Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Umm ... below is a link to a BBC report that states that 329,000 have signed a petition to ban Donald Trump from the UK?!

Worse still is that based on that number Members of Parliament are considering it?!


First off I don't know a whole great deal about Donald Trump but am aware that he made a statement about banning Muslims from entering the US and possibly, not sure, about sending ones in the US of elsewhere?

So, makes no never mind as I believed there was ...

1 Freedom of Speech

2 That figure of the petition is ... fucking tiny and ...

3 Probably all Muslims anyway, maybe radicalised ones?

4 Ban him and by some miracle he ends up President of the USA and ...

5 Cut off from USA ... ummm ...

You know now that I think about it ...

No, no, no. It's about what is right. I do get so bloody annoyed when they want to silence someone as it goes against freedom of speech and tells their own people that they are not to listen to them like children not staying up late to watch the horror movie.

Trump UK ban petition passes 329,000 signatures -

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