Saturday, 25 March 2017


Sorry ...

I umm completely forgot to do this update!

Well I have been somewhat ... busy and ... literally the day after, might have been two days after ... cannot recall, I had to ... hmm let us say I had a meeting of sorts. This meeting was quite important to me and to my ... online escapades.

At this meeting I had, or thought I did, show some stuff and in the meeting I was basically asked to re-do this stuff to a provided template.

At the hospital I was seen pretty swiftly, I must say. My blood pressure measured 159 or 169 over 110 and they were concerned about the 110, diastolic, reading. The Doc, a pretty nice one, stated he was more concerned about the 110 reading and went wide eyed when I told him that I had a monitor in my backpack and my blood pressure was 197/121 prior to leaving my house. It was why I went to A&E really as I had been ignoring the weird chest pain and palpitations up until then. Well I say 'ignored' but the truth was I had intended to make a GP appointment for the last couple of weeks and kept forgetting. Public services keep asking or expecting me to do crap kind of screws up my memory for doing the stuff I need to.

I really expected a phone-call from the GP the next day but it never came and I have now been in there and handed in the results given to me by North Middlesex Hospital and on the letter it states they want me monitored for 48 hours.

So I had previously had a blood pressure monitor off the NHS I wore for 24 hours I think it was and now I am going to have some kind of cardiograph machine attached for 48 hours?

It is bloody typical that this is occurring right now, of all the bloody times!

I have two major things going on concurrently that I am either working hard on or waiting ... hard on that I need to have completed in a specific order for specific reasons. One I have no control over and one I have a little bit of control over.

Also the day I had this meeting I then had to drop of the hospitals results and letter to my GP afterwards and I had received a phone-call from Halfords to tell me that my forks and wheel off my mountain bike had come back from SRam Tech. So I then had to go there.

I picked them up but they were in several pieces in a box, so I put them together so I could walk the damn thing home.

Then I watched a movie, as I do often when I get home as I am often shattered, only to be disturbed ten minutes from the end because a friend wanted me to catch some shrimps, yes shrimps, from his aquarium so he could treat his sick fish with copper sulphate.

Then I got home and took a second attempt, first one failed, at putting my suspension forks back on my bike for an hour before realising something was missing before discovering it had somehow ended up on the floor under my printer?! Grrr ....

Then I had to feck around with the brake caliper as some reading this might recall that after the fisco I discovered that my brake disc had a very slight bend in it.

After re-arranging some washers I managed to get the wheel spinning with not even the slightest rubbing taking place!

Then I had to do this 16 page ... umm, let us say 'report'?

These chest pains and heart palpitations was something I did not get to explain to a certain family member I rowed with in two visits by them.

But then I know that one symptom I had, or at least the word for it of 'palpitations', I would have been interrupted and gotten a lecture on as they claimed to have had it going on 20 years ago. Except the word 'palpitations' does not mean what they stated in did when I was a kid and used to hear her and my father state it. Because of this I thought it was nothing much really so I was surprised when the A&E Doctor and nurses were so concerned about it.

Within 30 minutes or so I had been seen three times by three different people. I was out within an hour and that was after being left in a ward for 20 minutes.

Oh yeah and that day of the ... meeting,GP results drop in and suspension fork pick up? Yeah it rained a lot that day too!

So that one rare day where I have countless things going on and have to complete and it bloody well rains!

A time when things for me are gradually ... making their way to the ... launch pad and I start having these damn chest pains and palpitations?! Bloody well typical.

I did state twice to the family member that never listens that with my luck I will drop dead before I reach ... hmm let us say the take off point?

Yeah there are some that know what it is I have going on, but with some things not all the details in full just yet. But they kind of know the two things I have going on right now. Though I have fallen out with one so they are going to have to find out third hand ... and several days to several weeks late I am afraid. So yeah they might find it bloody strange that I am having these issues right now when I have these two things going on.

Both Sod's Law and Murphy's Law both acting in tandem currently to screw me over.

Oh and I have to now get fit, did go out on my more expensive and reliable bike for 11 miles yesterday ... with no chest issues luckily which is why it came as a surprise when I had an issue today While out. Which is the first time this has occurred while out of the house.

But I have this stuff going on while a certain public service is placing pressure on me to do a load of crap that gets neither me or them anywhere and is now in actual fact both pointless and ... academic! I am speaking, of course, about the DWP!

But as like so many other times previous it is just another one of my intricate webs that many know as traps and just as ever I have many things I have to focus on as a kind of background check or behind the scenes look.

You might say a 'covering my own arse' endeavour is going on?

I just hope I do not make it onto Calum's List ... not right now at any rate and if one thing I am waiting on is far worse, or less, than I had calculated then I might welcome making it onto Calum's damned list?!

I think I will go do a Google search on heart palpitations and chest pain now that I have finished typing this?

Fingers crossed!

EDIT: Oh yeah, in case you missed it I stopped my blood pressure pills because I was told to because I was having blackouts and falling unconscious ... just for the record, lol.

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