Saturday, 7 November 2015


I am reading and hearing stone very peculiar things.

In the wake of a Russian plane crashing and reports that it was bought down by a missile I have been shocked at a few things I have read.

First off there is now a report that states that a British flight back in August had to take evasive action to avoid a missile?

Rather bizarrely the Egyptian authorities state that this was mere military action?!

Umm which of the following is true?

1 The British government lied to the public about this plane being targeted by a missile until now?

2 Commercial aircraft and pilots can now easily avoid SAMs? SAM an acronym for Surface to Air Missile.

3 Commercial airlines kept quiet about this too putting lives of pilots and passengers at risk unknowingly?

If none of that was head scratchily crazy sounding enough then those complaining about flights being cancelled and/or delayed is even more confusing.

Are people so dense, impatient and lazy that they would rather be blown to bits than hang around for a time in an airport?

I wonder what they say when they complain?

Do you know what I would say?


You see the one thing I can do is swim.

The one thing I can't do is fly. Or reassemble my atoms.

If there was no boat do you know what I would say?

Then I'm staying here until an RAF cargo plane arrives!


Laughing aside, and sarcasm towards several authorities and governments, it is somewhat worrying.
Because I live in a world where one side never learns and the other just smiles until it can take advantage. Or get the upper hand.

Because my descendants have to grow up in a world of either two faced, amoral or very stupid and naïve people.

The last few years and the next few years are and will show what a bloody insecure and unsafe world it is.

All because some think it's OK to lie while harping on about how their way if life is right and true and that they are honest.

The majority of both sides are even more annoying because they are mostly consist of cowards.
I see cowards everywhere and can even sense them at times too. Full of shit and hide in the shadows. Talk the big talk but pigeon steps backwards when it's time to walk the walk.

Breaks my heart that it won't change in my lifetime.

I only hope it does in my grandchildren lifetimes? Before screwing up their lives too!

But then I see masses of people, far too many in number make the same mistakes over and over again and then moan and moan about the way things are. Well DUH! I wonder why that might be?!

If I was to meet every single person in the UK over the next year Trout farmers everywhere would smile with glee!


British Sharm el-Sheikh flight in 'missile' incident -

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