Sunday, 20 December 2015


Heard about counterfeiting going on with Border Force.

Heard some very, very stupid things being said to make counterfeiters look bad but ... for anyone possessing an ounce of intelligence they only made themselves look and sound either bad, corrupt out just plain old stupid.


Firstly that taxes weren't being paid ... funny as I reported something far bigger and involving tens of millions of pounds and no one did anything about it. But that's not the problem .. they insinuated that tax was being lost on the purchases of the real thing!

Umm... No! These fakes are not selling for the same prices as the trash thing toy bloody idiots, no one will believe that and secondly ... what you think if fakes of say a top brand handbag isn't being sold for £50 the potential buyer will go out and but the real one at £500?!

Jesus! Are they serious?

Secondly they talked about the top prices they are not receiving for these goods and stated what they weighs be used for. Drugs? A bit old they one but better still, terrorism?!

Are you for effing real?! Terrorism? Well they must be very short of computers in China and Going Kong because the only terrorism they get closer to is hacking servers and stealing trade or military secrets! Think that's called espionage and not terrorism.

I could not believe my ears and the person in question certainly didn't sound like they knew what the hell they were talking about!

Border Force? Rocking Horse more like as I'm thinking that they patrolling borders and what happened in Troy! Giant Rocking Horse!


My good God! Is anything in the United Kingdom run with any intelligence? Or is it all just bullshit to feed is for some unknown reason?

Yeah, counterfeiting is wrong but ... good God man, call a spade a spade or you will cause yourself more harm than good.

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