Monday, 13 March 2017


It might have been noticed that there has been a slight delay in the second part of the revelations series?

Well … it might also need to be in two parts … no it will be in two parts.

The idea behind the revelations series is to make people aware of two things, one was just how much was going on last year, as I had not divulged everything.

The other is to give an idea about what is to occur over the next year … or two.

The short answers are a lot and a hell of a lot respectively. Maybe.

Last Friday the 10th March I attended a funeral. A funeral to my grandfather who actually died on January the 8th 2017. If you sound confused you should be and yes he died on January the 8th 2017 and was buried on March the 10th 2017.

That amount of time between someone's death and their burial would be incredibly and unusually long even if Christmas lied between the two dates. I know I have had five funerals and one with Christmas between the two dates too.

As I have pointed out on here it was no secret that my grandfather and me did not see eye to eye on many things. In fact due to something that was forced to take place just a few months ago I proved myself to be in the right about him.

I do love it when I wield double edged swords. I often try to craft as best I can a double edged sword in any given situation.

As well as the very long wait, which seems to be strangely common for me, I had lots of things said during that time between the death and the burial. A lot of things said. Many changing what their views and/or opinions along the way too.

Part of this chatter was to do with the long period of time taken to get to said funeral but the small fact that my grandfather would, or should, have had £750,000 at the time of his death. Potentially more then this.

Nobody really knows but I have a few figures that has made themselves known to me over the last 20 years. My grandfather was both secretive and tight, something my grandmother would reel in laughter at if you asked her if she was still alive. Because it was something she argued with him about for years.

For around 7 years my grandfather had lived with one of his granddaughter's, Julie, in Southend despite the fact that for 20 years or so he had lived in Walthamstow in East London.

I had lived in my grandparents house, I refuse point blank to say grandfather's, for 20 years on and off but in the last few years my sister had lived there. Unfortunately my grandfather had started to become needy and started telling more lies than normal and pulling unfair tricks to get my sister to give up her job of 20 years to look after him full time. With no money of course. That was my grandfather all over, he expected blood sweat and tears along with full openness and honesty when his own wife died not knowing how much money he had.

Unfortunately I found out about the second figure my grandfather had around two or three days after my Nan's death when in front of two or three people he ran down the stairs with my Nan's savings book …

“Martin! Your Nan had £20,000 in savings?!”

I replied “Umm yeah”

He then said “You do not sound surprised?”

I pointed out that she was always joking about buying an Alfa Romeo 156 for me everything the advert came on and said she could buy it, that it should have been obvious.

He, in a boasting tone before even burying his wife, then said “Oh! Well I have got OVER four times that amount!”

Some weeks back I did a Revelations preview where I posted a whole bunch of key numbers I said would come out later on. Trust me when I state that this post will be primarily about numbers, all sorts of numbers.

My Nan died in 1998 at 75. See? All sorts of numbers.

After my Nan died my father, also now dead along with his only sibling my uncle, spoke about how tight my grandfather was and how he was saving £6,000 or so a year, cannot recall the exact figure. I asked him how he had come to that conclusion and he thought that I had thought he was over-estimating it.

My father had explained how his dad was always showing off about how he only spent £15 per week on everything when giving lectures on how other people should live and budget. The truth was he was narrow minded, selfish and extremely lucky. My grandfather had a wife who did not expect much of him and put up with his tight fisted ways for 60 years plus. She bought her own cookers and even a VHS recorder. This led to tensions and my Nan would not let y grandfather use anything … because he rarely, if ever, paid for it. He was not even allowed in the garden. Trust me object got thrown on many occasions.

Once my father has said this about him only spending £15 every week, which was true he did that a lot to the family he had nearby in London, he then said about him getting his £130 per week state pension. Therefore he was saving £6,000 plus each year.

