Monday, 4 January 2016


I have kept something at bay.

Not only have I kept something at bay on here I have also not mentioned it to most people I know outside of the Internet.

I have had the contact I was waiting for and I have had two but the important thing I wanted said or the things I hoped would happen have not taken place.

Of course I know all the possible theories and some are good and others are bad.

This person is very close to me, in fact you could not really get closer and I am the only close person they have. So what has taken place, or more accurately not taken place, is somewhat confusing.

I will tell all and in only a few weeks time too but it was brought up in conversation today regarding something else.

A naysayer repeated what they had stated before and I had to correct them. “Well you have had no contact and no proof of the legal case. There wasn't a legal case!”

I was forced to correct something and this the reason why the subject was kept closed...“Err that is not true and when [someone we both know] said this I told him that as he used to be a social worker I was surprised to have to point something out, [point out an obvious thing to him] and he said “Oh .. of course, yes there had to be a legal case” I just do not know about the money, that part is the part that looks doubtful”

He replied “Oh but there was no money, that was bullshit as they would have paid you the money back and they didn't”

That bit I cannot argue with as it does look really bad. But the truth is I do not know why things have gone the way that they have and why this other person has not done these things.

I had no Christmas greeting and nor did I get a 'Happy New Year!' message either.

What is most annoying is that someone who was more closely and directly involved with this person close to me, from about 8 years earlier warned me of behaviour like this.

Now I went and told him that I did not think I would get this kind of behaviour. I told him I thought he would turn out to be wrong. Annoyingly he has been proved quite correct.

Oh he gave me details of things and stated that the person was a really nice person deep down but told me that due to tribulations in life they would act in a certain way, sometimes seemingly kinda crazy and out there. He told me that I seemed like a nice guy and that from what he had heard and read about my sudden 'gate crashing' of what had gone on with his local council, police and social workers that he worries I will get put through a tough time of it.

The friend today said “but [they] has not contacted you for months and wont contact you” the theory they absolutely insisted upon was based on the fact that I would not be contacted any more. I then said “No [they] have contacted me” before they replied “yeah but not recently!” before I then said “Yes they have contacted me recently, I just decided not to mention it or them any more”

This subject arose because I got a phone-call from someone I know asking me to help them in a legal case almost identical to the one I helped out on. I was explaining what they had asked me on the phone. Of course, when questioned why, I had to point out of the legal case I was previously involved with. A subject I decided was off limits for the last 10 weeks, one that I know I am being laughed at behind my back.

Just because I do not mention a particular subject it does not then mean that nothing has happened and I am surprised at how many people see things this way.

This is another solid reason it is easy to keep secrets from people and leave them completely in the dark. Everyone assumes that because I fail to mention something for weeks then it is as they predicted and its a failure or all bullshit.

Myself? I prefer to not broach upon the subject because I get bloody annoyed at people's naivety and how they get adamant about something or someone they know nothing about.

I get annoyed with other people who for lack of actions they promised to make they make themselves look bloody guilty and play right into the hands of these people who so desperately want to be correct for a long list of reasons by doing … nothing.

This includes promises made and agreements of plans of action being flung right out of the window giving everyone the facts, or rather lack of facts, they need to harp on about how they are correct.

This has made things very, very difficult for me and right over Christmas as well and I dreaded being grilled about things.

I had to promise someone I would refuse to pay out any more money if I was asked!

So then? I was asked for help in a very similar case by someone I know and right out of the blue when there was never any mention of even a single thought like this in the past. So why? Seem odd to you? Do I need to remind you about the 'after Christmas' statement? One that I was very disappointed about? Still not odd? OK then …

Just two days before this took place, or two days ago as I type this out, I got a rather strange email from the company who host a very big blog site. It said something along the lines of …

Good news! Your blog has recently spiked and is getting a great deal of traffic!

