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My Internet has gone down, do not know why, so I am typing this in a word processor for now. I should get into the habit of doing this far more often.

I was told two shocking stories in the last two days, the first involving the NHS and the second one I want to post about today to do with the DBS and specifically the Metropolitan Police.

“Ere, Ere, Ere, you write about this stuff?!” Is what I heard before a friend of mine was explaining about his wife's attempt to get a job. A job as a carer.

I have known several carers and one of my family members has done this job for a number of years while my mother was a child-minder.

Yes, yes stands to reason that if your going to be working with and caring for vulnerable people that you need to be vetted.

Standard procedure to have a Police check done on you which is handled by the DBS, or the Disclosure and Barring Service in Liverpool. Liverpool once again?! That is three separate things I have looked into which are based or linked to Liverpool. I cannot seem to escape that area. Merseyside Police and Wirral Council, along with the Criminal Prosecution Service and Cafcass already got a grilling in a four year long court case.

All the details to the latter are to be found on the archives of this blog, just use the search function like you would Google. Secret recordings, emails, screenshots and reports full of bullshit are all to be found on here. Four local councils, two Police forces, the NHS and a whole long list that includes almost everyone else. Now it is time for the Met Police and the DBS.

Only the story I was being told started to get stranger and stranger. As it turns out the guy's wife had, to date, been waiting for no less than 7 months for the Police check to come through.

Stranger still was that the position has been held for her the whole time this has been going on?! I say 'stranger' but as more of the story unfolded that latter part tarted to make more sense.

The DBS and the Metropolitan Police have been chased up several times.

The DBS service is based in Liverpool while all they do is send the request for the Police check off to someone within the Metropolitan Police or bizarrely to your local Police station. Quite why they would send this to your local Police station is not only beyond me but completely ridiculous. Why on Earth would you contact someone in Liverpool to send a piece of paper, form or forms, to the Police Station very close to you?

In this case we are speaking about Harrow in the North West of London.

Now I believe their previous nearest station was Paddington Green which they were told was closed down. So when pressed to find out where the application was gone as it had gone well beyond ridiculous they were told something quite bizarre.

Sidcup in Kent?!

So they live in the outskirts of North West London and according to the DBS and Metropolitan Police their local Police Station is so far in the opposite direction to them, south-east, that the station is actually in Kent?!


It also turns out there is a charge for this and the employers have waited so long that they have quite mysteriously and inexplicably requested that another DBS check is made. Fifty pounds a pop!

When the Metropolitan Police were pressed harder they were given a long email apologising and at one point were given a link to the Metropolitan Police's website which explained about a backlog of applicants for Police checks.

So, please realise at this point that the number of people on this backlog equates to the number of people waiting to start a new job. Be it carer, child-minder or anything else that requires a Police check. They were also told that they only had two people to handle this backlog. TWO?!

Also remember that the lady featured in this post has been waiting for seven months to date.

Seven months with no clue given as to when this Police check would come through.

I cannot help but think about how quickly the Police to a check on your records when they think you have committed a crime? Instant from my own experience!

Seven months. Seven bloody months!

I also have to state that it was remarked by someone that they take on immigrants in these positions in the blink of an eye and how do there Police checks work and take place so quickly?

Why are the DBS, Disclosure and Barring Service, not take this up with central government and point out the ludicrous cost to the taxpayer?

Because everyone is stupid and incompetent leaving how anyone got employed in these jobs beyond the realms of common sense and reality?

You better believe it.

Now the number of people in this long backlog …


That is sixty seven thousand people at the time of posting!

That is sixty seven thousand people and rising all waiting to tart their jobs but in the 7 months or more they have to wait millions in benefits will be paid out to them!

Only in the UK could the waste of money that is corruption, refusing to diagnose and lying about your health be equally matched by complete incompetence.

This is something I am going to keep a close eye on, if I remember and on this size of the backlog. I also stated to my friend that this was far worse than the Passport Office grinding to a halt, though not for the real reason which was to do with me and kept out of the media.

Another example of public service shear incompetence and more taxes being wasted paying benefits and rent for at least 7 months for 67,000 people.
In merely a few months these numbers could double? Will we get to a year or even 18 months and 100,000 to 150,000 people waiting? Will it get their and they drop it back to what it is now and then stupidly state this is OK?!

Here are just a couple of the many emails received …

Here is the the screenshot to the size of the waiting list … oops it fails to mention how many are on the waiting list ...

Here is the link to said waiting list ... oh and on checking it states nothing about the sheer size of the waiting list only that it is taking longer than 60 days. YEAH! No kidding!!


I have contacted both the DBS service in Liverpool and the Met Police with what I know and their comments ...


Dear Sirs

Disclosure & Barring Service

I have been contacted by someone who has been waiting 7 months, to date, for a check to come back via the DBS service so that they can start a job.

On looking into this it turns out that there is a backlog of 67,000 people waiting and the official line is that there are only two people working on this.

I find it completely shocking that with the way the financial situation is in the UK that 67,000 people and no doubt rising are having to wait 7 months, also no doubt rising, before starting their jobs.

Also and like many other things, the NHS refusing to diagnose and treat patients, I find this another alarmingly false economy that many over-paid and dishonest people within the public services somehow fail to see.

Also alarmingly it is yet another example of a very serious situation that somehow gets missed by the mainstream media.

This is something I specialise in and own a blog that exposes much of this.

Could you please comment on what is being done to change the situation?

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

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