Sunday, 20 December 2015


Well it is getting perilously close to Christmas.

I have been at a loose end and bored out of my very tiny mind for several weeks now.

Sometimes you have to rely or wait upon others to do their thing before getting around to you and though this was a major feature of late of this blog I have not mentioned it much for several weeks.

In other words it is several weeks later than I thought it would be and do not really know why this is, though I was given a reason several weeks ago. It just did not make sense and not a very good reason.


Since then things have been fairly quiet ... fairly quiet. In other words not completely silent, though I myself have been. Rather oddly some things were stated to be taking place prior to Christmas and now that looks to be not happening either. Again I am not really sure why.

I do have this nagging thought about a twelve to sixteen week period but we will see.

I do also have another theory which is worrying but denied this was the case and once again we will just wait and see.

Of course as I confided in friends and family I have also had dozens of other theories and everyone thinks they are right as always.

Except as I always try to explain to my socialist thinking mother that everyone has a right to an opinion and you can have one hundred people and one hundred theories. But only one can be the right one!

No one thinks about the odds of their theories being proved right before they start getting first adamant and then almost angry about their theories. Yup .. all several dozen of them.

Well, all that is except two. Two people that have known me only 8 years or so and so shorter thn everyone else and they state that there is no way I have got this wrong. They are just confused at the delaying tactics and confused at the reasons I have been given.

They also think it is silly as I should be ... well let us say 'among the Pigeons' with this one, due to my  age, intellect and wisdom with all the dangers and pitfalls that, not could arise but, will arise.

Annoyingly even the twelve week period takes us beyond Christmas ... something I had given as a bit of a deadline. After that it would be obvious something is wrong and one of the bad theories is correct, even one of those given by others adamant they are right about a situation, people and laws they have no knowledge of. Not looking forward to the latter being true, let me tell you!


So let us see? It is Sunday the 20th December 2016. Literally five days until Christmas and I am wondering just what kind of a week this next one is going to be?

Probably as dead as the Dodo! LOL!

I am OK until the new year and then ... listen to me saying 'OK'? Things are NOT OK. Far from it! I mean to say that in the new year things will get far worse than they are now.

So I have a sort of plan in place ... or rather in my head to kind of deal with this situation of mine getting progressively worse. Something else is already in place and I hope a certain journalist discovers something, either way in fact. At least then I know finally and can move forwards accordingly.

Things have stagnated for ... hmm ... around ten months I think? Give or take a month. In that time I have had to finance something and I originally had £1,300 odd saved up. The original plan this year was to ...

  • Buy NIKON D810a SLR for wildlife and astrophotography
  • Buy Celestron 8 Inch Reflector with GOTO mount, for stargazing and astrophotography
  • Buy Dishwasher
  • Possibly NIKON P900 for carrying around constantly ... for things that occur when you least expect them to
  • New Mobile Phone, Moto X Force, as its waterproof and unbreakable and survive all my shenanigans (my phone playing up, everyone moaned for months, lol)
  • Lighter and shorter handlebar for mountain bike, lighter saddle and pedals, possibly narrow tyres, hence lighter
  • Buy Eheim Professional External Filter for my aquarium, current taps leaky
  • Ten months of running around with camera, on trains to new places and wildlife
  • Pressure kept up on all public services and much more data
  • Astell & Kern AK JR hi-res music player
  • Shure SE535 or similar headphones for above player
  • All new bedclothes

  • So building up a total of FIVE blogs altogether; 
  • Corruption, Reptiles, Amphibians & Fish, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Computer Hardware and Music ... six with Digital Photography, lol!
  • My YouTube channel
I have acquired none of these and down around £5,000 this last year. Oops! Never mind, eh? Lol.

So I am now a year behind, more or less.

Had I have done this the blog numbers would look even more impressive than they are now and combined it must be ... umm ... closing in on 280,000!


Not bad considering the disabilities, lack of resources, cash, tools and God knows how many other things. 

In fact if I just consider how much more content and visitors I would have had, had I had a car my mind implodes! DOOF!

None of this would have mattered had the main plan, or event, gone the way I had planned and in fact I have had interest in my books, annoyingly, on the basis that this main event pans out like I had planned and proves to be true!

Everything literally goes into an exponential rise like you would not believe and that is just the blogs and YouTube channel. The two books and then the third one and then there are all the other novels I started years ago I never completed. Also the book on amphibians and mainly Fire Salamanders whereby one Japanese wildlife expert and his publishing company along with a solicitor went wild when they saw it and what I did, complete with my own drawings done on a computer.

One day ... one day?

Hmm so then ... I often speak of the things I know and what I can do but apart from visitors going off and find my other lighter hearted blogs, other than the corruption in the UK and public services, no one here would actually know. Unless they specifically and intentionally found my YouTube channel.

So I have had too much time on my hands while waiting, wondering, theorising and panicking on occasion so what do I do?

I get a phone-call one day to tell me a particularly favourite and overly large salamander has become available ... for a price and I have to do it! They were kept in a cage I was not happy with. Nowhere near big enough for them.

Really these guys live in moss and lichen covered forested areas. Ivy, plants and plenty of leaf litter.

I thought about a much bigger cage that looked just like that. Something that looked like a slice of a mystical forest right here in my living room.

So do you know what I did with my spare time?

I built one!

I then decided to film myself building this in three parts and explain how to keep the mosses and lichen alive in a terrarium by explaining what I do with water for the terrariums, Orchids and my aquarium!

Water and light are both key! Cannot emphasize this enough ... so here is me performing just one of my long list of skills ... even my martial arts, or a little of, are on my YouTube channel.

So you get a bet of me ... waffling on about things and how I do things and the issues I have with doing them. So people kind of get to see me ... instead of just imagining I am some crazed conspiracy theorise without listening to my secretly recorded audio files of those I accused actually lying and even admitting they were lying on tape...or digital audio file to be precise, lol.

I have some little bits of fine tuning to do and I need a Button Fern, as I really like the look of them, to go in the terrarium along with Baby Tears, Hemianthus, two alpine plants, Thymus and Mentha, and a few other things. Maybe a creeping plant and another type of climbing plant?

This is what I did while awaiting confirmation about the conclusions of a humongous court case that went to the Supreme Court after being heard at the Magistrates, Family, Crown, Civil and High Courts.

Four Pyrenean Fire Salamanders (Salamandra salammandra fastuosa) and four Marbled Newts (Triturus marmoratus) live inside the terrarium below. Although the Marbled Newts are only over-wintering in the cage until March, 2016.

(or crazy nutter in action)




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