I was like “Huh?” and then I was like “Eh?!” and then “whaaaaaat?” and wondered what this was about as I had not had an email like this before. I went in and had a quick look at what this notification was about. My blog had spiked … quite considerably in fact and I was told that I had amounted 57 readers in under an hour. The chart for the activity spiked way beyond anything I had previously seen by quite a way.

Ooh, I just had to have a conversation on the phone and about what I was typing about above and another little issue with the same naysayer as above. A man a friend of mine met, new year's eve I think or new years day, who wanted a vivarium for a large Boa Constrictor. He took £483, or close to it, out of his pocket and then took a five pound note and put that back in his pocket. He then said that if a vivarium could be acquired, even a second hand one, then the person that could supply it to him would keep the entire amount of money he had!

So this one friend of mine called another friend of mine who could have supplied something like that as it is the business he is in. He did not answer the phone and eventually text back with the shop opening times. He thought that was a little rude and I suppose it was and obviously did not want to be disturbed, wherever he was. But he had not had a good Christmas, like many small businesses, and that amount of money could have helped him a great deal. Eon Energy could have been silenced with that money and silenced for a very long time indeed.

Yes so on the phone just now I was asked if I had mentioned it and I said that I had indeed done that but was not brought up by me and instead was our mutual friend that broached the subject. I also explained that this was two days beforehand and not with the chat today.

So they had heard two things that would not have been good to hear, losing out on a possible £478 pure profit on a deal, or very close to pure profit, and that their theory was blown out of the window due to me receiving what felt like 'First Contact' with an alien race as well as a 'Second Contact'.

Not a good couple of days and not really my fault.

I always knew that subjects avoided would eventually reach a time when they could not be avoided any longer, due to other conversation subjects.

On another note and a follow up to hearing that the BBC would not be using the Met Office for their weather or weathermen and women any longer I hear there is a very weird advert being aired by the BBC?!

Rather like the freebies they trick idiots into sending in of films or videos that they pay no money for and do not even offer they are advertising something so absurd that I started laughing.

Someone I know, along with many others, has complained about the weathermen and the Met Office. They have gotten things terribly wrong for what seems like 18 months or more and in that period of time we also got to hear about a supercomputer that cost them £76 Million! In fact this particular friend said “Your better off looking out of the window than listening to the Met Office predictions!” Even today it was first supposed to be dry all day, then the BBC said it was going to rain today, just this morning. It didn't rain. So their first prediction was correct. They then altered that prediction more or less revealing they had gotten it wrong. Then with the most recent prediction … weeelllll …. they got it wrong!

So what are the BBC advertising?

They want, what I believe they referred to as, “weather watchers” to look out of the window, check the weather and then upload it to the BBC Weather Centre via some web-page or other?!

Are you effing kidding me?!

So they dumped the dreadfully wrong and vastly over budgeted Met Office to save what is, no doubt, a vast amount of money in licensing and get people to do their work for them by looking out of their windows?!

I thought that their news using na├»ve morons sending in their photos and videos was bad enough! I find it hilarious that they are now advertising for slave labour to get people to notify them … umm so that they can then notify others, their neighbours who cannot be bothered to look out of their windows?!

You really cannot make this shit up!

So amidst the period whereby I am getting over the shock of what the BBC have recently been advertising I get an email I have not had in three years stating that my blog, or just one of them thus far, has spiked with the visitor numbers in a way that has not happened before. Also a friend of mine I have not heard from in awhile now wants my help to go through a legal case I have spent the best part of four years going through? Never having mentioned anything about taking a course like this in the five years or plus I have known them?!


I know them well enough to know that they do indeed have a case. But having a case to answer or be heard is one thing. Getting the proverbial 'ball' rolling is a whole different kettle of fish altogether. The hardest part, in fact.

I explained that I would list down the procedures they would need to go through. I also stated that in my case the person who had the legal case was quite lucky, though I would have found a different way of achieving what we did, anyway. I explained about the lack of Legal Aid and therefore all your human rights, and that we, or rather 'they', would have to find a way around it.