I simply said 2What about his Post Office pension?” to which my father went wide eyed and then stated how bloody stupid he was to forget his Post Office pension. That memory lapse in my father was quite common as had many, many symptoms he had complained about so much that women that worked for him used to take the piss behind his back. I hate to admit it but even I did too as the women would always say that no matter what aches and pains they had my father would always states that he had, had that too. I remember them joking in trying to agree about all coming in the next morning stating they all had period pains.

Another things he started doing was falling asleep on his sofa not long after he had got home. This along with his many symptoms and his memory lapses all came into sharp focus when I suspected I had Fibromyalgia and had read the best book, or one of, in the world on the condition. All of these things I have been doing for anywhere between 3 or 4 years, the nodding off in the day, 8 to 10 years or more with memory and going back between 14 years, feet, and 20 years for various aches and pains and not forgetting skin conditions.

As I explained to someone at the funeral .. we seem to have a family disease that went unnoticed because my father and my grandmother were scared of both Doctors and Hospitals and my father never even had a GP and my Nan did not even see hers until a few months to a year prior to her death.

So then what with the realisation, getting back to my grandfather, that he also had a Post Office pension that £6,000 a year being put to one side was now more than doubled.

After my Nan's death my grandfather spent the only serious money I ever knew him to spend and this was annoying because for ten years prior to my Nan's death she had continuously begged him to replace windows on the front of the house and get the central heating fixed. Yup absolutely no central heating at all for ten years. Despite asking for these things for ten years he had them both done within a year of my Nan dying. That .. was … annoying and in my mind insulting to my deceased grandmother.

Over the years it got to the stage where I wanted nothing to do with either him or his money and hence why I have had to figure out so many things recently. Though I have not actually gotten around to the reasons why I have now had to rethink everything and then rethink it all again.

The more my sister refused to give up her job to look after him permanently, he did not need the help physically, he just wanted someone there all the time. He was anti-social and your original Billy-No-Mates. I can hear my grandmother right now cackling at that name calling. Then I got to hear he was in hospital and I was picked up by my brother Ryan.

In fact in that journey there was this conversation between my sister and Ryan on the phone about how my sister was dreading both me and my cousin Julie (mentioned for the second time and very key to what I am to divulge) bing there as we both think we know everything. To be fair this was true of one of us, lol. I will give you a clue, it is not me. Lol.

When my sister stated that my brother Ryan turned and looked at me in the car, I looked at him … there was a pregnant pause and we both burst out laughing. My sister now all confused then said “Why are you laughing?” to which my brother said “Well I did tell you I was on speaker phone?” to which m,y sister said “Yeah ….. and ...” and mty brother then said “I did tell you I had picked up Martin and was on my way?” to which there was a sharp intake of breath and then you heard “Oh shit!” My sister had not stopped to consider the fact she had gotten away with this because of the laughter. Well not immediately.

Fast forward now beyond all the crap unimportant stuff and I am standing outside Whipps Cross Hospital with my cousin Julie who is banging on about taking my grandfather down to Southend to live with him as she was prepared to do this.

Now some years before the alarm signals went off due to a visit that my grandfather had from two members of our family, after my Nan had died. They tried very hard to get him to sell his house and move to Southend. A little too hard and went on all day about it and I remember my grandfather complaining about it for several days. Julie was one of those two people.

So here I am with my grandfather now 85 years of age and my cousin Julie trying overly hard to get this thing done and dusted when out of the blue she suddenly says …

Oh don't worry about the money, nothing will happen to it” …

..which at the time would now be about £250,000 plus as now well over ten years had passed since my grandmother's death.

As set out by me … he had a minimum of £90,000 when my Nan died and as established, other then two windows and central heating, never spent any more than £15 per week. So 12 or 13 years of over £12,000 saved each year which does not take into consideration rises in pensions nor interest. You might note that nor have I nor will I take into consideration what he could have saved in the 7 years he lived in Southend.

Oh there is one thing. I have failed to mention his sold house or the fact that, for anyone shouting 'mortgage payments you dumb arse' at the screen he had owned outright for many years. Probably paid it off around 5 to 7 years before my Nan died? Cannot really recall.

