Wednesday, 26 June 2019


Been over a year of people telling me to keep going, it will all change soon, I or we will help you out and I am still in my prison of hell.

A prison that a few people are to blame for as well as my country, the public services and the big names in social media.

Turned out I was in trouble for years, suspected it but did not know why. At first and I posted about it I thought this had something to do with my government and/or the public services.

In recent times this turned out to be from telling the truth .. or certain truths and I now know that the following, despite the absolute facts, did not help me and brought stealth like freezes to income and a suppression of numbers so that I might not pick up on it.

Except I did. Pretty early on too and about three years ago.

But I was not deterred .. I did not waiver .. and I was never going to stop unless death was the thing that stopped me.

Lost tens of thousands of pounds, a business, a home and being able to help my daughter who was a grooming gang victim who has been persecuted for years and had cervical cancer she has to have checked for the next few years.

She wants me to be there and so do I .. and I am unable to be there .. thanks to a bunch of evil people that seem to act against us because they are morally superior. No .. they do this for power or for covering their own arses because they know that they did wrong.

So it also turned out over time that there were other things they did not like you talking abot and this included politics and science .. oops .. three of the main things among many I talked about and they are ..

  • Donald Trump before he even became President
  • Climate Change not being man-made CO2 and said this for over two decades
  • Muslim Grooming Gangs because my daughter was a victim and I did not want others to go through that which we did
  • Talking abut Serco probably did me no favours either

Would you believe that telling the truth about those things are considered not being politically correct and despite being victims, disabled, special needs children, high amount of knowledge and experience and stories after stories to tell .. it is a no-no.

Many joked about George Orwell's '1984' and how we were heading for it but I already had one foot in the door. Believe me when I state that in the last 5 years I have had, as has my daughter, a long series of such bizarre things done to us and approached by such bizarre and suspicious people both online and off I would forgive anyone for thinking us mad. Except we have .. well witnesses .. and of course recordings.

The Donald Trump subject led to Nazi like behaviour from the left, who bizarrely do not understand what the word means and went around calling Jewish people Nazis and I mean .. well .. just how fucked up is that?

The climate change subject I already knew the answer to and then I stumbled across the poles shifting, magnetosphere, solar cycles, ice ages, weakening which lead me back to other subjects that interest me like seismology, volcanology, core mechanics and meteorology. Suddenly I made a link between many things.

Believe me I still cannot believe the data I looked at .. realised we were going to cool, made official now with the last post 'The Paper That Changed Everything' and still trying to work out some details and predictions.

The third one .. well I have covered that but believe me the post 'Country of the Damned' barely covers 5% of what has gone on and those that read it come back to me and simply cannot believe it.

So now it goes something like this ..

  • You have a load of evil acts committed against you
  • You get no help or sympathy from absolutely anyone in government and public services and they treat you like you was the perpetrator
  • You try to tell your story in the hope of helping others
  • Tech Giants come along and tell you you can make a living ..
  • As no one else is helping you expand your subjects and work through pain year after year
  • You get approval from the government
  • Then all of a sudden everything changes .. your numbers are screwed with ..
  • Your blogs and YT channels are suppressed
  • Money freezes yet the Ads remain
  • You end up going onto social media to work against their evil acts against you ..

Now here is where it gets sinister and suspicious ..

  • Use Twitter and I grow very quickly with followers and many that have had accounts years consider to me to have a big account despite getting my 2,500 followers in just a few months
  • After being hammered .. I use other sites as I have little choice .
  • I end up with four main social media accounts, not including Facebook as its shit
  • I then rebuild what they destroyed and currently have .. hmm let me check ..
  • 9,086 .. since January this year, now June 26th.. not including Facebook I stopped bothering with
  • So how can my 12 blogs have little more than 300 followers?
  • More to the point .. and my daughter keeps asking and she thinks it will help me out of my hell and back to her ..
  • How is it the revenue has still not moved despite the views going up ..
  • But not as high as you would think!