I also explained about the Statutes Of Limitations too and how those laws are very suspect and quite obviously exist to help large and powerful and/or rich organisations from being sued.

Does it not seem a little odd now?

As I stated to a friend of mine earlier today this email sent by the hosts of one of my blogs was one I had not had before and out of the ordinary by quite some margin. The graphical chart and the number given was way out of the ordinary too.

These things seem to certainly suggest that something, somewhere has happened.

Maybe something was reported on TV or perhaps a tabloid, even just a local one? Maybe my blog appeared somewhere that is quite popular with people? There are plenty of names out there to add too things like Twitter. For instance there are news like sites like The Huffington Post or Mashable or perhaps another site with news like Yahoo?

Perhaps a link was posted in a popular forum or someone else's blog that was already attracting a lot of people?

But I have featured in places before and even in the Daily Record's website. Organisations and groups of one affiliation or another have had my blog address on their websites. Nothing before has caused a spike like this one and it has been over three and a half years since I started blogging.

Oh and I also have a dozen blogs and not had a notification like this before.

Seems to suggest something out of the ordinary has taken place?

Oddly this is something that I predicted might happen when I was left in the dark without rhyme nor reason and left their for what seemed like permanently.

Not only did I suspect something like this might happen as I was left for weeks in the dark but I did think it might happen within the first two weeks of January, 2016 of course.

Because they said “...after Christmas” over eight weeks prior. I thought of the new year immediately and then realised that if the communication dies as it has done so many times before then the first signs of confirmation I might get may be in a completely different way and from a completely different source?

The possibilities would be to see something in the news media or get told about it be a friend or family member or some kind of sudden rush of people to one or more of my blogs.

Also there has been a change in me too! I suddenly found myself with a Bee under my bonnet! In the long distant path I considered two possible paths at a juncture, crossroads if you will, in my life. One of these was to be creative and manufacture things that nobody made and the other was to attend college, go on to university and acquire a degree.

I took the second path to university, acquire my degree and stupidly turned down a PhD, or Doctorate, when I got my thesis result of a distinction, or 'A'. I was only one of two students to get that high a grade. I then got stabbed in the back over my overall grade, long story. For the first time I am now wondering whether the stabbing in the back was because I turned them down? I was regarded highly by both students and lecturers and possibly and because of my knowledge in other fields, many science based ones too, they see me as someone that could make them a lot of money?!

I had been having conversations with various people about a pet project, 'pet' literally, I had been working on for a few years and that many museums and zoos had heard of what I did and were talking of six figure sums to get their hands and the finished article.

Funny then that well over a decade on and neither my manufacturing designs nor my software designs have ever been created by anyone else. Not to my knowledge and I do have my finger on the pulse, so to speak, on these things … well half the time at any rate.

Hmm … maybe the zoos and museums have cottoned on to who I am on my YouTube channel and word has gotten around and they are all looking?

Maybe I should publish my thesis work or other programming I did at university ass I still have it in both Java and C++ languages! I was test dummy for the first ever WAP, Wireless Access Protocol, mobile phones too.

I have done, experienced and achieved a great deal of things in my life. I do not always remember them all and likely down to the Fibrofog symptom of my Fibromyalgia?

So this was how it was when I started out blogging. I knew that it would take a great deal of time to get what I did. I know it would take a great deal of time to allow things to cool off before I could acquire any more. There would have to be periods that lasted for weeks and then months on end before I could then go 'at it' again and acquire more data and proof. I also knew that it would take several years for me to get into subjects or be reminded of things I had long since forgotten.

Maybe others are remembering something I had long since forgotten? Maybe even that someone from my past that has links to many others I have long since lost contact with has found me and the word has gotten around?

I was always shocking both students and lecturers at Middlesex University of the things I knew, the things I could do and my ability to solve things and the level of wisdom I possessed?

