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How the hell do I write this piece? I should name it after a YouTube channel I like to gravitate to now and then called 'Late to the Party'. Things are inevitable but mostly out of my hands … for now.


I plan on posting this second piece up on my blog as, in fact, the first piece due to a hold up on another matter and data not presented that would allow me to finish it and publish what was intended as part one of the 'Revelations' series.

First off I should say that back around 2003 there was a family bereavement and it destroyed my family and hundreds believed it was brought about by the lying of the BBC to get ratings. It destroyed my family and then some. We thought we would get some money from the house he owned but it turned out that was … a dodgy mortgage they somehow allowed to be sold in the UK. Then we was promised half of another house by another family member, who is heavily featured later in this series, but he backed out on that, which I told my siblings he would do anyway. So we were going to get nothing. Until I did a deal over the sale of my father's house where we would get £15,000 out of it from an Estate Agent owned by Muslims. I did not know much about Muslims back then but I always tried to trust everyone. Except after some lying I only ended up with the initial £10,000 I was paid which I split among my siblings. The other £5,000 was supposed to come later from a Muslim that drove a Bentley Continental GT. It never came.

I was fated to run into a number of extreme Muslims in the most extreme and most horrifying way a few years down the road. That … was destined to show me just how bad these people can be and how they are abusing our country in ways I could not even dream up but also show how bad large public and even secretive organisations were in this country too. Like a large bust up of operations they claimed credit to that had nothing to do with them when it came to the discovery, names photos, locations, cars driven and, more importantly, movements from Liverpool to both Manchester and Birmingham.

In the aftermath I tried hard to get someone to take some legal action but they shied away from it and it was really frustrating. Eventually the court case was forced upon them because she was taken to court.

For three or four years I was involved in this court case I wrote a lot about and published on my blogs with some prediction dates that kept changing. Then out of the blue these dates went up into the air and … never, ever came back down.

During this time everything seemed to go just as I predicted and I started out with £1,300 at the start of 2016 and by the end that and a most of my PIP for 2016 went in helping that case along.

Getting the person to court and the solicitors practice.

Paying for bills, electric and food among other things because of the expense of the legal case as well as the fact that £50, it turned out later, was being docked from their money by the DWP without warning or reason being provided.

This case court hopped through Family, Civil, Crown, Magistrates, High and Supreme Court during this time. Or at least so I was told. An Anonymous type group even appeared and my being … behind it was mentioned.

Well when you have had half a million people nearly someone important or of significance somewhere notices.

At the end I expected just three things to take place …

  • I would get back some of the £2,000 to £5,000 odd I paid out (didn't really keep track)
  • I would get a hold of the court paperwork to expose public services in a way many would simply not believe
  • I would spend a lot of time with this person and their children doing a great many things

That was it and that was all.

But … there were a couple of times when there was some really bizarre behaviour being witnessed and something crossed my mind that I ignored. But turned out to be the case.

There was a man.

Turns out and now looks like he is the very worst kind of man.

Oh a great man things might be said about that statement but I am afraid that I do not have to do anything because these points have been proved for me for well over a year now.

The court case?

Well that was supposed to involve the Merseyside Police I have a fantastic report from in duplicate except these duplicates were two months apart and full of shit.

It also involved Wirral Council and their Social Services department in particular and they were warned by me twenty years ago not to act as they did. I told the court's barrister this too.

It also involved both CAFCAS and the CPS to lesser degrees.

What happened at the end?

Well as far as I was told we won and the person I was helping was awarded over £750,000.

Yeah that really does have six figures in it.

During the run up to the final court date some waxing and waning or negativity among people I know took place and many said it was down to jealousy or envy.

Christmas 2015 was expected to be spent a long, long way from here. It wasn't and the line of communication fell silent and an FB profile vanished into thin air.

The negativity and the 'I told you so's' went into overdrive despite the fact it was only silence. God knows what piss taking went on behind my back but I was told straight I was lied to and there was no court case and no money awarded. Except I KNEW the former to be true but had zero evidence of the latter. No money back and no court paperwork. Not even one of the gifts they stated they would buy me, a Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 watch being one.