I told Julie that as my grandfather and myself did not see eye to eye and he started arguments out of nothing all the time just like he had done to my Nan for 30 years I could not do it and no one else in London could. So that provided he agreed she was welcome to take him.

We really did not have much of a choice and I was well aware that Julie knew this and the fact she was up like lightning from Southend, and the only one if memory recalls, and mentioned the money had me now more than just a little concerned.

So the house? The one owned? Well lets us know through that figure out there before we fast forward … it sold for £430,000 just a few months ago, say six?

Remember my figure of £250,000 is likely way under. It is from having £90,000 and based on ten years of £13,000 odd a year. There is probably two to four years missing from when he went down to live in Southend, rises and interest and I am NOT taking into consideration the 7 years he was in Southend.

I will state that in her own words and two years after my grandfather being down there she, Julie, had, had a got at the old man several times. Exact words. This was after blowing my top because I got accused of taking money off my Nan years ago and not paying her back. Odd as, as I have already established and everyone would tell you, my grandparents never told each other about their money nor what they did with it.

Or to put it another way … either this was one of my grandfather's more serious lies or … he did not say this or was forced to. It would have been stupid for my grandfather to lie about this when it occurred me that it was Julie.

It is exactly the sort of shoot off the mouth sort of thing Julie would come out with, she was full of bullshit at times, Julie would say. Without checking/knowing the facts.

Over the years not many visited that regularly but we did visit, me included even though just once I admit. Well we did not get along and he was not only something of a liar but had been telling some bad ones. Something absolutely no one agreed with me on at the time and for years but for the last couple months, well since he died, they now know I was right about.

Remember me always going on about being called an idiot, moron, conspiracy theorist even only to be proved I was spot on and telling the truth later down the line?

That is probably exactly the same as what occurs on here and water of a Duck's back to me and as I have already done this and been through it, ignoring crap I get out of envy, jealousy and ego, and so know that eventually I will get through to people on here.

If you go back through my comments, I never delete comments even negative ones, you might note that out of … umm 500,000 or more visitors and outside of stupid video games comments from fanboys (do NOT get me started) there … well aren't any negative comments?

Well it is hard to prove me wrong on things because I do not falsify things and this is something you will both see by the end of this post and likely roar with laughter over?

So the figure to remember is something that is well in excess of £630,000.

Ooh had a break and had to go out and do some stuff.

Also on the third attempt to get my bike fixed due to a faulty part that was fitted to the bike Halfords have refused to do it for the second time. It is a cboardman bike which, as far as I am aware, is only sold through Halfords and that was where I bought it and I took out three years of some maintenance insurance thing and they are STILL refusing to do it.

Three times now I have tried to get this bike fixed and as it is a front axle and it is seized I cannot remove the front wheel and as it is one of those new mountain bikes with the bigger wheels, 29 inch instead of 26, it cannot go in s small car.

As I have been refused by two local people I am now in a situation where it is impossible or will be downright fucking frustrating to take the bike anywhere else only to get sent away for a fourth and fifth time.

So I have sent off a rather stern email to Sram, boardman bikes and Halfords HQ about this little issue that is their problem and not mine!

The one part of the bike I did not take any notice of was the bloody front axle and not only has it failed but when I found a replacement part on Amazon that was different something very telling happened.

The very first question I see is 'I have a cboardman txc pro 29, does this maxle fit my bike?' and immediately answered was 'Yes, I have the coboardman txc pro 29 and not only does this axle fit but it is far better than the axle the bike came with'.

That kind of explains why they have not sold this model for awhile in Halfords as it is obviously a common problem, though the utter tool at Halfords said he had never seen this happen before. I said 'Look?! First off this is a thousand pound bike so I very much doubt you sold many of them and secondly … the first two people I saw on the Amazon page of the part I bought where not one but two people with the exact same bike and therefore exactly the same problem.

