Friday, 2 December 2016


While watching different videos, which are recommended to me by YouTube 90% of the time, I came across the meaning to another acronym I had seen popping up from time to time.

MGTOW which stands for Men Going Their Own Way and when I did I was somewhat surprised that not only did this apply to me but that I may well have been the first, one of the first and the longest affected?!

As it turns out this phrase applies to men that have become disillusioned and fearful of the dating scene due to the fact that so many things are against them.

More disturbing than this is the fact that there are people that ridicule mean for doing this and even laugh at them as well as push for even more … power, for want of a better term, over men.

It is quite literally like one species or race ripping the crap out of, verbally abusing or bullying a different species or race and I wonder if they even realise they are the same race? Maybe when they look in the mirror they are afflicted by a colour blindness that literally leaves them seeing in black and white only?! Of course and to my knowledge no such level of colour blindness exists.

I was first affected by this MGTOW affect and one sided society a long, long time ago and I could see many, many problems with it and I thought at the time it would soon be spotted for the one sided problem it was and change?

Except it did not.

There were even groups and organisations springing up over it and quite literally because the legal system failed to see it.

The legal system and judges seem to think they do the right thing and have the attitude they are all seeing, all knowing and do the right thing. Even some na├»ve … lay people even think they do the right thing.

I do not nor have not for a very long time.

People have long disagreed with me from professionals and laymen but at the end of the day and for twenty years day in, day out, week in, week out, ,month in, ,month out and year in and year out you only need watch the news to see me proved correct over and over and over again. Of course I am talking about many things and across the board and almost all of them I have spent 4.5 years covering on my blogs and twice that length of time gathering evidence and data on.

I seem to have trouble committing … and this was pointed out by a counsellor I am seeing and of course I have my own reasons that I have told myself for years that fall on both sides of any given fence.

For example on the one hand due to my financial predicament that is current along with me health issues I would feel like a burden on anyone I met now.

On the other hand I could be a published author and making a good income a year or two from now and that I might meet the wrong person who divorces me, if I ever actually get married at all which I doubt, a couple of years later because she only got involved due to any money I had.

Of course there are many variations and reasons that fall down on both sides.

But the truth is I have been single, and I truly have, for around 13 years plus. Since my father died of a burst aneurysm.

Even during this time my counsellor wanted to explore how I felt as I have a long history of helping others in their hour of need from serious to casual and yet when the tables are turned there is not a great deal of evidence that I have been helped. In fact we explored the idea that despite having a solicitor helping me this complete lack of help coming my way may be why I am not exactly brimming with confidence over finally getting representation in a legal aspect?

In other words in situations where I require help I am used to always being let down because I always have been. By seemingly everyone. Even close to me.

As I watched from video to video I came across some startling things.

I should explain that when I do watch these videos and link them in it is because I have seen or heard something that has intrigued me. It does not mean that I agree with everything they say in their videos or indeed put them here as something or someone that is a reliable source for the facts and the truth.

A perfect example of this is Info Wars and Alex Jones and I often think that they come across a little leaning in one direction when they are accusing mainstream media of leaning in another. The mainstream media has been leaning in certain directions for a very long time, this much is true. So I tell myself that listening or watching something that leans in a different direction is absolutely no different. Especially when this leaning is not as severe as the mainstream news media.

I am simply trying to get another perspective.

In these other videos there was one where in America they were talking about 'alimony' and what I saw was quite a surprise. Women in high paid careers that had divorced from their husbands that had lost in court and faced to pay their ex-husbands. I was hearing of figures from USD of $1,500 to $4,000 or more a month! Jesus Christ, I wish I could force the UK government and the Department of Work and Pensions to watch this and ask them what the fuck they think they are doing to disabled people?! Oh and one or two UK judges!

Each and every woman they spoke to did not like it and a lot were obviously angry about it all and what was interesting was that what was being put to these women was that 'well this is how it has been for men for years and you have all wanted equality and this is it!'

I .. was .. stunned!

In another video in a studio somewhere to men and two women were being talked to in what seemed like a chat show scenario. One guy turned around and said that if women want equality then they should be doing the same jobs as men like in coal mines or construction work like in skyscrapers but that what they actually want to do is pick and choose the jobs they want which were mostly of those of power, higher tiers in corporations and ignore the rest. He was right in stating that is not equality.