By the end of January 2016 I had to stop bringing the subject up with one person and eventually everyone. By April I was not talking about it at all with anyone and I was occasionally asked by one if I had heard anything on a monthly basis and simply answered 'no'.

Month after month went by and I did not hear a single thing. Until mid October last year, 2016, when a message via Facebook popped up and stated 'Sorry, I have just been really busy. I will call you tomorrow and come down next month'. That month being November 2016.

The following day came and went and the following week came and went and no phone-call was received. The following month came and went as did December and a second Christmas and no visit.

Something did … present itself to me though in a uniquely bizarre way.

The following day after I was contacted Facebook suggested some friends to me and right there at the top of the list was this person with a different profile but with a picture that was her.

My suspicions that a guy was involved were raised when the person in question turned up in Euston in London of all places in the middle of the night. I never managed to find her and could not call her as her mobile phone had famously ran out as it always seems to do.

Then another time she came down and spent an hour here before going home.

Plus I heard someone in the background and when I asked if there was another guy involved she denied it.

The annoying thing is that every single naysayer I had, had to deal with each had their own theory and were absolutely insistent about their validity Despite not knowing any of the three people involved. At all. But it looked really bad and they took the silence and lack of proof or contact was proof of their theories.

I tried very hard to tell them that there was a guy and that I feared it was the worst type of guy, especially where both security and money are concerned. They did not listen. So I eventually clammed up about the whole subject because of the snide remarks, the cocky attitudes despite no proof of their varying theories and the funny looks between people.

So there I was staring at this profile and with her three children among the photos.

Then there it was. A quite unmistakable and new surname. It was not a good one.

A pull up of the relationship tab and it stated that she got married in May, 2016!!

The raging urge to go to every single naysayer and tell them of what I had discovered and remind them of what it was I had both predicted and feared back in late 2015 was .. almost uncontrollable.

I said nothing.

Except around 6 weeks later I mentioned it to one and the first thing he had to say was “Did she ask for any money?!” I told him that was exactly why I had not told anyone for two months.

I then told another one and the very first thing that he said was “That is not proof she has had that money!” If I am honest those two along with another two I would early love to turn up with proof that I was right.

That is not going to happen.

I cannot hep wondering if people reading this or those that followed this story during 2015 have reached the conclusion or already have that I am and was back then speaking about an ex-girlfriend?

Umm .. no.

Yeah you would be right thinking that it was someone close to me but not in the ballpark with that one, I am afraid.

What was wrong with the married man?

Well he is a Muslim at a guess and she has a middle eastern Arabic sounding surname. Problem with that? Well, yeah there are to in fact. One is she was involved with a group of them that contained radical Muslims and I fought tooth and nail to get her way from that and fought with the local council over it to the point they were almost literally shitting themselves. Second problem is that like the previous Muslims women are not allowed their own money and some cannot even drive. So does the three quarters of a million pounds I worked so hard to get and waited twenty years to win now reside in the bank account of a Muslim man?

Bearing in mind I handed over likely over £3,000 in over a year in the run up to the end of the court case and I now have to wonder if this woman used that cash to buy what she believes to be love from a man only interested in the money she was going to receive?

A haunting tune from Hans Zimmer called Where We Are Going is filling the room where I now sit and contemplate the many questions that haunted me on this subject throughout the whole of 2016.

Sound cruel? Yeah it was.

Still thinking that this sounded so close it had to be a girlfriend or ex? Still, no.

The person I blogged so much about and the court case like that of which no one has seen before in the whole of the UK with the biggest public services scandals that led to the Muslim paedophile ring and two terrorist cells in Manchester and Birmingham that MI5 were quite happy to claim was their hard work when it most certainly was not?

Who was this person that had their children stolen from them by their own mother and four public services teaming up against to see her fall and lose the children completely?

Who was the woman also made homeless and had her cash cards taken from her that helped themselves to her benefits and asking a lot of questions about Stratford in London prior to the London Olympics?!

Think all that is bad and even bad ass? You ain't heard half of it and I suggest if you want the whole story and some police reports and a receipt to a registered parcel to MI5 you use the search function to peruse my archives.

The lady and children in question are both my only daughter and my only three grandchildren that two of which I have not seen now for three years and the youngest I have not seen at all.

