Sunday, 13 November 2016


So then … more details regarding the United Nations investigations into the current Conservative UK government and their inhumane treatment of disabled people.

It seems some campaigners are urging the United Nations to act upon this after the UK government dismissed the UN's report?

The report made 11 recommendations some of which seemed to suggest and I think true, the 'negative and discriminatory stereotypes'. Yeah not only have I heard this but would you believe much closer to home than you would really want and enough to be somewhat … uncomfortable.

The report has at least found out the facts when it states that there have been 'systematic violations of the rights of people with disabilities.'

What also should be extremely embarrassing to the Conservative Party is that the UK is the first nation to be investigated for it's treatment of people with disabilities. That is on RECORD now. That is going to hurt, may not seem to do so immediately but in certainly will in time. Especially if this continues and the United Nations actually go ahead and do something for once.

It is staggering that we live in a world now where people in power seem to think that even if the truth and the facts have been presented to them they can just quote in the media it is all complete crap. Oh they will have all their excuses lined up for each one.

It is rather like the US Elections that took place recently where I saw videos of accusations being made about the Clintons at rallies among other things and they are just ignored stating some bullcrap excuse. Or just claiming the accusations are bullshit.

We are in the west awash with this attitude that if it is in the news media then it must be true and if it is not reported then it cannot be true.

I have had my own experience of this and is the main reason that my blogs got started in the first place.

Because I sent reports along with four DVDs loaded with evidence and I heard nothing. I had several stories each of which could have made the first couple of pages. In other words I had a long list of shocking and horrific events.

In fact one ended last year and II kept expecting to hear about it on the news or read about it in a tabloid or on the Internet. But, nothing.

So a letter is going to go to the United Nations and signed by a bunch of people, Scottish SNP MPs along with disability and poverty campaigners.

In fact I am shocked at how low they will go to make everyone else pay for their and their cronies mistakes except the ones that caused this and blindly walked right into it.

My life has been hell not for days, nor weeks but for months now. I have managed to sort out a few things but I am not in a position I feel comfortable in, quite the opposite in fact.

As a matter of fact each time I have forgotten to take my Propranalol pills for a day or even two I start to have difficulties.

In fact I should mention that I am meeting someone very soon that might be able to help and this is a first. This really and truly is a first as for the first time someone has asked to meet me.

It is possible that this meeting could change a whole load of things and someone I know believes there will be compensation involved due to what I have been put through and am still being put through. I will believe that when it happens.

I see now on a Facebook link I just clicked on they are claiming that the actions of the British government and the DWP have cost THOUSANDS of lives?!

Thousands? Sue it cannot be that many? How could it get so high without being exposed somewhere?

There is a video and the page claims to have exposed Atos, Capita and Maxima along with the DWP.

The Facebook page that states this …

Here is the link from The Herald Scotland regarding the UN report into the British government .

Hmm I am feeling quite mellow and a little dizzy. I just took my pills and realised I had not taken them yesterday either. Must have something to do with me being so mellow I feel slightly stoned?

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