Once coming up with an answer to a missing number in a Venn diagram that we were told we would need algebra to solve. I was good at algebra at school but that was ten years previous to this puzzle being presented to me. So I sat back while others beavered away with their pens and paper. I stared at the problem on the whiteboard when the number '17' popped into my head. I asked Steve Lockett out loud of the answer was '17'. He had this twitch like habit of his tongue coming out of the corners of his mouth when he was feeling humour or trying to be cagey about something. He turned and looked at the board as if to hide a look on his face. He asked me why I had thought it was 17 before then thinking twice about it and then said we should let the others get to their conclusions before I asked.

I rocked back and forth on my chair for several minutes.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a head raise up, it was Hanni. “I have 17” he said before looking across the room directly at me with confusion. This was followed by another guy whose name I cannot remember but I think his surname was Eldridge? Or Etherington? Anyway this is quite irrelevant. A little while later another said he wanted to know how I did it and then another before over ten people had come up with the same answer I had.

Then the tutor spoke “Well yes it is 17, but Martin … I would like you to explain how the hell you did that!” A few others nodded and said they wanted to hear this too. I cannot remember the mathematical formula that ran through my brain at the time and all I could tell you is that I explained it simply and that the diagram represented groups of musicians of differing instruments.

I say that because it might be some standard test that is always the same and someone who visits the blog and reads this who might have done a similar course to me might have actually had the same mathematical problem and Venn diagram presented to them.

If it is homework … I think you may find the number is 17?!


This was not even at university and was indeed at Waltham Forest College!

I did a number of other surprising things at Middlesex University and I am well aware that I have forgotten several things. I had the Matlab assignment thrown out, which had never been achieved in the history of the university. Not hard as the man that set the assignment was on overly cocky and had a far too high a regard for his own intellect was actually an idiot. Intelligence does not mean that wisdom is also possessed. He set the assignment to show off more than anything else.

And no … I was not the student rep, though everyone insisted tat I was after that and had achieved a great deal more with the university staff and consistently so for my three years there. So I was the unofficial student representative and regardless of the problem everyone always came to me with it.

I was also quite pally with one of the lecturers, Alastare, and friendly with a couple of others and in a group presentation had one woman lecturer called Janet rolling around on the floor with laughter. Knocked our group down to a 'B' grade because she laughed too much, lol.

I was the leader of the group but felt responsible for not getting that 'A' grade achieved by only one other group. However when I apologised my new fellow student friends, a Jamaican, Vietnamese and a Chinese dudes, were leaping up and down and hugging each other before one said “Your joking man?! That grade was fantastic!” who had himself expressed concern earlier for allowing the one in the group who was incapable of understanding the technical side of things, being demoted later to a 'Joint Degree', I think it was called and no letters after your name, doing the introduction with some humour.

When I was asked when the worry was expressed I said that he would not be able to present anything complicated, technical and programming in C++, Java and even HTML was out of the question. He seemed more comfortable with his idea and that I felt it was important that we all performed well.

I was hugged and patted n the back for gambling on that and getting it right, despite the fact that too much laughter lost us an 'A', it was good they felt this way and good to see my other friends who had grouped together and left me with no one and all sat there with their chins on the desks before them!

Yeeeahh there were some crafty things going on at university. One friend of mine was in a group with a 'know-it-all' and cocky student who just 6 months beforehand had featured on the centre pages of the News Of The World tabloid, looking wimpy in his picture while the headline 'JOHN HARTSON SMASHES WIMPY BILL' adorned the page above his picture which two friends photocopied a hundred times and plastered them around the student halls noticeboards.

Yes, I kid you not!

There was this hilarious few weeks where two students ran the photocopiers dry getting copies of this centre page article which would be pinned up everywhere, taken down by the student union and then put back up again!

Bill had told us all about the incident, about being beaten upon by a drunken footballer, Arsenal's John Hartson as I stated, and the up and coming newspaper article.