God I am fuming about this … it is an major screw up for m plans for the next few weeks. Still maybe I will get something positive back from the three emails I sent? Have to wait and see but the video of the bike and the fault will go up in a couple days time.

So then. Last year.

Last year I had a couple major things going on, forgetting all the little things I could not even recall if I wanted to.

I had a daughter that vanished into thin air I was not prepared to go pursuing yet again and while I waited for her to get in contact and send me some paperwork the DWP decided to attack me and these two things fucked up my entire year and all the plans I had for 2016.

It went from looking to be the best to being the worst and I have already explained all this.

However … what I did not explain was that at some point in the year I got wind of the fact that my cousin Julie was planning to buy a house from the £430,000 of the sale of my grandfather's old house that was a three bedroom bungalow in Rochford, Essex and put it fully in her name and her name alone.

Remember what she said to me? “DO not worry about the money, it will be safe!”

It turned out my grandfather had let it slip out to another cousin who had been closest to Julie, other than me, over the years. To me my grandfather was actually deliberately getting this secret plan out in the open.

Julie was confronted by a cousin and she said that ..

  • “She had to look after her family”

On asking if the cousins, or me, two brothers and one sister, knew she said ..

  • “Yes and they are all OK with it”

When pressed about how this would upset the rest of the family she said

  • “Fuck the family, I have to think about my own”

That, according to her, was my grandfather, her daughter who is now an adult and therefore not a dependent and her two dogs. My cousin stated that he had wondered about the terrible things the cat had done .. as the cat had not been named as part of the family.

It was this insistence of keeping pets that got her thrown out of two properties … she does not seem to live in reality any longer and had been leaving reality little by little the last few times that I saw her.

Rules are for other people. Not Julie.

As will become clear.

Anyway I ended up throwing some spanners. Quite a few spanners in fact to various people and the one that I did not do is the DWP. This … will become clearer momentarily.

About a month or two later I get a phone call on Sunday the 8th January this year and am told by my brother Ryan he has some bad news. My grandfather is dead. During the phone-call I also find out that despite me causing some serious issues the purchase of the 3 bedroom bungalow in Rochford had gone through?!

This set everyone I know off on one and they stated how suspicious they find it that right after getting this house in her name my grandfather then dies within mere weeks. But it did not make sense. I could not believe that she would do anything and I later found out she had ripped into the hospital over my grandfathers death. He had been taken to hospital after an accident for his hip that had been broken. He had gone through the operation and come out of the anaesthetic which is the hardest part. Then he went downhill and died.

It later transpires that no one at all had been told he was even in hospital or that he had, had this accident. Alarm bells are ringing.

Of course I had already been told that my and my two brothers and one sister were all OK about my cousin buying herself a house that would take up almost half of my grandfather's estate.

Now my cousin has a three bedroom house for herself only and in a nice area with a massive garden and a greenhouse.

Do you have any bloody idea what I would do with a big garden and a large greenhouse outside of London?! Bloody big things. Go and look at my YouTube channel and my blogs … all thirteen of them!

I will achieve this soon but I wont own it and will have to pay rent for said house out of my own pocket and in the hope that along the way the things I have worked towards gradually for nearly five years pays off?!

On being asked why she thinks she deserves £300,000 of the £700,000 she states that she has had to turn down jobs of £45,000 a year. She was a barmaid and I have a BSc Single Honours Degree in Applied Computing, Batrachologist, Herpetologist, Ichthyologist, highly knowledgable in Orchids, Astronomy, Astrophysics along with other areas of science and a martial art and I could not hope to get a £35,000 a year job, let alone a £45,000 a year one as a barmaid or barmaid manager …. I quite obviously chose the wrong degree?!

So those looking for degree courses that go into highly paid careers should look into Barmaidology as this is obviously a new thing.

Being a control freak too she took charge of the funeral arrangements and added to this she would apply to be in charge or at least represent my grandfather's estate.

I don't think so!

Along the way that person who was most irate … or at least showed it was my sister who now and then would start up a thing about how we should do something now before it is too late.

