Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Some I listen to believe as I do with the volcanic activity of late .. we got a sudden pause and others along with myself wondered if this might be a pause to something.

So after posting about the Google censorship scandal I returned to The Watchers website and got a shock as there were no less then three new stories about volcanoes erupting and one in New Zealand giving off historic levels of sulphar dioxide.

One in Italy turned out not to be Campi Flegrei as I suspected was  its been active, but Stromboli instead but may lead to something. Mount Etna in Sicily has been active of late too. The Mediterranean has its long history of big eruptions and a few islands were said to disappear as a result.

One that had earlier been reported as erupting in Indonesia, Uluwan, had a new report and not sure if it was a second one because it was previously reported to send ash to 55,000 feet and now it was 62,000 feet and that is 19.2km.

This was accompanied by the report of a second eruption in Indonesia with Anak Karaktau.

It is odd really as everyone has been harping on about fake news and social media censorship, which is real and I have been directly involved in all of it, but no one stopped to wonder what it might be for.

Yes on the surface and if you read reports you will here people state its about conservatives .. when its not. Because centrists and centre-left people, I belong to the latter despite agreeing with much of what conservatives say.

So .. what else could it be?

Think about it for a moment .. does it not seem like they are hiding something or trying to stop something from going around? Leftists in key positions might be part of the plan .. they implement the censorship because they are mindless amoral robots that think they have moral superiority but really they are only helping to prevent another truth from going around?

Perhaps something that might not only affect the markets around the globe but expose something that is not only the biggest lie but the longest running lie which was used to con trillions and trillions of dollars out of people?

That sound something that would cause them to do what they did?

I give you CO2 climate change, that its always been bullshit and as I stated .. I expect a big jump in volcanic activity which has been increasing anyway .. the only thing I am expecting now is on off the scale eruption.

Something along the lines of a super-volcano but not necessarily at full force. Though there is no way of knowing or predicting this.

These reports come up fairly often and though I publish them to social media if I did a post for each one on my blogs I would have to write between three and five per week.

However the fact that four reports regarding volcanoes appeared in the space of an hour I thought this was significant enough that I would post something about it and to show the earlier points I made in previous posts about an increase in eruptions.

As I stated I now see these things are all linked. something we did not realise before and many should have done .. and play a part in our cooling periods and of course how deep ad bad these cooling periods are.

We have gone way down close to that I knew as a kid in the UK and from what i have seen in other countries the worst on record. I also know this will get worse as far as cooling gets.

The storms are harder to judge but I expect a number of crazy events for at least two to three years at a wild guess.

Or at least that is what the public currently are told.

Ulawun in Indonesia ..

Anak Krakatau in Indonesia ..

Stromboli in Italy ..

Sulphur Dioxide at White Island in New Zealand ..

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