Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Well there had been done old news once again.

Yet another thing I have stated on here repeatedly and to friends long prior to the very creation of this blog I stated that the housing market has been screwed deliberately for some years.

My theory was based on three things occurring starting with the lack or non existence of creating social housing. Of course this had an affect on the property market but so do a couple of other things.
The first of these was the influx of foreigners without money wanting ask the benefits available, despite no contributions whatsoever, along with social housing. Which they have been getting while others that have contributed have had nothing. Easier to say no to British born people as no possible comebacks from labeling can occur. Of course others with some money would buy the cheapest properties. This had a terrible effect on prices.

The last thing I have always stated was always plainly obvious to me and that is foreigners that are rich buying the most expensive properties out there.

These things would squeeze the housing market at each end forcing prices up. Of curse this meant mortgages and repayments were higher and naturally everyone would march, protest and campaign for higher salaries and wages.

Now it would go without saying that any foreigners turning up with large amounts of cash would likely have gotten this money in very suspect ways and circumstances.

I've lost count of the number of foreigners that have purchased things like football clubs and had question marks raised over his they acquired their cash.

However there was a documentary tonight about a sting regarding these expensive properties and the skullduggery that Estate Agents for up to. Not only fully prepared to take this cash but also willing to provide details of solicitors to help cover things up.

Hmm need I remind people of my feelings towards solicitors? I think not.

I cannot help but think of that religious leader who recently started that the kinds of salaries being paid are not morally justifiable. About bloody time!

I should add that as well as I being mentioned in one of the webpages before that Estate Agents are supposed to report suspicious monetary sources but that for solicitors this is extremely serious. The punishment for not reporting suspicious activities regarding money would make your eyes water profusely. I cannot remember them all but prison and a five of a quarter of a million pop into my head.

So I imagine that things are going to get a little bit sticky for several organisations in the very near future?

I cannot help but wonder if the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and possibly The Law Society are going to fidget in their seats as they may have no choice but to act... for once?! Lol!

You can be assured that I will attempt to keep one eye on this house of cards to see what transpires. Or end up publishing yet another post about how public funded organisations, yes even more of them, get paid millions each year for God knows how many years to do fuck all?

I have had contact in recent years with both the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and The Law Society and I also helped out some friends in their solicitors practice for several years. I was well aware of who they are before I contacted them.

Of course and as I suspected, secretly wanted too, they failed to act on what I divulged and also failed to answer some very simple and straightforward questions.

Shock and horror! I never expected that to happen! A big organisation that does nothing and/or very little for their humongous salaries, well I've never come across that before!

So many idiots with no idea to what I was doing all of which suffering with delusions of grandeur in more ways than one. Self importance and levels of intelligence and wisdom being just two of the areas of delusions I can mention.

Maybe I should just refer to these people under a code name of 'Shiars' from now on?

Oh also one thing I should mention that had just sprung to mind is that in very recent times both my phones have played up.

First I had someone state they had been ringing me with no answer, several times too. Yet my mobile was right next to me, charged up and no messages of missed phone calls?! About a week ago, this occurred.

A couple of days ago someone rang my other phone number several times and kept getting someone else answer! Only this was not a mobile phone but instead my hard-line?!

Really weird is that I have had several people ask for favours and a very strange thing occurring with this long winded legal case?!

Quite bizarre.

I am quite shattered and have been for twenty four hours and today I passed out while helping out a friend. This sudden burst of activity will continue until Friday night at least and possibly over the weekend as I've been asked for some ... paperwork back in pretty sure I don't have! Not good idea to have paperwork of someone else's as it can get lost among the many, many hundreds, if not over a thousand, of my own.

So the revelations really do continue to come thick and fast and one wonders when it will actually end.

I should do a list of the things I have covered on here and tick off those that later appeared in the news media? Could show some interesting things.

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