Except I had and I had started prior to my grandfather's death and I had started up again post my grandfather's death. Probate have had no less than three emails from me and they were … um being very vague about answers very easily found in books or Google'd

This meant something to me. I can see beyond the trees to the wood and I can read between the lines rather well.

Two weeks after my grandfather's death I stated that something was not right and that I think an investigation was taking place.

I was told no and given excuses by family members but … well family and friends are not very good and nor have they ever been, at picking up where I am confident and one of the clues is not taking any notice of your excuses and reasons. There is a reason I do that.

Almost two weeks go by and still no official contact from anyone, sister starts panicking again, brother supposedly speaking to the villain of the peace now and then but nothing coming out. No estate details, ,even after four weeks, and no funeral and still waiting for death certificate and registry to take place.

Then the death certificate is finally issued and the hospital and the coroner's office are now contradicting each other?!

Now I am asking myself 'Is there an investigation going on and I have had my first evidence of that or is this another case of hospital and another public body fucking up big time?!' After all it is now two weeks and will still have nu funeral date.

Eventually the funeral gets arranged and my brother goes down to speak to said villain to arrange things and out of the blue gets told “Oh, and no one will be able to get the house off me!”

She also tells my confused brother now that there is a will and it has been signed.

Then I get a phone-call one day stating that the villain had called my brother and said that she needed my permission to bury my grandfather. Well would you believe it?! The control freak phones Manor Park Cemetery and it turns out that I now exclusively own the plot!! Lol.

On travelling down to sign some release forms my brother is so confused at what Julie told him about there being a will has asks me what I was told.

I told him word for word what was soad to me and that Julie told one of her brothers that there was a will, she was to get the house and we got the remaining money split between us but that it was not counter-signed. I pointed out that this was word for word as I had never heard the use of the term 'counter-signed' in the legal industry. It is signed by a solicitor, the owner of the will and a witness.

So who has not signed it? My grandfather? The solicitor? The witness? Or perhaps any two out of those three?

It smells so bloody fishy that a passing blind man would suddenly say “Morning ladies!!”

Yeeeah I kinda told probate to … umm check a few things in this regard. Yeeeah I want to say what it was that I pointed out or indeed all of the things I pointed out but … well informing your enemies of your tactics in battle is never wise.

However I would state that Julie seems to know a lot more than I do and this has NOT in any way been lost on at least one of my cousins.

I was never going to go to my grandfather's funeral and everyone knew that, I was that disappointed in him and along with that felt sorry for him if there exists an after life. Because after his selfishness and lack of help along with broken promises my grandmother would be waiting for him with an axe!

Well would you believe that my sister saw a medium, no larges were available, and m father and grandmother was there but no grandfather. I told my sister that Nan would have been waiting for him an axe made out of ectoplasm. She laughed.

I decided to go and my sister changed her mind twice too. I thought it better I was there for those that are still alive and being a scientist and not spiritual any longer I do not really think my grandfather would know I was there anyway. So I attended foe the living, you might say. Plus despite him being what he was it was the respectful thing to do and I wanted to take the high road, so to speak.

That day I signed the release forms, if you know me on Facebook, was the day I was tagged on Facebook by my brother Ryan who I was with, eating Pie & Mash in the Eel and Pie Shop in Leytonstone which my dad used to frequently go to.

The single funeral car pulled up and my cousin Julie exited the vehicle and looked straight at me, typical I was right by the door as the car pulled up, with an odd look. Could not work out if it was anger, frustration, shock that I was there or a mixture of the above?

That look was to become a subject again later on in the day.

There was an unusual speech about how much my cousin Julie had sacrificed for my grandfather and how my grandfather loved playing Cribbage?

Funny as I had lived with him longer than anyone else bar his wife and I never ever recall him playing Cribbage and neither did 7 other of his grandchildren either. Gin Rummy was his main game. There were a few card games that he knew. I taught him Black Jack which I learnt from my school days. I was pretty good.

