Saturday, 15 April 2017


Well what do you know?

Thanks to a little ... minion, yes I shall name thee minion, has unearthed another precious little gem I have been waiting to hear about.

In fact now that I think about it, as I have hardly had time to think for a moment lately but more on that later, I am amazed this has failed to come up in the news media. What are they short of people in the big news media outlets of late? Or perhaps suddenly lost their investigative skills? Oooh maybe the BBC and Sky along with the other news channels have all had cutbacks themselves and have no staff left?

Perhaps they are all just copying each others news reports?!

Violent crimes in London is surging upwards, oh wow there is a surprise and yet a bloody gain there is something else I expected to see reported in the news a couple of years back.

We are also reported in a link below as the violent crimes capital of Europe. Cannot say I have witnessed nor heard anything but again does not surprise me.

My minion informs me that an MP, I think it was, referred to his area as looking or feeling like that of Beirut?! Funny that as I often think about how long it has been since I heard someone use 'Beirut' to describe the mess or disorganisation of a room or place. I was actually wondering just a couple of days ago whether they would start using a different middle-eastern town, like Aleppo? Funny how it is always a town in the middle-east? I wonder if it will ever stop occurring that the only towns used to describe a war-zone like hell-hole, or just your children's bedrooms, will be towns in the middle-east?

Cocaine capital of Europe as we all all being thrashed with proverbial whips now to work more than we are capable of ... should make the drug bloody legal ... and legal to take while at work ,.. that way they will get the work they expect to get done but do not deserve.

Oh-oh I know ... must be all those over paid bankers? They are the only ones that can afford Cocaine anyway?! Lol.

For once this last one is actually one I did not predict. Though ... if I had thought about it long enough I might have predicted it?

How about a news report that states that Britain is the organised crime capital of Europe, by the International Business Times and stated to them by none other than Interpol itself. Oh no wait it was Europol? Has there been a name change from Interpol to Europol or has Europe created yet another crime fighting wave because the others are not enough? Will they create another one two years from now because the ones they have, have not been enough?

Oh wait? Have we not been doing the same thing in Britain? Did we not create some FBI like cyber crime unit because the standard Police and Detective Constables have all been busy catching criminals and patrolling the streets?

Oh wait? They do not do that. Well not around here and I have not seen this anywhere else ... oh unless the kids are leaving school and despite them being fecking unruly and tossing their used fried chicken boxes everywhere, watch them appear on TV next week talking about saving the environment lol, then their are Wooden Police and Plastic Police all over the bus stops, lol. Crimes under bus stops has gone down ... well that is something.


Hmm ... Europol? Now there is an organisation I probably would not mind working for? I did used to think that about the UK's secret services but ... well let us just say that these days and after my ... brushes with them I am glad I never attended the interview with GCHQ. Or the Ministry of Defence in Yeovil either!

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