Sunday, 14 February 2016


I am somewhat ... well a little worried.

Today for most of the day I've been unable to walk. Not difficulty walking or using my stick to get home but unable to walk. At all.

In fact had I left the house and gotten any distance when this thing occurred I would probably not have gotten home, unless near a bus stop wherever I ended up. I still doubt I would have reached home once I departed said bus.

It's been a nightmare just getting up and down my stairs!

What concerns me right now is that I will still be in this state in the morning, or worse still all day tomorrow or a number of days?!

Sharp pains are affecting both my feet but the left is the worse. I've also not had pains like these before, despite the fact I experience six pains across both feet. These now raise that total to eight.
Putting any weight down on my left foot results is sharp pains that seem to shoot across my whole foot, from the sole upwards.

This is weird as other pains are in very specific places like heels (plantar fasciitis), ball of my foot (metatarsalgia) and arches I've never seen nor been given a name for, also shooting pains but from the top down. I get painful clicking too but that's in my ankles and mostly occurs descending stairs (Achilles tendinitis).

I have been wondering, for the past couple of hours or so, who in the world I should call and when?

How long are you unable to walk before you call someone? When you run out of food? Lol!
Wonder if I can sleep with my fingers crossed?!


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