I had to keep an eye on one single member of my family as he had the biggest axe of all and as it turns out there were some .. nicks on said axe that I was not aware of. Mind you had I been told of these . .events years ago I probably would not have believed it? I was close to Julie and would never have imagined her doing anything dishonest, even if I realised she was either drifting to fantasy land or was already in it and coming out with bullshit. Recently things had changed and suddenly the idea that she did these things years ago was no longer far fetched, quite the opposite in fact.

We were supposed to have a meeting, well eight of us at any rate. There was a ninth person I would have preferred was included but but for the fact that her mother, my uncle's second wife, had not done as she should have done and seem to be aligning with Julie. That will prove to be a mistake specially if she thinks she will get a bigger cut or has helped hid money it will all come out eventually anyway. It always does especially when I am involved.

The trouble was that when I first discovered what Julie was up to with the house I contacted this person, Sally, and told her as her daughter is one of us after all. Only I never received a reply of thanks and later found out that she had phoned up Julie and had … “had a go at her”.

So where was my reply of thanks?

And why was she there making funeral arrangements with Julie?

And why did her own daughter turn up unexpectedly during this procedure? Did she herself not trust Julie? Or her mother? Or both?

So you see it was a difficult situation Maybe Sally was just looking out for her daughter's share? I have no way of knowing as I have had zero communication from her.

She said hello and the usual pleasantries on the day of the funeral and I did get to state about the family disability that absolutely no one at all seemed to know about.

Remember I have said many times about people not taking notice and yet all call me super smart even Sherlock like in my deductive powers? Yeah and STILL like I said before no one takes any notice.

Turned out m uncle displayed at least one symptom that could be down to Fibromyalgia.

Yeah … does not even seem to matter much that I was diagnosed my a specialist in Fibromyalgia at Guy's Hospital either. Lol.

Funny as my Uncle and father both died in their mid fifties and I was nagged to get checked out as they were worried about me dying in my mid fifties. Yeah … I tend to think that I will in all honesty though I do not say this at anyone.

But I did get checked out over 15 years and then discovered there was indeed a problem that affected the family and both my Nan and dad had it but … everyone took no notice really. Not enough to inform the rest of the family of it and something that did not go unnoticed within months of m first self-diagnosis and then the confirmation at Guy's Hospital. No .. actions … no .. approaches of any kind. Alrighty then! Moving on.

The coffin was lowered into the grave and my cousin Julie appeared to be crying. I turned to look at the biggest axe and he had turned away. I told him I knew what he was thinking and what he would tell me, ten minutes from now and to ignore it.

Crocodiles were on the range.

Anyway we retreated to the road for a few minutes but instead of everyone walking towards the chapel were all our cars were parked we headed in the opposite direction. To nowhere in particular it seemed.

“Umm where are we going?” I asked before being told that we were heading for a pub. Oh this was cool, I thought, and we all headed off chatting and laughing as we did. Said villain was left with her compatriots standing in the road. Guess they headed off back to Southend?

During the course of the day I found out three things …

  • Julie was being investigated for several things …
  • One was bullying my grandfather, that one had me roar with laughter
  • One was benefit fraud, sorry …. nothing to do with me that one … but I know who is responsible for that one
  • That Julie was advised to sue me

That last one? Roared with laughter and I pointed out that I have only ever been down to Southend once in the last 7 years and that time was with my sister and we was only there a couple of hours.

I only informed probate of what I had worked out and at the end of the day if no one had done anything wrong then no one gets into trouble, right?

But if it turns out that someone has, and oh boy would I like to point out some more stuff I … well kind of pointed out, then they only have themselves to blame.

Did I metion that on walking to the chapel one cousin referred to the villain of the peace as “She .. She .. she who shall not be named!” and everyone laughed. It was funny as only 7 f the eight were present and the joker of the bunch had not even arrived and everyone was laughing. Including three partners. One partner in particular had remained behind for fear she would attack Julie on the day and yes it is that bad.

