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What follows is something I scribbled out in one of my many notebooks, paper based ones, a couple days back. I have done this a great deal lately.

Also I have regained an old Internet connection, due to the crap I have gone through with Virgin Media. I will add and will post up today details of the Virgin Media fiasco with their god awful complaint reply as well as yet another figure for the bill that is different to the other four … err or was it five? No it was four as it went from … ooh wait a minute … £40 to £124 twice then £140 once and then £93 twice and now it is £123 … err or £122. I think?! Anyway the point it it is (counting) four, now five out of seven bills for the same bill date.

Do not forget the three different bill dates of the 3rd, 9th and 12th September!

Yeah, who is going to set up a direct debit for a company like that?! No one with any common sense, that is for sure! In fact it is my belief that they should not be ALLOWED to set up direct debits when they have no obvious clue as to how much or when it should be paid! Bad enough if just one or the other but … BOTH?!

As I said I will get to that briefly in a following post.

This will be followed by another post on a later date that will, or should, be taken as a positive/conclusive sign to all that has gone before.

So yeah, due to the fiasco my Internet has been on and off, umm worse than it was under Virgin Media anyway. Now it is on … sort of, but this is only a temporary measure before I get a strong and solid landline again from a company that seems to know what they are doing? According to one member of my family that is not BT either, which was one of my early choices. Main choice at one stage.

Also I will add that someone I spoke to yesterday that was a previous customer of Virgin Media suddenly said something in our conversation about them … “I TOLD you not to go with them, DIDN'T I?!” I could only reply “YES, you did and I should have taken your advice”

See? I do have and admit to my mistakes. Lol.

However what with me being only one of three computer experts I know, with one other not seen for many years unfortunately and now retired and the other nearby I simply kept forgetting about and lost his contact details when I did, FIBROFOG. So really out of the regular people I am the only computer specialist. Anyone that knows their IT would know that most of the time you simply cannot go by people's descriptions of computer and Internet problems.

Added to this was my belief that any IT and Internet provider simply could not exist being as bad as was described. Even if it was described like this by many! Though in my defence I do know two others that are still with Virgin Media and they have not had difficulties this bad. One is a family member and one a local friend. I have not been contacted by either one regarding any connection problems but this does not mean to say that there weren't any.

Also I would not be told about billing discrepancies either.

Speaking of IT I have the time to do this because I am waiting for the delivery, via Amazon, of a computer motherboard as I am rebuilding a friend's computer. This is likely to turn up between 1pm and 3pm so I am going to lose a day more or less. Except that I am not.

You see I have to now prepare for something I have been waiting for for the best part of five months, though could be six.

It is that I have alluded to for so very long a time now.

Yes the main one everyone is waiting for, or at least the majority that have been aware it is coming and admittedly it might have seemed of late that it will not arrive at all?

That was really never on the cards. It could get delays after delays but it was in a position and being handled by the Supreme Court whereby it case being buried would not be able to be explained away.

Now of course I was suspect of the news industry for a long time and also led them into traps to make them look guilty of certain things. Even so and even if I have been bang on the money, as my correspondence with them made it look, this would still take some ignoring. Self destructive to everyone within the industry, you might say?

So here is the little post I typed out the other day while waiting to see my GP regarding a Systolic Blood Pressure reading of 188 and a Diastolic reading of over 110. Oh and with the flu. I also just realised I had intended to have a conversation about my back pain! DAMN IT!!

Oh and I also got to mention the finality of my ongoing situation which he has known about since I registered with him. He simply went wide eyed and said “REALLY?!” to which I nodded and he said “Well that is fantastic news!”

No, this is something I am still holding back on but which I have been alluding to right here and is also the reason for the blog post title above this post.

Are we getting there yet?

In between typing posts and documents I will be laying siege to my house and putting things into little boxes and storing them right out of the way. Everything across the entire house leaving only a couple of big items to be dealt with later in the week or next weekend. In preparation for a date in the NOT so distant future.



I mislaid one of my pens! My Parker Premium Rollerball and hopping I have not lost the damn thing! (I didn't).

It might be seen as expensive for a pen by some but it is effortless to use for prolonged periods which is something I have difficulty with.

The title I have come up with for this post might seem mysterious but then it is intended to be so.

Right now I am in the waiting room of my GP's surgery and was not expecting to be here at all or indeed see him again for a few months after recent events. This will, however, be the last time I see him in person for at least 7 weeks.

I wonder at this point whether the title of this post will be sinking in to many of the blog posts readers?

The countdown is not only final now but is well into its length and it started out with the number of 21. A numbered period I had not foreseen but am most thankful for.

I should also like to point out that along with the odd recent events of being first recognised by someone I had never met before, for the second time I might add, but also hearing our law firm went bust the same day, some legal papers posted to me have gone missing.

This is the first time in 8.5 years that normal post has gone missing!

I was asked by the sender today if I had received them yet and I told them “No but I am now wondering if they were … intercepted?” and they replied that they had wondered the exact same thing.

I am currently waiting for my GP due to my ever fluctuating blood pressure and a reading of 188 for Systolic blood pressure after only taking readings for two days. The diastolic was around 111 too.

The sender of the letters also stated it was not the first time this had happened and I forgot to ask them to what others they were referring to.

Also you would note, or rather should note, that within the posts of this blog and a long, long time ago I contacted the Local Government Ombudsman. Oddly they were recently mentioned in the news, how curious is that? I cannot recall a time the LGO were mentioned in the news and I only discovered their existence a few years back.

