Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy new year to everyone.

I received an email from the Fibromyalgia Association UK and I got a bit of a surprise.

It turns out that Fibromyalgia was the UK's most searched for health condition.

It states on the webpage that reports this that the condition is difficult to diagnose and probably why it was the most Googled?

But then I've done a great deal of work on the condition and stated many things in many places, both on this blog and on Facebook among others. I like to think I helped and probably had many visitors Googling to see if they can confirm my findings elsewhere?

I like to think. Lol.

I'm having a great deal of trouble with my phone and missed more calls today as well as having the connection cut off the times during a conversation.

Pain in the arse it is, let me tell you.

I'm also unaware of a number that should be calling me. Just saying, lol.

Now I know my numbers were lost by this individual and I can pretty much guess it's over a new phone.

A new phone I don't know the number to.

I had to provide my number again through a Facebook message but have out the iffy number, lol.
The new phone number should have called me or text me over the obvious and previous recent dates. It didn't.

Some I know who are believers are confused and think I deserve an explanation. Yes I suppose they are right, being kept in the dark is not fun.

Not when you have an imagination like mine!

I also popped into B&Q to look at two DeWalt drills I have had my eye on.

I walked out without them annoyed that once again fit the umpteenth time nothing I want is ever in the sales.

In fact there was no new year sale or Boxing Day sale at B&Q. Meaning they either are making so much money that they do not need to or ... they are perilously close to a cessation of trading.

I'm going for 'B'eeeee!!!

What I figured is that having these drills will have me create some of my designs and ideas and film myself creating them? Then I can post them on YouTube as people seemed to like me creating my metre long terrarium.

Then I'm only in need of an electric saw, Jigsaw/Reciprocating/Circular, and hand saw to do just about anything.

I have a collection of hand tools already along with vices and clamps for that exact purpose. But they have sat idle for a couple of years.

I am very limited on room space and likely to trip over things and just myself. But I have to do something!

Doing nothing at all always and is driving me mad.

Had a couple of high blood pressure readings too over Christmas. 171 Systolic at one point followed by 183 Systolic and 113 Diastolic.

I was on Amlodopine at the time which worked previously but seen to stop. Ran out of them so I'm taking 10mg of Ramipril now.

Will see Doctor soon as I've found an Osteopath that's on the NHS. So I was lied to ... AGAIN. Once again by the father of a father and son practice.

I'll get referral soon and speak about upping the blood pressure pills.

Got to get some referrals underway as I'm obviously not going anywhere in the near future.

Birthday is mid February and so a third key date out of three and cannot help but wonder if I'll get to that date with no correspondence and none on that date?

Feeling somewhat whoozy right now and had terrible pains in my thighs and calf areas yesterday. Get that from time to time and always cover legs with that sports injury freezing gel to deal with it. Didn't get to sleep until around 5am for a couple of hours. Fell asleep on my sofa for another couple of hours.

Really going to go sand way as my father according to the readings. But I work damned hard to work through out around my pain and I exercise a lot. Cycle a lot too. Areas of my body are a great deal fitter than they have ever been and only getting more so with each week or even few days that pass by.

Now having heavy eyelids.

Wonder if I can watch another episode of series two of The X Files?

I have the whole DVD collection of what was my absolute favourite show when being aired. Not watched them in years and years.

It's funny how the dark goings on in extremely covert organisations seems to almost mirror that of me and the public services at times. The lies and misinformation tactics is eerily similar on occasions.
Still I have a couple of weeks, of clear and wind free weather hopefully, yet before arrival of tools and materials and that contact I spoke of.

I'm surprised at myself because my eyelids are very heavy and keep closing up on me!

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