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Well .... more of a master religion really ... or culture.

Jesus, they have been at it again and before I even got around to doing a post on the London attack one takes place in Sweden of all places.

Well ... I say 'of all places' but many of us have seen videos on YouTube regarding the problems in Sweden and the viewers as well as some in the documentary styled videos knew it was just a matter of time.

In fact around four years back I fell out with someone from Sweden I thought a great deal of and ... we disagreed on these immigrants. I told her that trouble in Sweden was just a matter of time and she insisted it would never happen.


There are times when I so want to be wrong but fairly often I know that I will be proved right ... despite disliking my predictions very much.

Unfortunately for mt Swedish friend she only saw them when they are nice to your face but I had seen and heard another side to them. One that they keep hidden.

It is pure evil, believe me.

Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them it made them utterly predictable and this high opinion of themselves and their view that everyone else is either stupid or naive and easily fooled made them easy to manipulate.

I still never got thanks for it and had to hear that they acted on the information and instructions I gave them and actually caught a group and prevented an attack from locals. A whole year after the event..


Fucking retards.

Interesting that something I predicted in a country other than the UK has now actually taken place.

Hmm ... lets scan across Europe for another prediction, shall we?

Do you know exactly what nationality I would not want to be right now? Oh I often wish I was anything other than British at times, I might add. No, I would not want to be German right now. I certainly would not want to be Angela Merkel right now either.

You see the PC elitists, lets call them that, have this really stupid belief and it is so effing obvious it stands out a mile. They keep on insisting and following the mantra that if you carry on being nice to people they will eventually change. Now what really occurs is that those that think themselves belonging to some master race or culture know this and they just keep on using it to kill people.

That is in essence what is wrong and why people are dying.

In Germany they even give classes to immigrants showing them how to mate, yes I said that, with white women properly.

Yeah ... sorry ... I breed animals and this is far worse than even treating living things as animals. It really is. Not only is it insulting, patronising and condescending it is morally wrong.

As a result there are dozens, if not hundreds, of videos about this on YouTube and the content creators and the people in the comments sections really ... umm, go to town on this one.

Twenty or more years they have been going in this direction and yet it has gradually gotten worse and far worse now than it ever was.

Everyone knows it will only get worse.

Every single person I have ever spoken to anywhere about this onlyy state it will get worse and I have never come across anyone who is in favour of it or this politically correct no matter want stance some countries now have.

What you do by keep giving them chances is just opening more doors for them to carry out their heart's desires. Killing anyone that is not like them.

Hence why I call them the New Master Race.

Except they somehow manage to make Hitler look like a rookie! Their means are far worse than Hitler's and the only other difference between them is the damned numbers. Well ... I assume this is the case?

Beheaded or gassed to death? I know what I would choose if given the choice.

So there have now been two attacks and in both cases the culprits ... SORRY, the members of the new master race were known but ... were ... umm fringe targets, did they say? Something like that. They were not main targets ... yeah looks like that don't it?!

When I came across my own radicals the problems and choices were simple...

Do NOT allow them to raise their suspicions and ...

Assume that it is a certainty that they will carry out an attack at some point.

Now to be perfectly honest due to period of time I came across them the targets were not only bloody obvious but were easy to redirect when they did become suspicious.

I had a couple of these odd phone-calls of people trying to put on fake voices. Yeah ... that was never going to wash with me. So I called them out ... by doing this I made them think redirect their focus and without them even knowing it I gave them a target they simply could not resist. I knew that if there was to be an attack I knew EXACTLY where it would take place.

The fact it was publicly known I rode right past this place on my bike three times a week ... kind of ... did the convincing for me.

So they inflated a dinghy and paddled down river where the Police and MI5, more lie MFI were waiting for them. Oops! BUSTED!

Master Race and more intelligent than Brits? Yeah well maybe some others but you tried to mess with the worst Brit of all you bloody misguided morons with delusions of grandeur. Try Googling that last phrase 'Delusions of Grandeur' and look at the horses and see if you can work out the message in the painting you find.

I will be honest it was far easier than I thought it would be. Yeah I risked my own neck but it was a necessary gamble and I figured that an attack taking place just as I was passing by was something of a bloody long shot!

At least if I had died I would have died a hero as enough people knew by then that it would have hot the national tabloids, lol.

Still, they did not succeed.

However when I look at everything I see a very different picture to that everyone else sees. Well in my eyes many seem to be totally blind. They cannot see the wood for the trees in my view.

So much corruption, so many amoral people and so much lying going on within public services within the UK and it appears in many other European countries too? Behind closed doors many of us and even many disabled people think they do not give a shit about human lives. But ... wait? What?

Everywhere you look or hear in the media you have this outcry about lives but not of those of anyone in Europe. It is always about the very people that think themselves the master race. I have never been able to work out whether they think this is the only attitude they can take to keep there paid jobs, paid by the taxpayers I might add. Or whether or not they are some crazy leftist communists that have the attitude I previously remarked upon that if you keep being nice to them they will eventually change. Oh yeah they might wipe out dozens, hundreds or thousands of lives along the way but leave them alone and they will change.

No ... they wont. Ever.

