Monday, 9 November 2015


Well after thinking I had finally gotten rid of the nausea it has just returned.

In fact it felt almost turbo charged and I just finished, finally, FarCry 3 and I stood up and woah!!

Things literally spun like crazy and I heaved and thought I would throw up, not done this yet but still feel as if I will even sitting here typing!

Damn and blast!

I have had enough of this nausea and it is obvious now it is progressive and I am not prepared to tolerate this any longer!

Even as a child I would avoid absolutely anything that would make my equilibrium go haywire. Spinning around on the spot ro make yourself dizzy? Ooh no, a no-no. Even rides in amusement parks and the like, even the tamer ones ... a definite no-no.

In fact now that I am thinking about it I can remember having conversations about this with several ex-girlfriends about why I am not big on theme parks and those rides that make your head spin in particular.

I often also pointed out that as well as difficulty with those rides I have also never made a good passenger in a car. If I am in a car with someone that darts about, accelerates quickly and brakes late ... my God that is a fate worse than death! Buses and coaches are also hated for the same reasons.

Once it starts it is hard to get rid of while your in a moving vehicle of any kind.

So you can imagine my concern ... no absolute fear that this is coming on so easily the last few years and now does not even need very much at all to bring about.

I thought it might have had something to do with missing my prescription pills, but no. I did take a Metoclopramide this morning but was several hours ago and just took another.

Fingers crossed.

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