Tuesday, 18 April 2017


I wanted to take my time before writing this piece.

In that time I really wanted to think about history to come up with a parallel to place alongside what is happening today.

If history tells us anything it is that trickery and manipulation of the masses never works in the long run. But you can guarantee that someone will come along that think they are smarter than everyone else in history that has tried and failed on every single attempt to manipulate the masses.

There was some major and surprising news today and it reached me via my phone via BBC's News app in the most bizarre way.

I was in a friend's car heading to Waltham Abbey and was in Bullsmoor Lane in Waltham Cross after just leaving McDonalds with a couple of lattes. As we traversed along Bullsmoor Lane I saw a silver Mazda coming out of a side road. Just as we were almost on top of it I noticed it move forward and I realised she had not seen us. As I was about to warn my friend, though there was nothing he could have done and am not sure if anything audible left my lips, the car hit us and my coffee got squeezed as I lunged to the left. In an almost slow motion like fashion I could only watch as several droplets of latte coffee raised up before hovering momentarily and then head back down to the carpet and my legs.

We got out and the lady kept apologising, maybe feared being shouted at, and I told her not to worry and that these things happen.

While my friend spoke to the owner of the Mazda I rolled a cigarette before checking my phone for notifications. Looking to see if my NEA advisor had text me I then noticed a notification from BBC's News app and when I read the headline, or at least what I could see, I was somewhat … shocked, hesitated momentarily before an audible but quiet “What?” escaped my lips.

Prime Minister Theresa May had called a general election for June 8th this year?! But we are currently in the latter half of April!

I honestly thought I was dreaming and I had to tap the notification to go to the page to see if it was really stating what I thought it was. Yup, it was.

As I had a bit of a wait I suddenly thought of someone I know that absolutely hates the Tories with a passion and I knew that if he heard this news he would be over the moon. I, however, was both sceptical, as I knew what he would think, and suspicious of this 'out of the blue' statement.

As it had turned out he was already aware of it and was campaigning about it .. somewhere on the Internet.

I did try to warn him not to be presumptuous about the outcome but he was already there..at the end and with a victory for the Labour party.

I told him what I thought were the reasons she was calling for an election now but he had an answer for that too, which differed a fair bit from my own.

Now there may be some ego massaging going on, is there ever not, but I think someone has thought long and hard about time. I have a possibility that may turn out to be the case as well as I am trying to think up of things that could be why this shock announcement has come.

Now … first off what I thought is that Theresa May would have liked it very much if she had been voted in via a general election that being placed as Prime Minister by her own party. I think anyone would want that and that is the 'ego massaging' I referred to a little earlier.

I thought that for this to have any chance of happening it would be wiser to call an election earlier rather than later. That is in essence what I came up with.

There are some … other possibilities and I would not be surprised to find out later that maybe there has been some rumblings within the Labour Party and that the Tories have heard that Labour is on the verge of a split?

Now over time it may well turn out that more and more people would have become wiser or affected by the Tories governing of the country and voted against them in the next general election which I believe would have been around 2020?

The funny thing is that I was just saying to someone the other day that more and more are become wise to the lies and tricks of both the DWP and the NHS.

Now remember the DWP is not all about people that are out of work. I shall say that once more time just so that it sinks in … the DWP are not exclusively dealing with people out of work and claiming benefits.

There are people in work and struggling to get by on low wages while the costs of housing and rent is too high. They also deal with pensions, as that is what the 'P' stands for.

I personally had forgotten about Working Tax Credits and along with that are Child Support, or benefit or whatever it is called these days, and Personal Independent Payments. There may well be others?

I spoke to someone just a few days ago who was working an ice cream van for a friend and he told me that he had just discovered that the DWP have been lying to him as have the NHS. Both in very recent times and he was shocked as he listened to me explain that it has actually been going on for a number of years. That they were working on batches, or groups if your prefer, at a time. I explained that a Doctor I had met once around 6 or so years ago had found out they had started to do this via her patients.

Basically he had realised that they had just gotten around to him.

I also have just realised that I have not explained this yet to one of my friend's oddly the one involved in the car accident today! Because what it was that the ice cream van guy suffered with was the same my friend has. Diabetes.

I kept warning my friend that they would get around to diabetics eventually and he stated that there was no way the DWP would touch him because of how serious his condition was. I told him and maintained this for five years now that they did not care.

They really only care about how the public perceive them.

Whether this is through the fact that the majority or people were amoral and did not care about disabled people as taking from the disabled would help them or it was through naivety they did not care. As long as the majority was a mixture of the two then they would win elections is what it comes down to.

This is why there is that rumour and investigation going on into the government preventing the big mainstream media names from publishing stories about people suffering and/or dying via the actions of the Tory government. It is claimed, and may well be proven, that documents exist that show how they did this and who it was they controlled.

This is mainstream media do not forget, who have been banging on about fake news with other … outlets mainly or entirely based on the Internet.