On the Monday morning a group of women were seated much farther down and towards the front of the lecture hall and giggling. I had wondered what they were giggling about before trying to get their attention … “Clare?! What are you all giggling about?” I had forgotten about the news article. She held it up and there was Bill in a full page spread, hands in pockets looking like a skinny, young John Lennon with that unforgettable title splashed above his head. I roared with laughter and when I managed to stop I then said “Oh dear, I don't think he realised they were going to rip him apart like that?!” Another time I realised that journalists cannot be trusted along with anyone else … including the university I was sitting in!

I then looked around and said “Hey? Wait a minute? WHERE is Bill?!”

Bill was not seen for the next two weeks.

Yes so one of the students, a so-called friend of mine who I had actually attended college with before university, had now realised that the second half of out second year and the third would be devilishly harder than the first half. So he befriended the younger man he had put photocopies up to embarrass him because he always got 'A's.

I was put in a group of three students I never knew. They all became bloody good friends after that group presentation.

When it cam to the thesis grades my college mate Adrian never got his 'A'. Neither did 'A' grade student, Bill.

I, however, did acquire an 'A' or Distinction and another Irish fellow called John who was not part of Adrian's group was the only other student to acquire the Distinction. Though I acquired 7 'B+'s and 2 'B-'s that Distinction was the only one I got.

Funny how things work out!

Funny then that over 12 grades that included those seven 'B+'s (over half), 2 'B-'s one 'C' and one 'D' that along with the thesis graded 'A' and your most important work that I never acquired an Upper Second! Or an overall 'B+'!

There as a heated conversation with the Dean of the University who was quite simply an idiot and no good at maths and they refused to change the grade. They used a 'D' in my first year as the reason despite the fact that they are not factored in the overall grading as I pointed out in the student handbook.

I think they thought I cheated on my thesis and did not know the amount of knowledge I possessed in my many different fields?

Or as had occurred to me just today while typing this out maybe it was sour grapes because I turned down the Doctorate offered to me by Peter Passmore?

If this was the case, the latter, and I had known they were upset about my refusal to do that to my grade I would have accepted the offer of a Doctorate!

Now remember … I have fought and battled the NHS on here for years and have lots of recordings proving five GP Surgery Doctors and no less than five hospitals have lied to me and I have it on tape and in letters signed by them. Remember this when I tell you what I would have been doing had I accepted the Doctorate …

Working on software to create a simulation to teach Keyhole Surgeons how to perform different types of surgery!

Seriously I kid you not.

So I have seen and done many things in all my years and I am very good at solving the most intricate of puzzles.

So imagine how annoying it is when laymen with no knowledge at all nor experience in something I am involved in want to be be insistent about their theories?

Pain in the arse, much? Annoying, much?

I do not know what worse … the thought I did something wrong or took a wrong turn somewhere or that these piss taking morons might have gotten it right purely by mere chance?!

I am hoping that not only does this change over the next few weeks, though it does not look good at all right now, but that these little events that have occurred today stem from something that has already happened.

Also this … sudden turbocharged boost to my blog will mean a great many things of this continues on for the forthcoming weeks, or better still … many months.

Because if it does I will reach many of my goals far, far sooner and that means that I will be in a position to cast of the dead weight, the tribulations and the things that are weighing me down and also putting a downer on things.

I will have my chance to relocate as I have so long wanted to do and perhaps even become mobile again with a car?! These two things would force my endeavour to take to the skies and soar above the puffy white clouds.

Ooh what a vision that is.

Oh and you might as well now a little bit for now and that I was told I was the greatest person in the world of my kind, over stating it a bit, and I had some apologies for the delaying tactics.

Still did not get an explanation for any insights into what they were planning and why and have not heard anything for over a week.

I just hope and pray I have not gotten this one horribly wrong and I also hope that the reasons for all this are damned good ones.

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