home!

No I kid you not and those are just a few things off the top of my head!

Can I hear you thinking?

Did you just think 'Where is your proof?'?

Hmm … if you did you obviously have not been on this blog enough nor have you thought about typing in 'secretly recorded audio' into the search function.

If your in Enfield … lol oooh well then … TRY …

  • Carlton House Surgery
  • Willow House Surgery
  • White Lodge Surgery
  • Dr Rooban's Surgery
  • Barnet Hopital
  • Chase Farm Hospital
  • Royal Free Hospital
  • Guy's Hospital
  • Dr Gubbay
  • Dr Kumar
  • Dr Kirkham

Enough for you? You could try 'Dr Ivbijaro' and Whipps Cross Hospital too. Well I did not always live in Enfield, yah know?! Lol.

Yup tough day. Feel stoned a little but not passed out, thank god!

Hopefully these pills will work and I laid to rest a potentially awkward situation that could have been arising.

Now it is just a string of boring days until the 10th November 2015 … sorry I meant 11th November 2015. A little confusion there … as I thought Fallout 4 was out on the 11th and I am told today it is the 10th. Meaning I have to wait a whole 24 hours before I can get my grubby hands on a copy of it.

Oh and maybe tomorrow I can go back to my seriously strenuous exercising?

Ooh … did I fail to mention that? Yeah well I failed to mention that for the last several months and I though way back then that upper body strength might just be coming in useful before long? Especially as I was meant go go away which now sadly looks like is not happening at all.

Yes the getting it wrong in a rather major way that will be harming to who I am and what I do, also to what I have been claiming. Possibly indefinitely … maybe? Who knows.

So I explained a misunderstanding was exactly that and that if I have gotten things wrong on this extremely major subject then I have gotten things wrong. I state there I no way of knowing either way but I still feel I got things right.

I then had to explain third party influences and goals while using manipulation and lying and that I have been aware from the get go that this could be a serious problem.

Now I had thought that his ceased to be an issue.

I now realise I got that wrong and I reminded people that a previous attempt at manipulation had taken place and that maybe even bribery by the courts themselves might have taken place.

Until some evidence turns up or someone lets slip you cannot possibly know.

You can, however, put the plans you have had lying around for years in the event of something like this happening.

To some surprised people I did state … “Well I have always had other options in place in case something like this happened”.

Though admittedly I am not in the best place right now due to the illnesses and nausea … but I wont be like this forever … errr TOUCH WOOD and I hope!

I had my eye on something I thought I would be buying this week .. a Astell & Kern AK Jr Hi-Res Music Player and perhaps new headphones to match.

I also thought I would be getting a few other things and even suspected the arrival, delivery of a certain TAG Heuer watch I had my eye on for about 5 years.

Maybe a few other things too like the first TV in ages and a new Blu-Ray player?

Well it has been two weeks and none of this things have materialised!

Bah-humbug .. but if I get rid of this damned nausea that will be something. I have been all over the pace for a couple of weeks now.

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