At the pub at the meeting I did not think would take place we drank and chatted about what Julie had done and many aired their disgust and shock to me. But a third of the time we were talking about all the comic book movies that ha been coming out over the years. We were all into Marvel and DC comics as kids you see. The other third of the time we were talking about video games and PC gaming, which I do, and Xbox gaming which they all seem to do. Apart form my brother Ryan who is into Playstations along with his son, my nephew Jamie.

I only had a couple of pints of lager but I am sure it reacted with some of my prescription medication as it felt more like I had three or four pints. I was still compus-mentus but I was talking more than usual. Though, lol, no one seemed to mind and one was even vaping and I pointed at his vape device while his brothers were all going on about it being unhealthy and I said “Wismec?!” to which his shocked face then said “Yes!” turned to look to his two brothers and said “See?! HE KNOWS!”

So yeah we chatted about vaping for some part of the day.

Oh and it turned out that some of them had seen my YouTube videos as well as my blogs! That was a pleasant surprise and I laughed when they said they saw one when I was ripping some public service a new one.

Looks on their faces when I said I had somewhere around 500,000 visitors in all and they were like “What?!” Lol.

I said provided nothing goes drastically wrong with probate and provided that Julie has not stolen the entire £700,000 then I will be at a million viewers in about a years time.

Well .. there is a little something I did not explain you see....

As stated when my grandfather went down to Southend he would have done so with between £250,000 and £300,000.

Julie never worked while caring for him for 7 years, remember this. Also remember her job descriptions in Barmaidology? It was £45,000 a year jobs being turned down remember?

Yeah so one day on pointing out to my sister that if Julie intends to keep the house she is going to buy to live in with my grandfather she would not be able to keep it as she states that she will. Being angry and as per usual it did not dawn on my sister that she would need a large mortage.

She was first looking at £400,000 houses and I stated that she could not do this as, it is easy to work out with ten people, that she would only get £60,000 and so would need a mortgage of £340,000 to buy us off.

My sister went back to Julie, this is like 18 months ago and pointed that out that she cannot get a mortgage for £340,000. She then said “Oh no, I am not looking at £400,000 houses, I am now only looking at £200,000 houses” to which my sister pointed out that she still would not get a mortgage of £160,000 and Julie, who had zero money 7 years ago and bver worked in those 7 years then said “Oh no, I only need a mortgage of £40,000 because I have £160,000 in savings”?!

Umm how?

Then apparently at some point my grandfather flashed his bank book at either my brother Ryan or I think it was my sister, maybe both? The bank book stated £100,000 and this was prior to the house being sold.

Umm …. but wait a minute? I can hear your brains now asking that … yes my grandfather would have gone to Southend with £250,000 and yet 7 years later than man who all he did was save now has only £100,000. A little more than he had when my grandmother died 18 years ago? No fucking way!

Oh but wait a minute? …

Here we have the cousin that offered to care for him and promised nothing would happen to the money and who had no money now has £160,000 in savings?!

I am afraid it gets somewhat more confusing now as since his death I have heard the following from people uttered by Julie ….

  • I have £16,000 in savings
  • I have £24,000 in savings and best of all the latest is …
  • I have no money and am looking for a job


I will leave the reaction in bold I think? Lol.

So … no one really knows but one brother and one sister think we will get £5,000 each. No, no, no. One cousin thinks she will get all of it and we will all get nothing. No, no, no.

Let us look at it the easy way …

  • £100,000 prior to house being sold
  • £430,000 from house and then
  • £290,000 for that dreaded bungalow

Oh I might add the bungalow has been completely refitted … or so I hear. Not bad for someone with no money.

Oh anmd my sister thinks the £160,000 was bullshit from Julie but as I pointed out … umm stating you have money when you have not is just plain stupid. But then is claiming you got £160,000 from somwhere without doing a days work in 7 years is something of a feat and a stupid thing to admit...especially if it got back to me. The one with the mathematical degree.