Damn it! My brain does not bloody work as it should at times … this could be another factor on why the general election has been called? Because if they got a hold of these documents the Tories would be finished and not stand a chance in winning another election.

If nothing else I have learned that trying to get what you now as fact to as many people as you can, well enough to make a difference, is a bloody long and painful process and takes an immense amount of work, time and pain, in my case at least.

I literally thought I would reach enough people in the UK to make a difference within a year or two at the most? Lol, no fecking way.

I shoved onto the Internet and linked into tens of gigabytes of recordings and documents of a Police Force (maybe two?), five local councils, the DWP, the NHS and even details about being involved with the secret services and that I almost worked for one some years back, GCHQ. I also published details and evidence that dozens of ombudsman for all these public services not only do feck all but they actually help those you have evidence on.

Think about that for a moment … those tasked to Police, for want of a better term, these public services are told of evidence that they have broken the law, or Hippocratic oaths, and they have then HELPED those accused.

So if your working or own your own business your PAYING these people to not do what they are tasked to do and break the law. Your also paying for those tasked to keep check on these public services who then help them to conceal what they did wrong.

How do I know this?

Because all of the ombudsman fell into a trap of my own design.

None of them asked for the evidence and in most cases they got in contact with the public service in question and the next thing I got were the idiots I accused sending me letters and notifying that whatever governing body or ombudsman I contacted had got into contact with them.

Well now, that is bizarre is it not?

I do not even get a reply, let alone being asked for copies of the evidence and yet those I accuse get contacted and I get a letter with excuses on it?

The one for the NHS, provided to them by the GMC was absolutely laughable and it did not even end there. The PHSO refused to contact me until I had gone to two people that lied, GP and Hospital, then to those that are corrupting the GP's and Hospitals before they would even look at my complaint. When they did they spent two years sending me compliment slips saying they was working on it, along with a shed load of emails from a Jonathan White, I should have been suspicious of the bloody name. After two years and having gone six months from not hearing from them I contact the PHSO yet again and they say “Who are you?” I ask them what in the feck they mean by asking that they have been working on my complaint for two years. They then tell me they have no record of me. I tell them the guys name, Jonathan White, and they inform me they have NO RECORD of a Jonathan White ever having worked for the PHSO?!

No, seriously. That was what happened and that was just with the NHS and the PHSO about ONE complaint when I had dozens of incidents with the NHS. Five GP surgeries and five hospitals. No word of a lie and a great deal and all that I need to prove this was posted on this very blog.

Though at over 100GB, and could very well be over 200GB now, I could not publish it all and to be honest there are dozens of audio recordings that I simply forgot to rename to remind me what was in them when I looked at the filenames.

Yeeeaaaah … FIBROFOG.

Yes and that was the one thing they could use against me and the very reason that when I suspected they were lying to me that I started recording them in the first place. Because I could forget details about what was said.

So whenever I stated what was on any recordings that I DID rename and did publish I may very well have forgotten important things that were indeed said while recording.

That is without the ones I forgot to rename!

But … I also contacted every single major national newspaper and every single major TV News network and I told them what I had.

I did picture my suspicions about the news media wrong and being invited down to their head offices and sitting there in a room, conference table and all, and handing them over a USB memory stick with everything I had on it.

But once again and to my own disappointment my suspicions about the media I had already had for several years were spot on. I did not even get an acknowledgement from them and maybe they were so scared of me that there dare not even do that?

Well I was told by two Merseyside Detective Constables and from a guy at MI5 that I was a genius to which I said … “yeah … I get that a lot”.

Many people I have met either briefly or have got to know along with Metropolitan Police and their forensics have said that to me over the years. I think I was about 15 when someone that owned a Manor House and many acres of land was the first one to say that. Before letting me and my surprised work colleagues drink a bottle of champagne that I was told would cost us more than a months wages.

So yeah … as you can see thought with the power of the Internet and social media I could get to enough British people in the space of a year or two. Lol.

On what is a rare occasion I got into a conversation where I said that I am very rarely wrong he then turned and said to me “Well I can think of one thing you are wrong about?” I changed the subject to something else.

Now I would forgive you for thinking, “Cocky twat does not like being told he is wrong!” except that I do not mind being wrong.

Except if I told you that I knew what I was going to be told I was wrong about and would have actually gotten angry with this guy and told him to 'fuck off' you might wonder why?

If I told you this man was a Jehovah's Witness I think you can pretty much guess what he was going to tell me I was wrong about? LMAO!

The reason why I would have told him to 'fuck off'?

Because he was going to tell me I was wrong about my theory of the creation of life because the answer would have been God.

Because he run down scientists, yes OK some deserve it as I have previously stated, about proving things and yet wanted us to go on faith. Because of some books that men wrote thousands of years ago. One guy tells me who was told by someone else and them by someone else and so on and so forth because they all read it on a book that some guy wrote.

I almost did a facepalm when he suggested that I had faith to know that I could work things out and that was proof that God exists?! Because I had faith in my own abilities? Jesus H. Christ! Oops! LMAO!

