Thursday, 5 November 2015



Plans to get out of the house did not happen, unfortunately and annoyingly.

I simply couldn't get it together this morning or most of the day. The nausea has stubbornly persisted.
The plan was to make an appointment with my GP but this was off putting in one way as I really wanted to deal with this thing causing the nausea. I remembered the Urgent Care Centre, formally the Accident & Emergency, at my local hospital. But then didn't relish the idea of annoyingly being told to then go to the A&E of Barnet Hospital.

Oh the joys of being in the UK. being British and having to deal with the NHS ... and all the other lazy, overpaid public services! Lol.

The weather didn't help either. Not only wet but my other favourite weather effect, wind, was also giving it gusto! Pardon the pun.

I actually put on clothing to go out, come down my stairs and by the time I was at the bottom I'd decided not to go out ... again.

Two days in a row. Not like me at all.

Was desperate for some kind of distraction but nothing much at the moment. Not really for another six days either. Bummer.

I did some Internet surfing, played FarCry 3, as I never got around to finishing it, then decide to research my nausea once again.

As well as the gastroenteritis possibility another old friend popped into the radar of Helicobactor pylori. This one caused me to raise and eyebrow and then chuckle.

I stated 'old friend' but I've never suffered from this infection ... been tested for it at least four times though!

In the past each GP I was with had suspected I was suffering from this infection from symptoms I had. Four times! Each time the tests cage back negative. So often had this happened but the last two Doctors that requested stool samples were then told "Oh your looking for Helicobactor?" where a surprised GP would say "How did you know?" where I would then explain I've had several tests for it in the past and it will come back negative, it always does.
They did.
You would think that being told this and their claims to want to save money and care about patients, as one said in a recent Panorama programme, they wouldn't bother testing? Nope.

Cheap way of time wasting and cheap testing. Probably cheap to deal with too?

After tests were negative what tests do you think followed up those ones?


So yeah, it raised an eyebrow.

Oddly it stated that antibiotics, such as Metronidazole, work on Helicobactor where they do no with Gastroenteritis. I remembered I had a few tablets of this antibiotic knocking around in my tablet drawer.

Yup ... I predict the next couple Doctors will tell me I shouldn't have done that?

I will tell them that if they, the hospitals and the NHS were not such a mess and full of corruption I would not have needed to or felt I had no choice.

I have tried to get out all week, Doctors don't do call outs, Barndoc state they only do it for cancer patients but my friend Ken slowly died of cancer and mainly me and one other friend visited him. No Barndoc or Doctors I saw. There was one clueless African nurse who operated in slow motion, had a limp, hid his five spoons for taking liquid Oxycontin each time she visited and could not pronounce the drugs name either!

Yup. A wet fart in a Tornado stood more of a chance and would have been considerably more enlightening that dealing with the biggest liars in the British public services.

After the first one there did seem to be respite from the nausea. But then there were short moments like this anyway. The second pill seem to have a longer period of respite. Maybe I'm onto something here?

Oddly ... today I've been contacted by an unprecedented number of people. It is a trifle ... weird. No less than three friends have contacted me today and two family members.

Two family members in a day is ... rare ... as is three friends contacting me. For five to occur on one day is ... well, bizarre.

Someone's been talking. Lol.

Oddly enough the one person in the family that contacts me more than anyone else didn't contract me. It's a relief.

So the crappy feeling still persists and the one person I wanted to contact me has not ... again. That's two weeks tomorrow afternoon, over than answering a reprimanding.

It's now also 72 hours too.

Though I have realised that there could be a five working day rule to that last one. So won't be entirely sure until the middle of next week.

Still ... just hoping right now this bloody infection passes and I get out of the house tomorrow, making appointment with GP and visit Urgent Care Centre. The latter just to be sure if the nausea has gone and get another 7 days worth of Metronidazole. Because it will look like the drug is working on whatever it is and you need ten days worth of tablets.

There are possibilities from both visits as the Doctors have tried to call and there of no reason for them to do so. Though I've not been seen for over a month, maybe that's why? Or they have only just seen the blood pressure readings I handed in two weeks ago and panicking? The antibiotics being handed over could cause a ... disagreement? Lol.

Then I'm left with a weekend, then three days before I'm not brassic, skint ... err without money, lol, again and Fallout 4 is released.

Fallout 4, for those that do not know, is a post apocalyptic PC game that should rock my world and, of like the last two, eat up many, many evenings and even whole days?!

Previous games from this company have been unbelievable with their playability along with open worlds oh towns villages, people and even wildlife that looks and acts convincing.

After Fallout 4 there will be another favourite of mine getting a sequel. I imagine many transhumanists will be playing this one due to it's advance prosthetics in a future world that's looks like the Bladerunner movie.

This is Deus Ex Mankind Divided and hopefully Fallout 4 will still not be finished by the time Deus Ex is released?

There are a few others too I'm interested in though since details of some have been disappointing, like Need For Speed being on-line only.

Homefront The Revolution looks like it could be very good.

But right now the bland, penniless, boring and ill stricken limbo persists.

Six bloody days! Roll on the 11th November 2015. Then quickly roll on Deus Ex's release date!

While playing Fallout my own plan to scramble out of the quagmire will be churning through its processes too.

What a difference a week can make and indeed even the difference a day can make can be earth shattering.

The possibility of over of those days still exists ... but now dwindles with each day that passes.

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