There do exist metaphorical but almost real wounds in my back and they have festered for a long, long time.

Oddly and would you believe that many of the naysayers actually now see the light in the fact that if there was indeed a large amount of money to the tune of three quarters of a million and that it now resides in the bank account of a Muslim man … that this knowledge and even as a possible theory would for them be … something that would send them beyond breaking point.

Well bugger me the light shines on the arses of the blind!

You might only be asking yourselves why the Supreme Court was involved? I will save you the trouble of the search and tell you that there was no precedent in this case. To decide on a case they refer to previous cases as a guide. They cannot if there aren't any and only the Supreme Court can introduce new laws and punishments.

Would you believe that I am also in contact with another woman who has had a court case going on for a couple of years and this one is also said to have no precedent?

What do you think the odds are that within the next year or two I might be involved in another that has no precedent?

Well … there is on court case I have going on which … might turn into two and with another legal battle being talked about with others that would have to involve me.

So the shit I had with the DWP and the NHS throughout all of 2016 that nearly left me homeless and had me visiting counsellors at Mind? Yeah … as I told the counsellor I had this picture of how 2016 was going to be throughout the entire year of 2015 and it could not have worked out worse of you tried. In fact I had several people, some who were non believers in the beginning, actually turn around and state that they were in no doubts whatsoever that the government had thrown several spanners into the works! Yup, I kid you not and I did say that the thought had crossed my mind.

I had begs while obviously on my knees to stand up and fight.

I do not know what it was with some. Maybe the hero they had held me up to be ha been faltering in their eyes and they could not face that fact? I was battered, beaten and torn to shreds, make absolutely no mistake about that.

I simply could not believe the situation I was in and how low I had gotten and then in everyone's eyes it got worse when I started to black out more often and even woke up in a large clump of stinging nettles wondering what in the world had just taken place?

My will escaped me completely and I was not eating for a couple days at a time and even then was not very much. .Oddly when the weight fell away many of the symptoms I had been experiencing vanished along with the weight Even the backing out. Not before I had an emergency MRI arranged as they thought I might have had a tumour in my head. I was so battered and beaten down from the DWP and Enfield Council that I did not even care if I had a tumour and actually wished that I had on several occasions. All of that stuff from last year, even conversation with a shocked A&E Doctor who was surprised IU did not care about MRI results.

Do you know what I have about all that stuff from last year and the year before? What have I stated recently I have not done much of for a couple of years? What did I mean when I said that sometimes some things just take a lot of time? Well … I have recording of fucking course. Oops.

Everyone is aware of how much in the way of recordings I have. I can tell you with absolute certainty and this will be sweet music to the ears of many that have been disappointed I have not posted much for two years …. oh hell, do I have some recordings?!

What, really? Did you really think I would ever stop? Not on your life.

Battered, beaten and torn asunder the one thing I will absolutely do is record and on the more important occasions have something a bit special to record with.

Battered, beaten, torn asunder and reduced to a quivering wreck on my knees … I still have a job to do and a mission goal to reach. While there exists living cells in my body I will do whatever I can to acquire whatever I must to achieve my goals.

So I have done very little for at least 18 months and yet I am approaching 500,000 views?

Well mark my words on this. It has taken a great deal of time to reach the period I wanted to and that is, at most, a year away. Or at least it was...

By the time this now five piece, with the prequel piece I posted up, series called 'Revelations' is finished it will be clear that a fair amount is going to be both acquired in film, photos, documents and other things during 2017 alone and 2018 too!

That light I see before me has grown and is about to grow exponentially larger!

Hold on to your butts. Don't forget to squeeze real hard. Oops, you pooped a little!

Forget WMD's, what you need are WRM's Weapons that Reach the Masses. Lots and lots of weapons to reach more and more of the groups within the masses. So all the masses. After a that is the goal … at least in part.

Though when you read through just what I have here alone you would forgive me for wondering at times why I do the things I do and why I will still achieve and acquire things when I am reduced to a wreck on my knees?

Because there is nothing more than this.