So £530,000 minus £290,000 is £240,000 between nine people is a bit more than the £5,000 that two of my siblings believe to be the case.

Unless John ends up being correct in his predictions but these are mere predictions for actions that are or had taken place after his death that would get found out that would lead to prison. The predictions of the £5,000 is based on what was left at my grandfather's death.

Yeah, yeah despite everything I stated prior to my grandfather's death I have been dragged into something I wanted nothing to do with and for that I have some extreme anger towards my cousin.

So around £26,000 each then? Well … no. Maybe not.

You see I think Julie would have to be fucking stupid to take first £160,000 from my grandfather's accounts and then another £290,000 for the house.

Remember I said she took almost half the estate for caring for him for 5 years?

Yeah well revised based on what I know to be true your looking at a possible £450,000 from £650,000 which is two thirds of the estate. Yup … that is right, two thirds!

However I do not actually believe this to be the case as I think that Julie only got that money out of my grandfather because she told him that she only needed £150,000 to buy that bungalow. Now that is a lot easier to believe than her taking another £290,000 after embezzling £160,000 out of him over several years.

Oh yeah and maybe I should mention that I am told by EVERYONE that every time they tried to see him Julie would spout lies and lame excuses to put them off.

Yeah another cunning ply she thought none would be the wiser to, but as I told my cousins I ran rings around MI5 and a couple of Merseyside Police Detectives who are still unaware I have them over a barrel and five hours interview on tape (including plenty of chat about MI5 and my communiques with them), and that they all called me a genius and wished I worked for them, the Police Detectives for the latter remark.

I digress.

If I am right then the estate left over, leaving out the bungalow in the equations, is £380,000 odd. So I think that what we are looking at here is between £240,000 and even as much as £400,000 left over.

Also … .shows how much I think about this but I was asked who my grandfather banked with on the phone two days ago when I stopped and said “Shit”. My sister asked what was wrong and I said “Errrr yeaaah I forgot, granddad has at least two accounts that I know about! On was Halifax which he even had shares in, yeah was worth £15,000 odd at some point but jack shit today no doubt? Another account he had was a Alliance & Leicester Giro account and I think one would have been for one pension and the other account his other pension?

So yeah he flashed his bank book around but it it was only one and I had forgotten about the other one. Lol.

Yeah … well lets look at it and deduct things shall we to make things simpler?

  • People were kept away from my grandfather for a period of time that stopped completely once it got out Julie as getting an entire house …
  • Easy then to turn around and as well as usual bullying to sign a will, you tell your grandfather that none of the others give a shit about him any more so she gets left a bigger portion
  • It is no secret that I am disabled and yet despite having the four outsider family members on my Facebook list (I am a fucking computer expert you know!) no one seems to know anything about it
  • A magic will is then drawn up that is never signed … by someone though we are not told who ….
  • But then we are told it is actually signed, said will

OOPS! Butter fingers!

Did I mention the mum has not been seen for three decades as she was a bit crazy and a bit of a liar and then some?

I reminded Justin that back when he was about 16 or 17 and I was about 21 then he told me that he and his three brothers were all scared that one day Julie would turn into their mother. He looked at me and grinned as he remembered this, surprised that I did, and said “Well she HAS hasn't she?” and we laughed at that remark.

So yeah … remember last year?

Remember I had my own daughter win a court case that no one I know now believes took place, except my landlord and landlady, and felt like I was stabbed in the back and then I had the DWP come and stab me in my sides … then I had a cousin I was close to come up and stab me in the guts.

Yeah well I did say that 2016 ended up bing the worst year in a long time after being predicted to be the best year ever?

Well … sometimes I do not always tell the whole story or all the story purely because it would not prudent to do so.

You cannot always think about the now, rarely can in fact. You have to think three or four steps and maybe even a lot more down the line.

The question then remains as to who has been counting their chickens?

And don't call me Shirley!

Expect a second part to this particular Revelations part. Lol.

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