Here is another one .. how is it that I was getting 35,000 people a day read my posts when I had 2,500 followers and yet now I do not get above 8,000 people with 3,344 followers?

Now think about it .. I am viewed as both honest and professional and I help others and my subjects include the above along with astrophysics, seismology, volcanology, meteorology, reptiles, amphibians, fish, did include orchids and British Wildlife, Bird Watching, computers and gaming. There are many others besides.

Many are shocked at my broad spectrum of knowledge and considering all of that and that there are those that have made money out of just one or two subjects and that I have predicted things and linked things like no one else before me .. how can I not be making a fortune?

Oddly I get asked that one a lot more than you might think.

Funny story knowing I do not lie when I first told friends I was being watched and messed with they literally said I was mad.

A month ago one of those people got talking to a guy in a hospital waiting room who made money from YouTube. First he was blown away at how much money he made each month .. and his friends did too and in the many thousands. Then he told the guy 'Oh I have a mate that does this and a blog too and he has stated for a few years this crazy idea that he is being watched and censored'.

The guy asked him what I spoke about and he then turned around and said .. 'No you mate is right and they have done this to me and my friends' before he explained his earnings went down by a few thousand as had his friends.

“I am so sorry, now I know what you are trying to do” is what my friend told me on the phone after speaking to this person a month or so ago.

I reside at an undisclosed location and no one has picked up on social media what that means. I am not registered and think of the things I cannot have nor cannot get while not being registered?

So I have waited and worked my backside of while in many different types of pains and difficulties and was even .. well asleep I believe earleir today after having some real difficulties and pain.

I have waited and waited and waited and worked and worked and worked and while doing all that I have been attacked from all sides .. leftists .. social media giants and my own public services and if not for my daughter I probably would not be here.

So with the grooming gangs nothing came of it despite several people showing interest in getting a hold of my recordings, mos of which are NOT online.

There are recording to the public services too. Maybe that is what puts them off as Serco seem to run or own everything in the UK with massive conflicts of interests left, right and centre.

So nothing worked out for me or my daughter in what many said was the worst story they ever heard of short of any under-age girls being murdered.

Then there was the last couple of days ..

First the climate change subject had me being proved right and vindicated with record breaking winters and NASA, NOAA and Valentina Zharkova via Nature explaining the world was not warming after all but about to go through a huge cooling period.

Then today I see a video, after seeing Project Veritas' video exposing Google admitting that they manipulate because they are right and everyone that is conservative is wrong.

Then I saw others like the Amazing Lucas, I know find out is suspended from Twitter, Tim Pool, who is centre-left and expecting to lose even his channel on YouTube, and The Quartering covering it.

Despite sometimes being late and sometimes very late while other times very early my predictions have always panned out.

Even those that many said were conspiracy theories have panned out while others are now unravelling before their eyes, like climate and global cooling.

Now the rest of them are going to be hearing about Google, Twitter, Facebook and the bias and cold hearted evil behind the leftist run Nazis now infecting the tech giants?

Well unless its all part of some big plan so we do not find out what is really going to happen with the climate and everyone informs each other. That would ultimately mean they were protecting the money, the markets and the banks.

Well .. its what they would do. Have some big plan in place to keep us in the dark because they did not prepare for things in the first instance.

So the videos that changed everything .. 

Ted Cruz v Idiot from Google ..

Crenshaw v Google

The Quartering about the Fake News No-Shows ..

The Amazing Lucas on what many of us already knew ..


Now Russia Today are reporting that Google have tried to take down the video and sorry but now action must be taken towards all the tech giants and social media giants .. their evil hand has been felt by billions.

Also as they state in this video they have control over many phones, tablets and even laptops .. very scary indeed ..

Here is Tucker Carlson and is he questioning as I have done why nothing much has happened on this front? Is it what I have feared and the patriotic people are being fooled by a grand plan? I sincerely hope not but its a question more and more are asking ..

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