Tuesday, 29 December 2015


I have often spoken of how odd things are, sometimes bluntly obvious too, to me but seen to be missed by the greater masses.

Sadly it's the greater masses that can bring about change but doggedly refuse to see and remain blinded.

A fraction of these belongs to a group that, online at least, was coined with the phrase 'fanboys'.

Now what these idiots ... sorry, people do is like something that someone creates, brings out or updates that they own/use/love. Any mention of these products or their manufacturers in a negative way brings on fury and arguments from this group.

Now what I have always found both odd and hilarious is an argument erupts that always results in the 'fanboy' declaring their extreme intelligence compared to the one making the remark.

Instead, to anyone with any intelligence at all that is, the opposite is true in that said 'fanboy' looks stupid. Because arguments are not decided on how irate you are or how loud you are. The facts will always remain the facts. In these instances when the 'fanboy' is proved wrong this is followed by silence or worse, venom and threats.

I see this everywhere and not just online. I see this in my own circle of family and friends. I saw it several times over Christmas!

I always shake my head in disbelief when I hear things said and their replies at times too.

Perhaps not always every time but 99.9% of the time the companies your arguing over will not give a crap whether you live or die. Only that they get more of your money than the next company before you do die, though this particular thing is not what this post is about. It's about people and commonly made mistakes.

This mistake is probably happening right now as you read this?

People make excuses because of how hard life is that they do not look into anything fully. They take a snippet, or think 'face value', decide probably wrong and walk away. Yes, because that's how you get to the truth, read something the size of a Tweet and that contains all the facts! In other words the excuse is that no one has the time.

Would you think this not odd when someone has spent an incredible amount of time and money, not to mention pain, in an effort to show you? They spend years working on this for you and you give it a couple of minutes or the first 60 characters or less?

Well it happens a lot.

Sometimes I see something I've quoted many times go and get quoted by someone famous. Now this happens to me a great deal and it never ceases to amaze me how it then gets reported because someone famous states it.

Now not in this particular instance but a great many famous celebrities are constantly reported as not being too bright, putting it as politely as I can. Yet the news media would rather put a report in a newspaper or on the TV of someone not very bright than someone who is intelligent and been working on this for many years before the celebrity realised it. It happens a great deal and has since I started my blogs, luckily I was aware of this beforehand, hell I even expected it.

But just yesterday I was looking up things to do with the music band called Radiohead. I love this band and the only band currently I take a great deal of notice of and the only one I would not think twice about buying a new album of. Not even U2 command that of me.

I have all 8 albums and heard that Radiohead were working on their ninth album and thought I would look to see if there might be a release date. One of FOUR THINGS that are going to make 2016 an amazing year, ... umm 'touch wood' CRAP NO BLOODY WOOD IN THIS ROOM!! LOL! Not much luck finding anything even 'loosely' based on a date or even a month. Still I'm sure something will occur in the next 8 weeks with a date?

Then I supported and read an interview with Thom Yorke, singer of Radiohead, and was surprised at a statement he made about YouTube and Google!

Now I don't know a lot about Thom Yorke, other than him being in a mates shop nearby at sine point and being an intriguing free thinker. I do get intrigued and impressed at things he comes out with. I might be wrong but he seems to think very similar to the way I do. I rank him yo somewhere with Stephen Fry as someone who would be great to have a conversation with.

He is also a damn good writer of lyrics.

But in the interview and siskin primarily about musicians, mostly of new music and bands, he disks negatively of companies like Spotify (I personally know nothing about), YouTube and Google which I do know some bad things about.

Just as I have done on here several times he refers to both Google and YouTube as being like the Nazis!

This group I refer to is one of two groups I have referred to as being like stone new form of Nazis that I will get to eventually. I will surprisingly and in an eye opening way link this to evolution, though one of the groups will really hate that, in the near future.

Things have to be taught in a certain order, in a certain way and many need time to ... sit in ones mind, so to speak.

Trust me. No one more than me would love to achieve things quickly. In fact I have learnt what many of you have not. To be patient. To make sure you are fully aware of almost the facts before you decide, quote or even vote.

There is a reason we are in the state we are in. Yup, because of idiot members of parliament but who is it that keeps voting for them? Not me, lol. Well none of them that have been in power and the only, currently viable alternative. When I say viable I do mean viable and I'm impossible to argue with. Perhaps why everyone gets pissed off because I price then wrong each time they are adamant that they are right!

Except the rare occasions when they are right I will say they are right. Lol!

So you can go and have a read on NME's website of what Thom Yorke says and why he says the things he does. I would be willing to Betty he had a few other opinions too?!

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