It has always been like this and not just a gendre thing and there is always something that someone wants that they then want to emphasize is down to some aspect about them which comes down to sin colour or gendre.

When I head phrases like 'white male privilege and patriarchy' I always want to demand to these people that they visit their nearest inner cities and put that argument over the the dozens, hundreds or more of the homeless people living in cardboard boxes. Oddly enough a majority of these will be men.

Tunnel vision based in personal and selfish wants and desires.

Sorry but when your argument is very easily defeated by pointing out obvious things that you have conveniently forgot it just shows you up to being amoral.

The fact that these conversations take place at all when they are people dying from exposure or starving to death blows these arguments out of the water before they have even started. Because on each occasion all I ever hear is how hard done by they are and that they are not being chosen because of this reason or that reason.

Yeah winning an Oscar and who is winning Oscars is so much more important than human life and suffering. Jesus H. Christ do these people even hear themselves? Oh yeah, no because they are too busy crying and screaming about what they want or what they have not got. Umm sometimes and in some videos I have seen this is literally!

Throw in the fact that most of the world is and has been in financial meltdown for a number of years now and their arguments look even more amoral.

Not so very long ago I was being tipped for a knighthood and a medal and I burst out laughing at the very thought of it. One guy that said this to me was my Dentist at the time and he said he wanted to give up being a Dentist and come and work for me. I told him …

  1. Do not make me laugh while I am in your dentists chair and have a drill in your hand
  2. You do not get recognition or acknowledgement for doing the right and moral thing
  3. Those that get medals are mostly to do with how much fame or money they have
  4. A few of the obvious good deeds thrown in as tokenism

I guarantee that the first dozen names he thought up with knighthoods wee all household names and he gave me a confused look and then a wry smile.

But what does this say about any given society?

'Oh look … here is your favourite person you idolise above human life and suffering and we will make you happy because we have given your [insert actor/musician/whatever] idol a medal'

I was also asked if I would accept an offer of becoming a spy and I said that if it DID happen it would have been the second time, almost, and that unlike the first time when I regretted not becoming one … TODAY and with everything I have seen and heard first hand … I would not.

In fact it was likely not me that had a lucky escape but them … because I would have beaten Edward Snowdon to the punch. In fact now that I think about that again … no I probably would have bailed out at the first evidence of corrupt and amoral activity and discovering both who and what I was REALLY serving. So no I probably would not have beaten Edward Snowdon to the punch.

In fact they may have realised in any interview I would have attended that I am a bit too moral for their tastes?

I have no quarrels over very bad people dying … but I will NOT serve to protect other people just as bad. No matter HOW globally famous they are.

I have always done what I thought to be morally right, or at least have striven to.

So when I am seeing and hearing things putting things in perspective is something I am very good at doing and have been for a very long time.

After all I am seeing today things I spotted and predicted 15 to 20 years ago or more.

I hear made up words like 'Racist', 'Mailomony' and 'Mansplaining' among others and in the context and arguments to which they are being used and I just … burst out laughing while internally I am torn between reeling in shock or crying at our lack of progression. In fact this lack of progression in recent years has been picked up on by many who are using the words 'regression' and 'regressives'.

I always knew that these attitudes and the lack of foresight by countless courts and endless judges would come home to roost. I also knew that as and when they did they would cause chaos, confusion, bitterness and hatred right across the spectrum. I was also well aware of the fact that once each one did this would linger and list a long time and be overlapped by something else … then something else and so on and so forth.

In the end it would end up a steaming pile of mess and that any progression as a species woulld be very little, if any at all.

There goes that internal crying again.

Do not like the world you live in? Ask yourself the important question of yourself before you do of others. Is it you? Have you got a vision or want that is not possible or fair? Are you trying to make things equal that are not equal or over can be? Do you realise that not everyone can be catered for as this in itself would be a big steaming pile of mess? Have you thought about what happens when there is a legal conflict between two people with two different sets of laws applicable in a single society? Is what is happening to you now something that has happened to others for several decades?

When you point a finger do you realise that several of your own fingers are pointing back at you?

Here are some of those videos I mentioned … and like everything I post in the way of YouTube videos … there are always many, many more on any given subject...