Monday, 24 June 2019


Well I hardly slept.

So my daughter has now not gone to a second cervical cancer check up and has traveled down to attend a Merseyside Police station though I did tell her not to.

They also want her fingerprints and photo for a motoring offence they have refused to reveal details about .. other than the fact that they told her at the tenth time they pulled her over that she was banned from driving. Though there was no offence and they refused to state what it was she was supposed to have been banned from driving for. This is after many weeks.

That concerned she has gone to an old school to tell a teacher who was warned to back away from her by Eve of the Social Services of Wirral Council, who stated recently she was going to file a complaints with Ofsted. Though I have wondered if Oftsed are also run by Serco?

She intends to give her my number in case she disappears.

I have been thinking of the things I have recently done on social media .. all of which I have done in the last week or two and they are ..

  • Mentioned the names of Eve, Jenny and Chippo of the Social Services of Wirral Council
  • Have posted about the Police persecuting her for many months
  • Have posted that I have recordings of four people at the Social Services of Wirral Council
  • Have recordings of the Independent Reviewing Officer
  • Have posted abut Serco and their links to everything

We both find it more than a little odd that this demand has come about since I posted these things. Is it more than a mere coincidence?

What they do not know, possibly, is that a friend of mine was a social worker for 25 years and he already knows that they traveled into another country to visit my daughter and he said they was bang out of order to do that. You notify the local authorities, which they later did and they themselves stated that there was 'nothing to report'.

My daughter has had over a decade of hell, two in fact, and to think that twenty years ago I told and was ignored by a court when I said that if you leave y daughter where she is and with her evil and selfish mother she will have a life of hell ..

It is turned out to be far worse than my wildest fears!


OK this has definitely something to do with the council and harassment as just like a fake account that was set up a week or two ago they used her maiden name .. clerk to the court has just told her she has never had a court case like this before and that the name on her record is different from the name on her driving licence .. which therefore begs the question ..

How can they insist she was banned from driving .. when they have not even got the same name that is on her licence?!

The only people that have her old name is the social services at Wirral Council and when the school realises this they are going to go insane because they have already stated that they think the Council are getting the Police to persecute her!


Condescending Judge, yeah I have had that. Did not explain themselves, yeah I have had that. Told her she could go to prison, yeah I have had that. Did not explain what the ban was for, yeah I have had that but with disabilities. Gave a fine that sounds like it was for technically driving without insurance, as it would have been void. Did not take into account that she was unaware she was banned and had no notification of that and the Police had previously failed to spot this themselves.

Also absolutely no remarks whatsoever about the fact that there were to completely different names used and the one summoned with is NOT the one on the drivers licence ..

A stitch up intended to scare .. probably both of us from talking on social media .. as two social workers previously did and I have a recording of.

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