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I am still watching the odd video, American based, on Donald Trump's presidential win and a very interesting reaction to some news reports.

To my surprise I spotted an video that had a title stating a moment when MSNBC News stated that they realised that the news media played a part in Donald Trump winning.

They speak about how the New York Times were partly responsible along with many others for not concentrating on the people of America. They then point out the titles to the reports in the New York Times that still ignores what the people wanted and instead concentrates on the gloomy side of the outcome.

The guy on MSNBC,, I can only see his first name of Joe, speaks about his greatest respect for the New York Times but points out a great many failings in modern journalism.

It was quite interesting to watch because there were four people in the studio and they all looked stunned and that is putting it mildly.

One other person in the studio also mirrored what Joe was saying and also held up the issue of The New York Times to point out its heading and sub-heading.

Now for me … what Joe said was … ballsy and I have a lot of respect for him to point out what he did.

Though it did sound like that The New York Times were telling people that Hillary Clinton has a 98 to 99 percent chance of winning, insinuating that a large number did not bother to vote as Hillary Clinton had it in the bag.

Joe also pointed out that one news reporter was 'slammed' for stating that Hillary Clinton only had a 70% chance of winning.

He also gave a message to the New York Times and stated that anyone voting for Donald Trump was a racist and a bigot and went on to say that if they continue to believe that 50 million Americans were racist and bigots then he pitied them.

In other words change your tune before you commit commercial suicide.

This is why the tabloids in America and the UK are failing, it is not because of the Internet for any other reason than the real facts that are unbiased can be FOUND on the Internet. Yes you have to have a feel or a bit of know-how to sort out the wheat from the chaff and there are times when that can be hard. But the more you look around the more you can build up a picture.

In other words you are doing the job that journalists are paid to do but either do not bother and put their own political desires over or fulfilling that of someone else's.

The video below is that which I am talking about but I would wager that both on and off screen there are a lot of stern talks going on like that. Because some that DO consider themselves as professionals have ended up looking bad.

He openly admits that Michael Moore he does not see eye to eye with but Michael Moore stated that Donald Trump would win because Americans are hurting and he praised Michael Moore for getting it right.

That takes a lot of balls to do what Joe did at MSNBC and I for one am both surprised and impressed at his little speech.

I do wonder what more can come out of all this in the media.

I heard a couple of reporters from two national UK tabloids react with a 'no' when asked if they thought Donald Trump would employ Nigel Farage, as he had just been there, as ambassador to the UK. Now this was not your average negative 'no' but an almost dismissive sarcastic one where a man they dislike could not possibly be accepted.

Hmm now where have we experienced this news media negativity towards a single man in very recent times? Oh yeah, all the news media and in the UK too towards Donald Trump. Now they see how that worked out for them. O at least they should, if they take off their Ray-Ban sunglasses that is?

Hey guess what UK journalist numb-nuts? If Donald Trump gave him that position you would have no fucking choice, despite the fact that you think you and the British government do. Or are you simply going to ignore the Brexit voters yet again?

Jesus Christ the arrogance of UK national tabloid journalists is simply staggering, as is the level of blindness and deafness they are afflicted by. Take a look at the American news media as they are all back-peddling like crazy and eating humble pie. Jerk-offs.

At least the American media have actually realised what they have done. It was a mirror image of what was done to Nigel Farage by the news media and he still got votes, just did not do as well as Donald Trump.

Also you MIGHT want to take note of this … I told one Conservative voter and three Labour voters that the word on the wire was that Donald Trump was being offered the job of Ambassador to Europe and do you know what these people did? They burst out laughing! They thought that was hilarious due to feelings that both Nigel Farage and European leaders and diplomats have for each other.

I think you will find that everyone that voted for Brexit will also burst out laughing if this did indeed turn out to be true and he did become Ambassador to Europe.

The funny thins is that I knew nothing about Donald Trump, was not sure about him being president, but preferred him over Hillary Clinton, thought he was a a bit silly saying some of the things he did but find him interesting and likeable. I also admired Nigel Farage for having the balls to say many of the things he did and the criticism he took for it. So I find it not only quite surprising that Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are friends but also kind of neat as well as kind of interesting.

That last point? Yup, interesting because I am wondering if there is a game plan and wondering if I have already realised what that game plan is.

If I am right the UK and Europe are in for a big shock in either four years time or seven to eight years time.

Just saying and I said it here! Lol.

The world is a stage and you do not get much bigger than being one of the US Presidents right hand men. That tends to … change people's perspectives over time. A perspective that I thought had changed prior to the last general election in the UK. This was one of the few times I got it wrong, despite many being shocked at how many votes Nigel Farage and UKIP received.

I think Mr Farage has found a different route to the one he wanted which may turn out to be a lot quicker than his previous one? A much smarter one?

Just saying.


I stand corrected as it seems that people are both realising that the British News Media is crap and lying and manipulating the British people but is bein reported on, on YouTube just like the American media was ...

The BBC .. my favourite organisation followed by several other nationwide electrical store chains ...

The BBC .. my favourite organisation followed by several other nationwide electrical store chains ... sick and tired of celebrities that do not have to lie among it all and nor do they have to travel in buses and trains on inner London that get targeted by suicide bombers! ..

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