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It is no secret and I make no secret of it on this blog that I hate public services.

This is because I have known for a very long time that they do bit perform the tasks they are ... tasked with, serve the public less and less each year, lie, cheat and best of all they are totally corrupted.

There is one other thing I have maintained throughout and I NEVER EVER doubt my own abilities to work out what is going on. Of others do and have doubted my words on here then they are the only one that loses out, though I shake my head at the naivety or the refusal to accept what's perfectly clear out of fear. Stupid.

Speaking of stupid the other thing I have stated is that local government is run by and employs idiots. Complete idiots no less. As a result of this they have been wasting an amount of money each year that goes way beyond criminal.

I have stated this very strongly for years that were prior to my starring up my blogs. Like many other things I stated years ago they never believed me. Many have this completely false impression about public services and public servants.

In recent times the powers that be have become comfortable again, likely because of the bullshit the government spew out especially that idiot of idiots, George Osborne. They think that they have the largest portion of the British public thinking that the really bad times are over.

I'm afraid nothing could be further from the truth.

People are not only becoming wiser by the day but this process of realisation is spreading. More and more appears in the tabloids all the time, oh I wonder why that is and where they sourced it from?! Lol! Also TV, oddly normally resistant to reporting a great many things spread across the internet like treacle, has been trotting the odd thing here and there.

Today I heard about something that had me today with laughter while raising a single eyebrow simultaneously. I was laughingly confused is the best way to describe it.

It seems someone has discovered that many councils across England, I simply do not know about Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, have been paid back these ridiculous loans they should never have taken out on the first place. Missold to them by banks who made up to £1 Million on the first day and are paying interest of 7.5% on hundreds of millions or perhaps billions of pounds?!

A Channel 4 documentary showed that many people living in the boroughs of the councils covered were clueless to this going on!

Hmm not much of a surprise really. I bet you my bottom dollar that many of my posts were doubted by a great many people? They are all wrong, of course, but that's not the point. Like people that I myself know prior don't want to know these things because they are depressing. Well of course but by ignoring it you allow them to get away with it. Because you cannot voice any disapproval if your unaware of what is going on.

So it would seem that local councils to and down the country may now be about to be revealed all over the TV news? Well the documentary just covered a couple of councils. I bet there are some real shocking things to be discovered and the worst buried away going no one will find out?
See? Idiots! Told you so!
In fact I can honestly say that this little revelation is the very least if their worries! Except most of them have no bloody idea to why just yet. Well I think they don't. Unless of course they all tell each other things and they now all realise about me, what I've done and what I'm about to do?

This ... leak about these ridiculous loans, referred to as LOBOS, could have been a deliberate attempt to draw focus away from what is heading their way due to yours truly? If it is ... well it will be in vain.

You cannot overshadow what cannot be overshadowed.

So even more of the corruption, wastefulness and incompetence of local councils has now surfaced.
Out most definitely won't be the last. I have one about to come out and another on here to do with collection of money that will hit the headlines either late this year or early 2016...well I do have a lot of battles to fight, yah know? Lol!

Below are a couple of links to do with the lobo loans and the last link is to the Channel 4 documentary, in case you missed it and wanted to see it via 4 On Demand, or whatever it's called.
I have also witnessed a BBC report that stated that the Police were resistant to change?

A Shane none of these organisations ate very good with history, especially prehistoric. You see times change, the climate changes and always has and people change. When your stubborn, resistant or simply without the time to change so you know what happens?

To give you a clue, the Dinosaurs did not have enough time to change, the Romans and Ancient Egyptians suffered because of both climate and people's attitudes changing.

What do they have in common? They are all extinct!

In martial arts it's all about flow and not rigidity. My own beloved firm of martial art was created and followed by people that understood this all to well. It's history is littered with colourful stories of its creation and the fear it struck in the tyrannical rulers of the time and in recent history became famous through an individual whose fans knew little of the arts heritage and history. There are, however, a great deal of movies that cover four separate periods of this martial art style and it's main followers. The key concept that was adopted early on was that despite the devastating effectiveness of the art there was always the option of change. To alter things slightly to make the form even more invincible.

This form of martial art is Wing Chun Kung Fu and it's greatest names in its history in chronological order are Ing Mui, Wing Chun, Leung Jan (a Doctor), Wong Wah Bo, Ip Man, Wong Shun Leung and Bruce Lee. Every single name here has been represented in at least one film. Most of them more than once. Including a couple of names I cannot recall due to my Fibrofog!

The point is that throughout a history of several hundred years the style was adapted to stay on top, so to speak. Wong Shun Leung, for example, would return to his teacher, Ip Man who also taught Bruce Lee later on, after winning a fight and complain that someone actually landed a punch on him! The two would then devise a change to compensate.

The original style was probably lost due the most part as the Ching rulers had heard of the style and feared it would be used to overthrow them so the Emperor ordered the Shaolin Temple be burned to the ground and only five Monks managed to escape, one a woman called Ing Mui. The five separated and went different paths. Ng Mui met and taught Wing Chun but later on Wing Chun's husband, who dropped his own style for his wife's, meet another monk or two and picked up more of the art. The six and a half point pole and I believe Butterfly Knives, or Eight Way Cutting Swords.

Many of these followers hid in the Red Opera Society that traveled by boat and performed theatrical plays from one town to the next.

Change, flow, expand and contract. These were the rules of surviving in China for several hundred years. The Chinese and their history were very wise and from them you had Confucius and a great many proverbs. Oh and Tea, of course. Oh and bone China ... and gunpowder.

First you need to see that you need to change and then affair accordingly. Being stuck in your ways if of Bo benefit to anyone. Taking inordinate amounts of time to change is quite simply self destructive. The trouble is today that it's never limited to being self destructive and can hurt a greater portion of society depending on what it is or what it entails.

I think everyone who is Greek can pay testament to that today!

The trouble is in whether they will learn before it is to late or will they be didn't stubborn, go down very slowly and take some portion of society with them?

Now I know what the answer to that little riddle is. The question is do you?

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