I do NOT know I have the ability to work something out or prove it UNTIL I have actually done it and faith has feck all to do with it and never has.

Maybe he got annoyed, maybe even jealous, when I told him about my blogs and YouTube channel and that I was close to half a million people and was thanked by a religious man a few years back on one of my blogs? It was not the blogspot blog so do not go looking for it if your reading this on there. Lol.

But according to him should stop all this and be a Jehovah's Witness?

Yeah … I am currently getting through to thousands of people per month, soon to be tens of thousands of people a month all of which would take no notice of my helpful information if I turned around one day and said … “Hey, guess what! I am a Jehovah's Witness now!”

All my work destroyed over night … all because he would get a commission for recruting me from a higher being that has never made his presence known no matter who was dying or suffereing nor how many? Riiiiiiiiight!

I told him to go back to his rebel base or whatever they call it and to ask around if anyone knew who the 'Mission Man' was. Because some that are not as annoying as him have nicknamed me that.

Whether they see me as a man that creates my own missions and speeds of to achieve my goals and help people or they think I have been placed here by a higher order, like their boss and it would not be the first time a religious group thought the latter, I do not know.

So I just do what I do and I just keep on doing it until I reach a goal. I relied on word of mouth and people to talk or even post about my … umm posts out on the Internet and though this is happening, from time to time at least, it has not happened as first as I originally thought it would.

There could be .. outside influences of course and I would have been a complete fool to start doing this without thinking of the possibility of any .. external meddling. But I am discoverable and I have been in situations where people have asked me for my blog, two notable from public services even, and have found it … pretty easily and to the point that it shocked one. I told a Doctor to type in “A Saint Called Allnights” into Google and it came up as number one. He said “But … its the first one on the list?!” and I simply said calmly “Yup”. Lol. He smiled. He said that he knew everyone was up to no good. He was pleasantly shocked I had what I had and had done this for as long as I had.

Lol, that was like 6 months ago now I think? Still here. If you are reading this. I still have a mountain of stuff I need to … go through and publish on-line. At some point and it will take me months, if not years, to publish everything.

Wow, I would state that I digress but that would be an understatement.

But you see now that I really am not one to just post something up online quick as everyone will be looking to Google it as it was just in the news, because I like to give it plenty of thought.

Ergo, Theresa May is calling a general election for a very crafty reason which could be for the reasons I stated or it could be something else?

Well … as I was messaging this person I know it turned out that he had … other reasons it was being called. But then he also thinks Labour will win with Jeremy Corbyn and I am not so sure. I strongly believe that Jeremy Corbyn will be less popular than Ed Milliband with the British public, or at least enough of them, that they wont vote for him.

Before I continue on with the reasons I was given by someone else as to why Theresa May shocked everyone by calling for a general election let me say this …

I am sure that by telling Nicola Sturgeon 'no' to another referendum she thinks she has guaranteed that all of Scotland will vote for the Scottish National Party. That is half of her job done.

So once again the Scottish people will sleep walk into putting the Tories into Number 10 just as they did at the last election?

That last point may well be the one to prove the theory of someone I know to be wrong?

Now to the other reason …

As I stated I was given another reason that the general election was called by Theresa May and that is down to talk of an investigation going on into voting fraud?

Yeah you read that correctly.

Yeeeaah those of you that have been coming here long enough might recall that I actually called that one right after the last general election? Lol.

So the general thinking of a group of people whose size is unknown to me is that if this is found out later on they will never get back into power.

You know what? I am inclined to agree that they do absolutely think this but the key in all this is not only what they should be thinking but that I am likely the only one that will state what that should be. I find it absolutely weird that no one else, not my friend, will state what I do when I state what they should be thinking.

They should not be thinking that they might be out of a job at the next general election.

What they should be thinking is will I go to prison over this?

So … has it gotten so bad and the higher up and the public services gotten away with so much that they think they are above the law and can do what they want? That the worst that will happen is that they will lose their jobs?

Also … have the public gotten so used to this getting away with murder, which it has turned out to be in some cases, and that these people never get prosecuted and are protected?

I can not say for absolute certainty that voting fraud has been going on and I could only tell you what it appeared to me at the time, which I did .. at the time. Lol. Memory issues … cannot recall what I said … at the time. Lol.

If you want to see the report about the voting fraud here is the link to The Mirror tabloids webpage report on it …

I also note that another top celebrity is now being named as being linked to an investigation into child sex allegations?

A world famous … British singer. My, my, my.. Jemimah!

It feels at times like the country is coming apart because people liked, trusted, adored and voted for have all got up to some extremely nefarious things.

Huh. Was just about to post this and BOOM, no Internet. Had to turn off the main device and turn on again. Weird.



Oh and what do you know? Theresa May lies!

“I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.”

So a 'snap election' would be bad for the country because of reasons ... Brexit but now it is not? LMAO!

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