Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I have shown and encouraged a great many things on this blog. A great number of these things have been picked up by others and appeared in the news media.

One of these more notable things is the Freedom of Information act and the right for the public to see where they're money is being spent...oh, sorry...wasted!

I used this right as I had intended.

This was to first spend a couple of years showing the incompetence and the lies in each and every public service along with their ombudsman before then showing the ridiculous sums wasted away.
I never got around to publishing them all! But I still have them all.

Time constraints, my Fibrofog and other... things and they just got forgotten about. But the ones that I did publish were all in the same ball park anyway. So the message should have got across.

Ever since many of the scandals of late it became fashionable for government to quote words like 'transparency' and 'more'.

I knew this works be bullshit must to console people at the time and I knew that they would wait for the British public to do what they do best... forget the important stuff that fades into insignificance.
Once this had been achieved they would do something to shite they were talking complete bullshit and lies.

I never thought they would do something to prove this to everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt.
This would ultimately test just how fickle the British public are.

It should also be recalled just how many Members of Parliament stated that they should be more transparent!

Because now they are showing that their idea of the government and public services being mute transparent is to quash the one and only thing that currently makes things... translucent at best ...
Why, they want to get rid of the Freedom of Information Act as reported by the BBC in the link below!!

Transparent? Yes, about as transparent as mud!

Is this the end for the Freedom of Information Act? - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33608344

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