Sometimes they come at me from the fore. Sometimes they come at me from the rear. Sometimes they appear as flanking manoeuvres from each side and even all at once. Their labels to careers spouting words like 'law' and 'protocol'. I stand. I guard. I release devastating punches and kicks while all surround me. The figures of my enemies move silently in the dark. Each seeking out my week points in which to attack. Sometimes the punches know not their target, that many can there be. But labels and careers matter not one jot to me. What is right and what is truth are what drive me. Come by all sides and I will still fight with every ounce of energy that remains. Be still in the dark and I will strike thy darkest of hearts. Walk away and underestimate and I will force thee to rue. Freely think nothing of the small battles when the war itself contains many. Beware the tools of your destruction as they come in many forms. Guard thy dark heart for it will be vulnerable. Be warned of the coming catastrophe for thy will not be granted another.

I come ever closer. A movement here and another there. A vicinity to reach to make my strikes sh I shall not miss. Be ready mine enemy for I am coming.

Oh for the being that may watch over us, do I do good? For the way, way down we go before the return inspires our fight. Oh how I wished there had been another way.

What must be done, must be done.

For thanks to the powers that be the single most important thing in my life has turned into nothing less than a nightmare of epic proportions.

As I had stated in the prequel to this series this was intended as post number three … and I had thought about waiting until after my birthday in two weeks time to see if I would have gone through two Christmases and two Birthdays without hearing anything?

Also as regards the next part … well let me just say that it has become more and more bizarre with every day that has passed by because nothing is being divulged.

Something has occurred that has … let us say inevitable follow ups, one of these being an unavoidable date. It is something that happens to everyone and is followed by a second date that occurs seven to ten days after the first. Except … umm we, not I, are three days short of that seven to ten day period being four weeks, yup that is 28 days. Twenty eight days, just in case you guessed what it might be and think that has to be a typo and I meant only 8 days. This is a date for something that is booked so even if we are informed today or tomorrow that date is still going to be a week or so away. I have told others involved in this that at this rate that 7 to 10 day period is going to end up being 35 to 40 days?!

If you have not guessed what this period is for then trust me … this is quite … unorthodox.

But that is not all either … as there are two other things that we are supposed to be informed about and we have not been told of these things either … again after nearly twenty eight days.

Currently I have had to make several contacts over this and am being urged to take action and have the backing of three of the five I require to move forwards.

So the next part of this Revelations series was supposed to be published two weeks ago after a particular date went by so that it did not … hmm lets say complicate things when a number of people get together. That get together is inevitable but it has just taken a far, far longer time than I have ever come across without Christmas taking place within that period. This is why part two has been bumped to part three.

Added to all this … well it seems Revelations looks likely to get a fifth part as something else I am, indirectly this time, involved in looks to be coming to an end. This is to do with someone I know that I have covered previously on here. But if the latest I am hearing is correct the end is nigh on that one and it looks set to be a win. Which I always knew it would.

As I said this fifth part, or will that end up taking that spot from what is now part two, does not directly involve me but is some … oops, disturbed by my regular Jehovah's Witnesses callers who got told about part 2 … or 3, lol .. to wide eyed shock. Yes this fifth part is not only not directly connected to me but is such a revelation in its own right it will deserve a part and likely be reported on in the newspapers or perhaps TV. Though the person involved is … reluctant to deal with TV and already turned down one offer by ITN News.

I am assuming, and hoping, that one of these two other situations are resolved in a couple of weeks time and with my one, if it has not … well I dread to think about the implications and hidden meanings that might result in.

After a Christmas break I met up with my Mind councillor and I ad not covered the people involved in what is now part two ... or was that three?

As I sat there and explained I could see the look on her face and even the realisation hit when she suddenly realised that this was going on last year. Last year when this posts subject was taking place, or rather not taking place, and all that crap with the DWP cancelling my benefits I would rather not bloody claim anyway. She looked at me at one point and said that I was the most exciting, or something to that affect, person she had ever dealt with.

The Jehovah's Witnesses even stated I should write a book and were astonished when I said I had already written two but did not get much interest! Well ... other than single literary agents that stated the book was far too big for them and big agencies seeming to behave like I was full of crap ... yeah should have asked me to prove it .. still too late now, lol.

Stay tuned.

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