Two letters and a signed form was sent to them twice, regarding that now handled by the Supreme Court, which they claimed failed to arrive twice. The odds on this are astronomical and in other words foul play simply had to be a factor.

As with all other ombudsman they initially made a lot of noise but then did fuck all, followed by the two posts that failed to arrive. They spoke to me on the phone and made a lot of noise and this will be asy to pinpoint and date as I was at a funeral. In fact I have told about my great grandfather being a test pilot for RAF and AVRO and that he died testing the Avro Manchester to which after his death they added two engines and it became the Avro Lancaster? Yeah I was looking for his grave at the time of the conversation and was in Fleet in Dorset.

Now here is yet another prime example of one of my traps, or more accurately one of my ever complex and intricate plans to expose organisations for what they are.

Hence why I find it odd that they are named in the news recently.

However in just several weeks time many will be asking where in the hell they have been for the last 4 years or more. You may well ask, what does he mean 'four years'? Well four years is the length of time this court case has lasted and the prime candidate of the four for corruption, lies and horrific details that will shock the nation? Well a local council of course!

This is the same local council I contacted them about.

There are another three alongside them and one of these I not only contacted many times regarding all this but I also contacted THEIR ombudsman too!! The IPCC!

The nation will be asking where they have been during the last four years too!

The worst part of it for both these ombudsman and their respective public services will be that with all their size, money and legal teams one guy with nothing came along and ran ever decreasing circles around them!
The gravity of this not hitting home? Will, it should be but let me put this in another way …

In the last 5 years or more how much of the taxes have gone into running each of these organisations? How much did it cost me to beat every single one of them?



Back to the blood pressure and I purchased as blood pressure monitor because I was asked to and not because of my high blood pressure readings, because I was taken off blood pressure pills Ramipril and Amlodopine, but because my blood pressure was dropping via Postural Hypertension … hmm should that not be Postural Hypotension?

I often collapse upon rising from a crouched position and something from a seated position and have done this for twenty years. But lately it became a lot worse, since losing the use of a car to begin with and then after starting the blood pressure pills. In fact this is why I was taken off them after being told I would be on them for life.

I think I stated recently that my GP took my blood pressure after asking me to stand up? In so doing he was surprised at how much my blood pressure dropped. I pointed out that I did not feel a damn thing so what must the drop be like when I get dizzy, nausea or the blacking out completely?!

He then asked me to buy a blood pressure monitor. Which I did and received, finally, on Sunday 20th September 2015.

The following Tuesday night I was sitting on the sofa in a friend's house and had put a 32 inch Samsung TV onto their kitchen wall ten minutes earlier. The bracket was already there and the process was simple, just a bit of faffing about getting the TV level. My friend reminded me ten minutes after sitting down that I had wanted to take my blood pressure readings after fitting the TV to the wall and had forgotten. So I did it right their and then and the two of them watched as I looked concerned that instead of the pressure reading around 200 before dropping back on the display it reached something like 260 and I though “hmm … I think this is going to be bloody high?!” before it fell back to the reading of 188. The normal reading, well for Caucasians as it differs from race to race, is around 115 to 120.


My GP seems to have forgotten that the BP Monitor was purchased for the law blood pressure reading and he also put me back on Ramipril. Oops! The drug that was causing me to blackout completely just before I do a lot of travelling?!

Well I had just better be careful. Might be better than to have way higher blood pressure than that reading of 180? After all nothing that has happened to me in the last few years will compare in stress levels and energy to what I am about to do for the next couple of months.

I certainly hope I do not find out that all this fucking about is all bout money and an expensive pill that could have remedied the situation? The NHS have enough trouble coming their way already!

Now then, about this damned house?!

Oh crap! No, excellent … the motherboard has turned up earlier than expected! This means I can go out and hand in my prescriptions as well as pick up the CPU cleaner and thermal paste I forgot all about!

Ooh yeah and I have to buy some little fine mist water spray bottles too!

OK so maybe the house might get done tomorrow now?!

But, no! I intend to do do effing something with the house today!! Lol!

I might delay this posting of this because I did not consider business working days in the numbers I was given. Mind you, you think the judge or solicitor would have stated 'working days'?

Well I will know the answer to that one by the end of the next week as a meeting is taking place with the solicitor. Not me, you understand, my 'partner in crime'. Though I am expecting to hear that they want to meet me during this meeting along with talk of the tabloid or TV News Press?

Hmm if it did turn out to be working days and did also need five days to 'clear' then we could be looking at five weeks?! Damn it!! Lol. Well, four more weeks which would take us up to the 28th October … ish.

Still … there is nothing to say it will not happen sooner … much sooner though I correctly predicted that there would be nothing in the couple of days or first full week, last week, and first half of next week. Well OK it could happen within three days of this post, theoretically, but I am willing to wager it will not.

Oh and yes we know what it is, just in case anyone was wondering. But I will divulge this at a later date due to being a tiny bit superstitious, lol.

Well think about it? We would have had to have been told to have been given the deadline to this all being received. Or rather they have been given the deadline?

What matters right now is that I do have a bit of time to get things in order and prepared. Maybe longer than I thought? Maybe not?

The important thing is that you do not have to wait in suspense for much longer and there are no more extensions to the previous predicted dates.

This is most definitely it.

I, however, well still be inordinately bored and twiddling my thumbs for a bit longer but at least I know now that this is the very last period of time that I am forced to do this!

Oh and I have had the flu too.

Anyone would think you need the patience of a saint?!

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