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All my life I have pondered a vast amount of things.

For the most part I have wondered why we do the things we do. Why we strive so hard for answers and solutions often to the detriment of others. The latter I have found the most bewildering of all and i was never quite sure why.

Two of my favourite characters were astronomers. Both are dead. Like them i wait and yearn to discover the secrets of the universe as they are slowly discovered. Just as they did I wonder if I will get the answers before my time is up.

But then I've always wondered why I and others do this. Why?

Our time is finite. But we strive to know or even do things before we die.

Dr Carl Sagan once stated that there cannot exist powers of divination, clairvoyance and the like because there is no physical connection. Yes, when he stated this famous line he was speaking primarily of astrology. But since his death we have discovered that there are connections across vast voids we cannot yet explain as shown in quantum mechanics experiments.

I have always wondered if there was indeed some underlying layer we were yet to discover.

Technically one had been theorised by Albert Einstein long before Dr Carl Sagan stated that mentioned above with his idea of spacetime being warped by gravity, gravitational waves only just now being detected for the first time ever.

So there are indeed connections across vast distances that we still are trying to explain.

In my thoughts as to why we, or I, strive to discover answers before my time is up.

The same applies to progressions both evolutionary, technically and scientifically. With a finite period of time for my existence why would I care what progressions we made? I wouldn't benefit from most of it.

Moving on from motor cars, for example, to vehicles that fly or quantum mechanics discoveries allowing us to build devices to teleport us instead won't happen until after I'm dead.

Maybe we strive for our children and grandchildren? Subconsciously?

Maybe there is something else? Subconsciously?

I recently watched a series of programmes called ‘The Ghost Within My Child’.

Now I was once mystified by different areas of the occult, not satanic before anyone assumes the worst, merely clairvoyance, mediums, tarot, numerology and other similar things. I've also had some very odd things happen to me that I have never been able to explain I went into great detail in during an early period of this blog. There is a search function! 

In these programmes it dived into great detail about something I have had conversations about and had heard about in my distant past. It was the first time I had watched anything that went into detail about this. 

In each episode there were families that had, had children that early in their lives had strange and intense nightmares. Or just spoke about odd things in great detail and in each case upon investigation turned out to be a past life.

It was simply engrossing.

One young girl described dying in a bombing that took place in Oklahoma in the USA, they were all in America.

Another young boy was even stranger. Not only did he describe being a pilot but deceived his aircraft as well as an aircraft carrier he served on. He even knew his name, which was also his name in his new life, James. With the help of technology like the Internet his parents even managed to located the older sister he had in his previous life! His present day father had dismissed constantly any notion or mention of reincarnation. This, despite being shocked at his son’s stories. At one point he had thought he had disproven the stories because he could find no evidence about the aircraft the boy said he had flown, a Corsair. 

Eventually the boys mother contacted her son’s older sister from his previous life and the sister agreed to send details and photographs of her brother.

When these photos arrived the boy’s parents got the shock of their lives when the man he claimed to be was standing in one photo with a Corsair right behind him!

I found the whole idea intriguing.

Maybe their is a reason we strive so hard to progress?

Maybe we know deep down that we will return and even on occasion hope that the lives, country or world we find ourselves in when reincarnated is better than the one we left behind? I know I would!
This possibility also makes it appear odd the way we treat each other. For instance, someone you might be horrid to could walk around the corner, get fatally struck by a bus and come back as your child or grandchild at some point?

I have often thought that if this indeed happen then there is an answer to the question most would ask, why don't we recall everything and feel everything from our post lives? Well we can't. Because we would not be able to cope or come to terms with almost all of the feelings we carried over.

Could you imagine coming back with the strong feelings you had for your previous husband, wife, partner, children, parents or grandchildren? The people you could not live without with new people in their lives? The age difference problem? We simply would not be able to process these emotions.
Maybe this is why they bubble up while we are children? Because it's easier to process and learn to forget all of that emotional baggage?

Of course if this were all true, and the stories and children were extremely convincing, it opens up a whole new list of cans of worms that get ever bigger. Kindred spirits for one. Seeing faces that look familiar you have not met before which has happened to me countless times.

Typing all this reminds me of something an old friend said to me several times before I watched him pass away from kidney cancer.

“You were born out of time, about one to two hundred years too early!” 

He also said he felt sorry for me because I would never find anyone perfect for me because someone like me simply does not exist. He has certainly been proving himself right on that score.

If I was to be reincarnated I certainly would not want to take my experiences, feelings and pain along with me into my next life.

While at the same time it feels somewhat sad when I think I might not be into astronomy, amphibians, fish, reptiles, orchids or computers in my next life. I hate that thought.

I might be someone I don't like ... AGAIN?! LMAO!

If one was a bad person for one reason or another do they take that with them too? Or is it in the genes and you can end up being someone you really don't want to be?

Perish the thought!

Maybe, with any luck, the answers to these things may be discovered within my lifetime?
That would be cool!

Maybe people might treat each other better if it was proved that this does indeed occur?
With any luck other things might occur to make people realise the folly of treating others badly and that it can and often will be self defeating?

Here's hoping.

Makes the mind boggle, does it not?

Maybe I might come back as an Arab and radicalised Muslim that suddenly thinks I'm a member of a master race, or more correctly ‘master religion’ and start thinking that everyone else has to die because I've followed into a long line of brain washing?!

Now there is a horrible and scary thought!

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