Monday, 15 February 2016


Well that was a ... relief!

The pains seem to be a lot less intense this morning. Though to be fair I can't recall what they were like yesterday morning. Lol.

Yesterday I didn't take my pills, which I annoyingly often forget to do if I don't leave the house. I forget many things daily ... often several times a day and I'm so tuned to take my pills just before leaving the house.

Today I did manage to leave the house. Yesterday the poison occurred while only wearing these mad slippers I have. Once my shoes were on things seemed easier. The pain was there and there was an area of intense pain on the south east corner of my right foot, as you look down at them.

I had more of a limp than I usually do and admittedly I didn't do a great deal walking while out. Got on a 217 bus to get to a shop 50 yards from the stop I got off at. Went into the Juice Shop, had a chat with the guys for fifteen minutes after buying something and then left. Got the 217 back home, got off at Sainsburys to get some sugar, oh I mean real sugar not that there is a woman ... anyway, went home.

By this stage the intense pain had eased off somewhat.

What is odd is that each time I come home my calf muscles end up feeling tight and painful, like I've run a marathon. Despite doing bugger all and I keep telling myself that once I'm cycling again, which is great for Fibromyalgia, this will stop?

My calf muscles have been doing that for months now and I've used up a large tub of cooling gel for fatigued muscles I've had lying around.

I felt for many years that my pains, Fibromyalgia is very likely to get progressively worse, will leave me confined to a wheelchair by the time in in my early sixties.

After a few years I started to think this might occur in my mid fifties and before too long thought it could happen by the age of fifty.

I have wondered if this could happen earlier and yesterday was one of a few days were I wondered if it might just occur at any time?

It's not a nice thought.

Thinking your body and mobility is ticking away like a time bomb with a clock that suddenly jumps around all over the place.

I could not live being wheelchair bound. Mostly because like everything else in my life, help and support for certain things seem to evaporate as I approach the times I need them. I've spoken enough times here and other places about how disabled people with serious mobility problems are treated. Only recently I've spoken about them having their cars taken away.

I don't care much for the excuses.

You simply don't treat disabled and vulnerable people the way they have been treated in the UK. There are no possible excuses.

You cannot claim not call yourselves civilised not claim your running not creating a civilised society when you behave as such.

Once again, there are no excuses. Even if any of them were naïve to believe your claims before voting you into power. What has occurred within the UK and globally is not their fault.

I've never voted for any of the main three parties, sorry I'm not as native as most and never have been, so I can state things and kick your arses while questioning how, why and the amount you get paid. I can, will and have lambasted idiot groups also taking taxpayers money that claim that MPs deserve a bloody rise in their salaries!

I've some things I intend to talk about regarding the NHS in the coming weeks.

After a series of visits I've no referral regarding my still high blood pressure, two weeks after quitting smoking I registered 168/111 on my blood pressure monitor. This while taking 10mg of Ramipril.
No, not that. The subject of my back and neck pains I've told Doctors about for far longer than I have my feet. The latter started 14 plus years ago to give you an idea.

I've been promised something I never got, attended a physiotherapist for physiotherapy that wasn't. I've had a back x-ray which was bizarre and rigged to shore nothing that couldn't have reached the physiotherapists by the time I attended.

I had a row, brief believe me, with a receptionist with a holier than thou attitude and sat stunned and speechless while being lectured and patronised.

I asked the Doctor what the results to the x-ray were stating I know what they will be. Well it turned out I didn't!

I spoke previously several times about brittle bones affecting many members of one branch of my family. I also always mention that despite falling from tall buildings, cycling accidents, other accidents and being knocked down while cycling quite badly by a car and have never broken a single bone.

I also don't recall anyone in my family branch ever having a broken bone either. Unlike another branch were each member have had several breaks and limbs in plaster.

So imagine my surprise when the only part of the x-ray that was performed correctly showed osteopenia, possible early osteoporosis or brittle bones, in my neck?!

So now and in early March, 2016, I have to have a DEXA scan, Double Energy X-Ray Absorbtiometry or something.

Me?! Stunningly bizarre!

Trust me when I state I had at least two conversations about the X-Ray being performed wrong, even with a stuttering and mumbling radiologist who stated they only perform weight bearing x-rays when requested.

How convenient!

Once these scans are all done I'll post more details about what took place in each case and what was said by who and where.

And you thought I had not been working on anything lately?! Lol!

I'm always working in things but often these take time, which seems to take longer the further into my grand plan I get.

I know full well why this is.

As I said I'll get to that very soon.

I'm also planning on starting up several things this week, along with getting back to sending of a second wave of letters to certain agencies. The latter is a month later then I planned.

There are also some other explanations to certain plans that are looking overdue. Well these are coming too this week and this one is a Whipple three months late, at a wild guess.

I expected the explanations for this to become obvious to all visitors of this blog via other channels. But as far as I know these other channels have failed to materialise. Though I don't exactly keep my ear to the ground!

Oddly I expected to be moving home about now and moving 100 to 150 miles north to be closer to someone so I could see more of them, then me whenever they wanted and and to help more.

I when acted as well as refrained from acting and even had a shortlist of items I was going to acquire based on all this.

I was absolutely convinced of what happened and what was going to occur and when and I've certainly got some of it very wrong.

Up until now this looked to be wrong in the timing only. It won't be long before it will look as if I've got most of it wrong.

So instead of escaping I'm confined ... indeed trapped in a world of fools that's often beyond unbearable.

The weather had been relentless and extremely unhelpful and limiting to me that has driven me to distraction. As I told someone a few days ago who was also vending about the frustrating weather, I used extremities while looking skywards. As if someone would answer out something would change?! LMAO!

What I wouldn't do for a couple weeks good weather for cycling?

I do also still need tools too and I'm working towards acquiring them in the next couple of months. 

All fourteen months later than planned!

Better late than never? I hope.

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