Except maybe the naive kids that simply see things through rose tinted glasses until they experience the real thing, like all those that went out to the middle-east to be with the Islamic State. Or ISIL if you prefer?

Hmm ... speaking of which ... not doing to well are you ISIL? Despite the fact that you have the all powerful God fighting on your side and weapons and bombs made by every other country than your own. Because you cannot remain civil to each other long enough to create, invent and manufacture your own things.

Then I spotted that guy on TV that I think was caught up in the London attack talking about healing and preventing further bloodshed with love? Really? Yeah ... let me know how that works out for ya, man!

My face was in my palm after that last paragraph.

You keep laying down and they will continue to walk right over you.

I wonder if they will delete the very notion of fringe individuals from their records within the secret services?

The trouble with the word 'fringe'? It means what it states and would not take much for 'fringe' top become 'severe' or even 'imminent'.

Now I look at it that a fringe radical only needs to be both angry about something and behind the wheel of a car ,or mages to get behind the wheel of a bigger vehicle like a lorry for instance, and things can rapidly escalate. As has now been witnessed.

My own targets were not seen as 'imminent' by even the person that was being held prisoner by them and lived in the same damned building. After about a month of raiding their phones for conversations and data and some odd videos being taken ... that attitude changed. They then began to realise and suddenly there was a need to escape.

They did escape and with my help directions being given using a couple of phones, a smartphone was invaluable in this instance.

BUT ... I had ... difficulties with the Police, being pratts as usual, and local councils who think everyone is innocent and needs help. Unless your British born then your left to rot in the gutter.

Still ... some stern words and a detailed description of how I would raise their public services to the ground on the Internet in just a year or two and the tabloids and TV News and they soon came around and became helpful. That is until they thought they could start lying to me and I would not find out and nor did they realise I had recorded every fucking word they had said too. Yeeeah ... provided the links are not broken that is all on this blog. Lol.

After all that and after all that I have taken on head on too ... I have this ... individual that thinks they are smarter than everyone else trying to screw everyone over a barrel so that they can steal an inheritance of £750,000. They already stole £300,000 that I know of and I would wager the real figure is around £450,000.

They think that some would not want confrontation and take them to court and that others cannot afford to do that.

They are wrong.

I get pressurised at times, or just leaned on with some of the other victims stressing out about this whole affair and keep telling me that 'we' should 'do something'. Cannot help but think they are actually asking me to do something.

The thing is ... I do have an option. But it is an option that cannot apply to them ... and I have not exactly told them of this. Because I cannot tell them 'not to worry' because these people cannot act for others and only me.

So I get told that this person is going to do this and then that person is going to do that. I also get told of things told to other victims about what has gone on and the law involved and it has been wrong.

£180 to £400 and hour and they are getting it wrong. Oh Bejesus!

I wish they would stop telling me what we should do and just go and do something. I have ... other things going on but if I am forced to I will do something. But the other things are just going to have to wait until this thing is in hand.

Of course a public service is supposed to be handling this and they are not ... or to be more precise are doing so and doing it very, very badly. Very ... badly. In fact I have been told to write a letter of complaint by the public service I ripped the arseholes out of when it is not even over yet. In fact just a week after getting the email telling me to do this they made yet another giant mistake.

In fact I now know currently what the schemers plan is to keep the money and they had planned to achieve this by being ... conservative with the truth.

You see we were all supposed to contact ... someone in writing at a particular address and as it turns out there is a time limit for people to get in contact. That time limit is the 2nd of June. Well if that is what the date stated in a very public webpage is what I think it is.

It can only mean that either something has to happen by the end of June, all interests get in contact, or something ends by the 2nd of June. The process I am waiting to end and had initially predicted it would be the end of April to mid-May.

Oh my God! These people are just sooooo stupid and yet they speak to the public in such a patronising way that they must think they are the only ones with any brain cells at all. But they are making sooo many mistakes by the law and on moral grounds along with hypocrisy that it beggars belief in more ways than one.

I have now digressed. Into an area that is part of my 'Revelations' series and no ... that is nothing to do with 'Revelations' from the bible. I am in no way religious ... though someone I know might argue that we are dealing with a devil incarnate?

As for the public service ...


... yeeeah. You really should not be allowing me to collect a mountain of evidence about you as well as recordings! Jesus H. Christ!

I tell you something I have long since posted about ... which I also never disclosed, despite the state I was in at the time, has a ... recording. In fact I have fecking dozens of recordings I have not published in the last two years.

What? Did you think I was going to just stop? If so I would dearly love to know 'why' you thought I would stop?

And as for complaints ... yeeeeeaaaahhh I think I will wait until the end until all of the mistakes and the hypocrisy has taken place and then I will roast all of your arses on an effing spit over a fire of blue flames!

Let us see how patronising you sound then and how culprits suddenly realise they are NOT the smartest person on planet Earth?

As for these radicals ...if I lost someone close to me in an attack ... I would not insult their souls by making excuses for their murderers.

Murder is murder ... there may well be reasons in many cases of murders, outside twisted psychopaths, but murder is till murder.

You insult a lot of people both alive and dead by making excuses for those that carry out barbaric and murderous attacks on innocent people.

Stockholm Attacks on BBC website..

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